Feetz Shoes Review – 3D Printing Shoes

I met Lucy of Feetz at Bay Area Maker Faire 2017. We got to talk about their 3d printed shoes, and I got a pair to review!

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2Awesome says:

website says 500+ miles, but that means i’ll wear them out in 2 months?

Mah Nef says:

I’d buy that filament. Add to it some trial and error in zbrush or something and make your own custom-sized shoes? that’d be neat.

Gitte Schultz says:

Nice shirt! 😀

GlennJacobsen says:

Drinking game:
Shot every time “shoe” is mentioned in the video.
JK, great video!

TheUnholiness Within says:

I wanted to open a 3D printing business, but, that lion you printed took ten hours. That’s one whole work day, for one printing.

Dippity says:

im gonna be honest, Joel, you are.. fucking adorable.

Data Mobility Group LLC says:

Youtube “personalities” are supremely annoying. Bubbly small biz owners are a close second.

Jake Kaim says:


Walking Plague says:

Perfect for driving a lot tho

Eco Mouse says:

OK, I was excited until I went to the site and saw a complete LACK of real customization. The shoe could be designed to look better. Heck, they have more styles for women, but just two old man loafers for men. That top of foot/tongue issue you are having could be fixed with one of their patterns they already have in their design database. Look carefully at the their portfolio page, you’ll see a shoe called Cords. Utilizing just a small portion of that on the top of the foot would immediately change the wear dynamics. Also, I really dislike shoes that are completely flat on the bottoms. That shape does not aid in locomotion. I prefer my shoes to follow the contour of the bottom of my foot. Or at least have some heel rise and turned up toe.

Secondly, I think they are missing out on a golden opportunity to do some infill experiments to give flex cushion in place of needing any foam in the heel and forefoot areas. I do think they should be starting off on a base of recycled tires as the tread. Even if it’s just a thin layer. Carbon rubber outsoles will last and provide non-slip grip. Having a sole that can turn into ice skates on a sidewalk that has a tiny bit of water is almost criminal. There will be lawsuits from super fast, unpredictable slips. Imagine walking into a McDonalds… the red tiles with just a wee bit of fry grease on the floor in the lobby is essentially an accident waiting to happen. It’s practically dangerous to work there, and they make you wear non-slip work approved footwear.

They are close… but they need to hire real shoe designers. Or at least allow more customization online. Swapping a few colors in the same style isn’t any better than what I can already do at Adidas. But at least they have 22 different styles to choose from. With 3D printing, I should have infinite styles to choose from.

Here’s my prediction… feetz won’t last without serious innovation and end-user customization. They are going to be like the first to market, but whoever sees the problems I just mentioned and comes in second or third will remain the market leader. Feetz will get bought out, and just be a footnote in history.

I can see what they are doing here, by trying to “Brand Their Look”. But let’s be real here… they aren’t well designed shoes. Besides, that’s an old world business model that doesn’t have much footing in today’s instant me society. I think people would care less about the brand look, if they can say, “Hey, I designed this shoe completely online. crazy colors, patterns and even put my own logo or name on it!” Their friends would ask where they got them, and would have their own ideas about customizing their kicks to their liking as well. The draw IS the customization and personalization. Not another gimmacky brand logo in a sea of other corporate logos sold to the masses. Let the people design their own, and whoever masters that, will dominate the Print-A-Shoe© market.

Joseph A. Muniz says:

$130 +? That’s really quite pricey for a shoe 3D printed or not. Best wishes to Feetz as I think they have a great working idea, but still a bit more than I’d spend to try a product I’m not familiar with… Most especially if the product/shoe design doesn’t excite/catch my interest.

VitoTron 417 says:

Is he from Michigan

Ruthless Loginman says:

Nice shirt xD



natwat123 says:

I love this lady. She’s so passionate.

DestructoPop says:

I have flat feet, too, and I’ve noticed that of the shoe top is too high, I ALWAYS get that split, even in normal shoes. I think it’s because the bend pressure on the material is offset by your foot pushing up against the top, so if your foot does not, it over bends and at a weird angle.

Seligga - Jett Reynolds Vlog says:

When humans walked on this planet millions/billions of years ago, they didn’t have shoes. They had “flat feet”. So, having a “flat feet” does not mean you have a feet problem.
Educate yourself on how to properly walk barefoot or on minimalist shoes. You DO NOT walk with heel strike when barefoot of minimalist shoes.
*This message is not directed to the host on this video, but, for everyone else with “flat feet”(like me also).

Jan says:

it’s nerdy, it’s cringy, I fucking love it

A bowl of Miso soup says:

Should have named them AXYZ the explanation would make more sense

Rhettson Powell says:

I bought a pair of custom shoes

Gristle Von Raben says:

That geometric chair/stool was so awesome! My feet are super flat too. It takes lots of visits to shoe stores to find one good fit.

jayo84 says:

500 miles? LMAO. Will never happen with that design method. Waste

xclimatexcoldxx says:

Secrets of Wal-Mart shoes revealed.

poodslolsasa says:

Interesting shirt…./)

SomePlaceForVideos says:

They look like imitation crocks.

Victor Hugo says:

That women is so happy, thats really cool for real, also burning plastics is the best way of knowing what type of plastic it is, PVC reacts to heat different them HDPE for example

Mr. Petkov says:

It’s awesome but plastic is just…. Not the right material, it’s super harmful to the environment

Do R/C! says:

Wheeesh that was an awkward interview

Völundr Frey says:

As a shoe nerd I have to beg the question: why?

invetegon says:

Are feetz shoes.

CakeArmy_Max Gaming says:

what about bringing this to third world countries?

drupy1992 says:

They should use a solvent glue that partially dissolves the sole and upper so they can truly bond together.

Jake Kaim says:


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