Easythreed Nano review – Surprisingly good starter 3D printer

If you’re looking into jumping head first into 3D printing, the Ender 3 is my recommendation. So is there any point at looking at any other budget 3D printers? I thought no, until this printer was surprisingly capable.

The Easythreed Nano features:
Completely assembled
One touch operation
One click slicing
Removable magnetic bed
Low power consumption
Ability to print PLA, PETG and TPU

The print quality is not quite at the Ender 3 level but way better than I was expecting. With its separate, sealed power brick, this is great for a kids to turn their TinkerCAD creations into reality. A school might buy several of these instead one more expensive printer for the junior classes. We are currently considering this for my school.

$150 with coupon c6cfaf from Banggood: http://bit.ly/2wmovyw
Or if you really want it from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2N4Y9KV
Alternatively if you want an Ender 3, the cheapest way to buy this printer here: http://bit.ly/2ycWTiC
Or from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NWq5y0

Entertaining promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rurNVcLgdFo

This printer provided at my request for review by Banggood. All opinions expressed are my own. More to come on this adorable printer, I’m going to make it go places..

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Spike says:

Hey Michael, I was with you on the claims and website, both made me chuckle. However, it turns out to be a pretty good starter/school/kids machine. My first printer cost me £500 so I’m glad there are much cheaper options to get people into the hobby. Sure, the print quality isn’t perfect, but it’s a great ‘toe in the water’ option.
I’m hoping to go through your Octolapse video when I get the time, I really should get to grips with it.

RVJimD says:

This one looks interesting!

patrick maartense says:

looks nice indeed, I have now ust bought the 2nd wanhao I 3mini fro my kids and wife to use, has a bit bigger buildplattform, but the removable sheet is a nice feature

the quality of the Wanhoa is a bit better i must say ( benchy) and pricewise in the same league

one thing against the wanhao is the non standard heatblock and nozzle, not found a replacement yet

Zim Tage says:

I have a monoprice mini delta and it was a horror show to set up but it prints the nuts once it’s tuned.

Zaklamp says:

Well I just got the Ender 3 but this looks better to me for some casual printing

Israel Contreras says:

With the ender 3 and ender 2 out there, this printer would have to plummet to sub $100 or just above $100 to make people want to buy it.

Tony Welch says:

I do think it sia good one to start the kids on Thanks for sharing

t4teeee says:

Tbh,I just got an ender 3 ,it wasn’t that hard to learn so I reckon that still beats out easily

Raz Orammo says:

Pre-service TAS/DT teacher here – this looks great and will definitely look more into it. Did you get it directly from their website or is there a distributor here in Aus? Glad I discovered your channel!

3D Gussner says:

Did you ask Prusa for a school discount? If you buy one prebuild one you get on all future purchases 10% off, so maybe you could get even more if your school orders few more 🙂

Eric James says:

It is a complete ripoff of the M3D Cube printer, it’s a clone.

lord of nfs 1 says:

Is us dollars the same as aus

SidneyCritic ComedyHound says:

There is a small SLA along similar lines.

GriffVicious says:

for not much more I think the Ender 3 would be the better buy. If the goal is to get kids into 3D printing and other STEM related fields, then it would probably be better to teach them on something with a learning curve instead of something that just works out of the box. Perhaps get something like an Ender 3 to start, but then make a project out of putting together a reprap, then they’re not only learning what a printer can do but how it does it and why. To me this seems interesting, but more of a toy than a tool

Adam A says:

I think the problems you faced would be seen by the average person and they would have no idea how to fix them like you did. Add to the fact they lie to you in their advertising and website. Also in violation of GPL with their software. I think this should only be recomended for the tinkerer that will turn a blind eye to the improprieties and will do the research on how to get it running. Schools don’t always have a person like you teaching and guiding 3d printing. They are going to need something that runs great with no technical background.
A printer that is more expensive will be better than a printer that turns a person away from the problems and gives up learning 3d printing.

krnxemb says:

is this a knock off of m3d, the worthless cheap printer?

Joseph Ploettner says:

Ty! Nice video.

Matthew Poole says:

Nice review, Might be a fine little printer after a adult set’s it up.

MrNlce30 says:

I thought E3D went bust. Looking forwards to seeing what you do with this. Good video.

David Light says:

For that low budget EVERY kid needs to have one to develop their STEM skills
Dr Dave

Wilson Chan says:

You’ve gotta print the gun!! 🙂

Hansbald says:

The ender3 is Like 50bucks more tho

j mtx says:

M3D’s Micro left a bad taste in my mouth and this one looks so much like it. Thankfully this printer actually works!

Alexander Matta says:

I dont know, printing around kids doesnt seem like a good idea to me. Even pla which is supposedly safe in theory is not pure in reality (probably more so for the cheap stuff many people buy) and may not be the best for your health, especially for a young developing bodies/brains. Ill take the risk for myself, but I dont know if I want to subject kids too it.

thegoodhen says:

Hmmmm, my Anet A8 has a much larger print volume, lcd screen, supports pretty much any material you can think of, supports much higher print speeds and can be improved upon easily – and costs less, you can buy it for $140. The build quality also seems superior. Now of course Anet A8 is a huge fire hazard unless you hack it, so i wouldn’t recommend it for people who don’t know electronics, but I am pretty sure that you can get a safe and much superior 3D printer for a price just a tad bit higher.

Mediatron Tv says:

Can I print an object with 15 cm high?

1085243 says:

lol, I wish I could design and print a cool sniper rifle with my Ender 3 like that guy in the promo video

Illasiah says:

Pretty cool and possibly handy to have around. Would fit in any household table or desk, and possibly during school projects quick prototypes and etc.

Tina Yoga says:

Would the print quality improve with a fixed fan on one end of the platform? I know it isn’t the same as a concentrated source at the nozzle but I wonder if it would make any improvement at all.

Ian Hopes says:

That is very cool.
Great little desktop printer. Would fit the bill nicely for a kid to have on their desk and print little trinkets and crap that we, ummm, they love to print…
Its almost at the point where you could have a computer room or similar like a CAD/technical drawing room (you know bigger monitors and better computers than the usual crappy laptops they have at school) with one for each computer. Get a class in and they could pair up and design something using whatever is age appropriate, Paint3D is surprisingly good, and print out their designs and see how they meet the design goals.
With that kind of low entry cost and ease of use, including the safety side, it should at least make the business case for that kind of venture a lot easier to get past the bean counters.
I don’t know what it is about it but I really like those cute little printers (as long as they actually work ok). Maybe I just like functional things that look pretty?
So are you doing a battery powered portable option which attaches to the scooter so you can race to 3D printing emergencies and print spare parts thus saving the day? Plasto the great with is trusty sidekick Phil-o-mint.

SidneyCritic ComedyHound says:

If you can get it to output nice surface finish and good details that would be ideal for my brother and his miniatures.

Jon Dubin says:

looks like a rebranded m3d

Jimmy Scott says:

They just copied M3D printer and their site

Asger Vestbjerg says:

Wow, Thanks for sharing 🙂
Interesting project/Review 🙂

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