Deltaprintr Go 3D Printer Review Update

The Deltaprintr Go 3d printer I have for review is going through some changes, which changes how I can do the review. The Deltaprintr Go is going to have some hardware updates soon, and they will change the printer enough for me to consider it a new printer.

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Daniel Tweit says:

high five

Santo Gajof says:


Andrew Herrera says:

Have you gotten the new printer parts?

GoatZilla says:

The vast majority of these hobby-grade 3d printers need to grow the Hell up. There should be a utility PCB at the hotend site to control various things, depending on the printer.

In this case, it could have an MPU6000 which would detect if the effector platform ever tilted away from horizontal. If it does, that’s an automatic error condition on most deltas and shutdown time.

It’s also totally greasy for them to request that you hold off on the review.

W3DRK says:

I detect a bit of FUD here…

I disagree with your opinion that this printer is somehow more dangerous than other printers simply because the effector can be knocked loose. And to be honest I’d expect a more informed opinion from seemingly respected 3D printer reviewer…

FIRST: The Smoothieware firmware this printer runs has a built-in hardware watchdog timer to prevent thermal run-away. Sure your bird’s nest of plastic was messy and maybe a bit frightening to see, but it was never at risk of being heated to combustible temperatures.

SECOND: I built a delta that uses zero-lash magnetic diagonal arms similar to these and I’ve never had an issue with the effector coming loose. Perhaps the Deltaprintr Go uses magnets that are too weak, but I certainly wouldn’t condemn all mag-ball setups as being more risky to use than ball-joint equipped ones. In fact, one may argue that the magnetic joints may have prevented the heater element or thermisor from being torn free of the hot end…which in my opinion would have far more potential to start a fire than an the effector simply coming loose.

In any event, regardless of the the overall design, it’s a risk to allow ANY 3D printer to run unsupervised.

Adam Haley says:

Dang! I just ordered one and it shipped yesterday… Did they say if the updated parts could be installed on the current version?

Jay Almquist says:

Hi Joel, sorry if this was asked already, will owners of the current version receive free or discounted new parts since the current design has design flaws?

Robert Klauco says:

From my point of view, the magnetic system is OK, if one adds quite simple hack – connect the magnetic parts on the moving axes with wire, connect 2 of the ends of the magnets on the hotend parts with wire and then use the last remaining 2 as a switch – once the electric current stops flowing, pause (or turn off) the printer – clearly one of the rods disconnected. The solution would cost almost nothing – basically 2 new wires to the hotend and one small software change.
But this is something I do not understand about at current 3D printers. Almost none of them have even a stupid filament sensor to pause printer, when the filament is out. Why? Due to a cost of a single microswitch???

John Z says:

Wow, how did anybody think magnets were a good idea if it takes only slightly more than zero force to knock them loose.

Jarkko Aitti says:

that hotend is hanging way too low making it unstable when moving fast (center of gravity too low) and it multiplies errors too because that mounting plate will always have some horizontal twist. it also subtracts from maximum printing height and makes it easier to knock those magnets off. i suspect that bowden tube and power cable might be able to stick to those vertically moving “arm elevators” (sorry, having trouble finding right word for those), which would be a instant fail.

Adam Haley says:

I’m trying my best to stay positive about this printer. Waiting for the upgrade kit is killing me, but to be honest I don’t see it being a fix all. If it’s not the hotend flying off its extrusion issues and when it’s not extrusion issues it’s leveling issues. I’m going to wait until they FINALLY ship the upgrades before I throw it into traffic, but it’s not looking good…

Ikararua says:

Have you tried the new hotend? I got the printer from my friend as a loaner while he gets back on his feet. I’ve been able to print a few things but I have the same issue with the printer arms playing hot potato with the hot end.
thats one of the things I’ve printed. Quality seems decent but I found this printer has no issues with vertical heavy prints. It tends to pop when I have prints that involve a lot of horizontal movement such as a stand for a model. I’ve also managed to get a PETG working on this printer. But I agree the original hot end is not a great design.

3d Print Creator says:

Informative video Joel. I don’t know why I think this, but there is always something going on with Delta style printers. I hope they can make a great fix for this printer that will make you like it, but just because it’s a Delta, I don’t really believe in it. I am waiting for the update 🙂

Stephen Germiller says:

I bought the 2015 Deltaprintr model (the one before the “GO”) at makerfaire 2015 from the owner of deltaprintr in person for $200. I do not recommended their printers as they put the looks of their printers far above the safety, functionality & performance of their printers. Also that printer was NOT safe at all as the heater block caught fire and burnt most of my apartment down. They said in the instructions at the time, that I didn’t need to secure the temp sensor to the nozzle as “the kapton tape reduces the looks of the Deltaprintr, and is therefor not recommended.”

Calvin Witt says:

I think magnets would WORK if they had a cupped socket the magnet fit into thus increasing effective surface area. that said its got potential but… kinda is lacking sadly!

Sentient Cloud says:

you should review the print rite diy 3d printer

CyanGaming says:

It would have been really smart to use an electromagnet to hold the arms in while its printing, but then be easily removed for transportation when it’s idle.

5thString says:

Never used a delta printer but they look like toys you’d give a smart child.

Toto Guy says:

nice one joel as always! its good that you can do this because sometimes when things are reviewed they are fine but as you found out it turned out bad! lets hope they fix these issues seems like a close call! glad you and your family are safe though! keep the video’s coming and high five!

Milo cassarino says:

Have you checked out the MOD-T 3D printer? I have it and I love it you should definitely check it out!

Brian's Lab by Brian Muramatsu says:

Nice ball of tumbleweed, Joel! Thanks for doing close ups on the prints!

Jeffrey Seymore says:

Well, here it is almost May… any updates from deltaprintr on this model? Have they said when the new upgrades will be available?

Peter Pawlak says:

Can you do a vid on the best printer under 500

ImaginationToForm says:

So they are going to continue to sell this to fund their next version. Scammy.

Rob says:

I would stay away from them altogether if their response was “yea were still selling the flawed one cause money yea?” if they gave a damn about their customers they would halt sales and replace the bad bits on all the units that have already been produced because this is just crap. Sometimes being overly nice can be a flaw if you are going to let a company pull this kinda crap and just brush it off

TashTech says:

nice one, thanks for the honesty.

MysterEon says:

Seriously ??? dude, go buy some m3 stainless studding and some traxxas rod ends .. A man with your talent could model up some carriages and an effector , based on existing carriages on any 3d model site .. .. slice and weld .. I’ll bet you ten cents you can do it better than the Go3D guys have .. and provide a fix for the damned firetraps out there .. match rod length and carriage offset
and effector offset.. good to go 😛

Gareth Blain says:

Thank you for not holding off on what is valuable info! Yes it will likely make people wait or worse get a different printer BUT they SHOULD be pulling this printer until the fixes they KNOW are needed are in place! 🙂
Keep up the GREAT work and keep hugging!


Terrence A. says:

I almost pulled the trigger on this. Thanks for the heads up.

Abuzz Designs says:

I feel like the heat break is a total design flaw. There should be something from stopping the shield from moving up causing a clog. I think I might have commented that on your previous video but I can’t remember. I’m glad they are making changes, but I feel like if they know these are issues, they should stop selling them until the updated parts are available. Especially when it can be a fire hazard. I don’t love the idea of magnets, I feel like its not really necessary. Wouldn’t snap in pieces be just as easy but more effective? I look forward to your updated review.

Shai Schechter says:

Just a follow up after speaking to Joel – it came to our attention that the bed (tape) was not wiped down with alcohol as per the instructions on our website. This should be done after *every* print to ensure that the first layer sticks. Otherwise the corners of a print will curl up. In this case, (without actually seeing) I would guess that the part’s first layer is curled up in the shape of a bowl.

Another thing I would like to comment on is the Z issue Joel pointed out in the printed cube – that is under-extrusion, not z-resolution or z-axis issues.

Anyhow, we are going to be manufacturing a new platform setup and have decided we will offer it to our current customers for *free*. We’ll also be sending one to Joel to evaluate.

This is by no means to discredit joel. He does great reviews and we’re glad he’s keeping it honest. We’re looking forward to seeing his updated review on the updated effector design.

beforebefore says:

I just noticed your little slide-in name/logo bug… cool… After Effects?

Sidney Grant says:

Just saw that you have the same 3D printed headphones holder as me. One of my most usefull 3D printed things yet 🙂

Nic Wharrier says:

hi there …is this similar to the Dagoma one. They’ve got a kickstarter on at the moment

Daniel Tweit says:

people like you are the reason you tube is so great being honest from person to person and watching people getting hit in the nuts lol thank you for the well worded and well rounded review keep doing what your doing man

Paul's Projects says:

I commend you be being tactfully blunt about what a dangerous stack of landfill that printer seems to be! Will the new and improved smoldering pile include a spool holder? =)

Lonetechwolf says:

No such thing as perfect

Skwisgar2322 says:

Hey, I have the Deltaprintr Mini hotend that I adapted to my printer (A 3KU). I have had nothing but trouble with my IC3D PLA jamming in the heat break, have you had any similar problems? It was unusable to me.

David Poon says:

Good review and somehow it wasn’t unexpected with this 2nd printer from the Deltaprintr guys. I’ve also seen magnets being used in other delta printers and they didn’t have the same issue.

Brian Gray says:

WOW they asked you not to review junk they are still selling? That alone would remove them from my BUY list forever.

Lawrence Benjamin says:

They’re still selling this one and it’s march already.

ms3bani says:

all the usual issues with a delta multiplied 10x.

JJiG says:

I’m glad I didn’t buy this, I almost did though then I canceled because of the wait and I needed another Delta sooner than later so I went with an Ultibots V250 Delta, best printer I’ve owned so far. Pair it up with a Duet Wifi and it’s silent. I wish you’d review more kits but you’re a busy guy and don’t want to assemble them. I get it.

Norgon Warrior says:

magnets sound like a cheap way to not use the right parts from the start and the prints don’t even look good.

William Hayden says:

Joel, so what ever happened to this printer? Did it strike out? If there’s nothing positive to say don’t say anything? I’m not really in the market for this particular printer, but I’m captivated by this ongoing series and it needs a resolution! Don’t cancel and leave us hanging! LOL

TK Leung says:

The effector fall off because of the magnet is too small. I checked the shop, They used M4x8 magnet only. My machine use M8x10, the effector never fall off in general use.

Mathias Meier says:

Even the models are some kind of catastrophe, also the not-detective toolhead when there is a bump or a collision. I have a flux delta printer with tilt-detection, filament run-out detection, cooling fans, also magnetic sockets (they are working very well). And also it comes with a laser engraver for attaching instead of the toolhead. Also integrated, there is a 3d Scanner (which is still in beta-phase, works not soooo well) Joel, why you dont review one of those machines once? Im quite happy with mine.

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