Delta Go – Desktop 3D Printer Review || $450 Delta 3D Printer

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In this video we will have a look at the Delta Go – Desktop 3D Printer. In comparison to other 3D Printers, this one offers a smaller size, is lighter and also features LED notification lights. But is such a “toned down” version of a Delta 3D Printer really worth the money? Let’s find out!

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod

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Richards WasteLand says:

Why don’t this video say Includes Paid Promotion. Reported

TheDefpom says:

The feed issue could also be due to the nozzle being set at too low a temperature, it will be cooling down as filament is pushed through it, maybe the heater is undersized for the flow rate.

BlenderGuru2MLG!!!!! says:

Never the less Zentimeter

BlueShazbot says:

Electric skateboard motor mount print at 5:40?

rozwell69 says:

Anyone else heard KIRA ? The Death Note will change you forever 😀

ABCarnage says:

ABS sucks.

Oussama Lasfer says:

What your white breadboard call? I want one!!!

The Creeper King says:

Try to make a 3D printer! Or at least a board or something that can run a 3D printer! I know you have something you can do it with.


What’s with the audio??

Joey Bushagour says:

There are much better choices at this price range, specifically the cr-10 or maker select v1

Marco Molina Mata says:

It’s free hardware?

Fernando Salazar says:

The 3D printer should had all that software install and should had a WiFi built in so it can automatically update and receive more DATA, with 2 M.2 in the printer, so it can have the information of how to make millions of items including tv remote control covers, and cups.

asdomega says:

I would miss a statusmonitor on these printer! As far as I understood, the Computer needs to be connected all the Time ?

Michael Bruekers says:

M3D printer

POVadventure says:

Even just considering the print volume this printer isn’t worth it. Even if it had the best print quality of any printer of its size it wouldn’t be worth it.

David Riley says:

in terms of fixing up your printer. I wonder if making it “gravity fed”, and moving the feeder above the printer could make it work more reliably?

Luke F says:

i like that this one is already assembled.

Stef gamesnl says:

Maybe you can check out the 3D printer STARTT. Its only €100

Cwaluch says:

No heated bed in this price point is pretty bad tho. Even these cheap chinese $150 printers have it

Vnifit says:

Thanks for this very honest review about all the issues and advantages of this printer, your reviews in 3D printing are the best on YouTube hands down.

Timo says:

To be honest, the overall quality looks alright but it’s far from perfect. The benchy print doesn’t look good at all in my opinion, especially because it is having lots of artifacts, zits and stuff.
Regarding the build volume, the amount of clogs you had, NOT having a heated bed, which is absolute standard nowadays, the price of 450$ is ridicoulus. I wouldn’t pay more than 150$ for that, sorry. I got myself the CR-10 a month or two ago. Though I’m having issues with it as well, it does indeed do better prints than the one in the video. It costed me 330$ or so, has a build volume of 300x300x400mm, a heated bed and really needs like 15-30 minutes of “assembly”. By far much better than that delta printer.
If anyone here thinks about buying a 3D printer, get your information from real 3d printing channels, like Thomas Sanladerer, 3D printing nerd, maybe RCLifeOn and my all time favourite: Makers muse. 3D printing nerd actually did a good review on the CR-10 and RCLifeOn as well.

catsoften says:

You must have xray eyes if you can tell that there a 3d printer in that box

Oswald Rayleigh says:

0:40 this is actually how you spell this channel name

ahmed mani says:

great scott please make a video whzre you make a desktop pc out of laptop mother board and thnx

Lionel Tech Reviews says:

Honest review

Daniel M says:

Thanks Great video

Ralphie Vigg says:

That metal filament will destroy that poor nozzle…

A small piece of ptfe inside the extruder (not the hotend) would allow it to feed semi flexibles, too. And be careful with the ABS. ABS temperatures get close to the degradation temperature of PTFE, which lines the nozzle, and releases all kinds of nasty stuff you don’t want to breath in when it degrades.

What’s up with the weird texturing on all the straight prints, as well? could probably be fixed with acceleration tuning but it could also be artifacts from flaws in the delta motion system.

JeremyCanary says:

Maybe you can hack together a heated bed for it in another video?

David says:

This vs Anet A8 for $150?

khutjo maputla says:

Can you do more projects using your 3d printers

qwaqwa1960 says:

OMD, I cringed when I saw the AC adapter!!! My experiences with similar ones here:–12V-AC-adapters—The-Horror

Siege Breaker says:

In some of your videos, i see you using blueprints is there any good blue printmaking programs that will allow me to export to jpeg or png? i was trying photo shop but i want to beable to snap lines

The Dark Rider says:

can you make a review of Creality3D CR – 10 ?
this printer looks good but i like your review about it


Haven’t seen you in a while

Short to Ground says:

salmon skin 🙁

King Parodije says:

0:59 yes, I know, the foam is always PITA.
Unbreakable barrier. A challenge even for Chuck Norris.

ArduinoMakes says:

just get yourself a cr-10 mine is my most reliable machine it has amazing print quality too

JeremyCanary says:

If only I had $350 to spend to buy this. . . *cries

__MFOX_ says:

abs without heated bed….. my abs won’t stick at 95°C

gauravjoshi747 says:

can you make your own 3D printer , i know it should have lots of computer programming which you don’t like but it will be great learning experience for you and us

misko 02 says:

Do more things with peltier!!!Great channel

MrRube007 says:

can you re-engineer this printer a little example if you put the extruder motor on top so there is less resistance and put a heatedbed on it

KpilotRCHelis says:

will the coupon code you gave still work in a few months’ time? Can’t buy the printer right now but at some point I’d like to.

th3angryman says:

That promo code inclusion was slick, I almost didn’t notice it 😛

sebastian razatroc says:

I’ll just get the prusa mk3

Andreas Mathiassen says:

So do you save money using a 3D printer?

SidneyCritic ComedyHound says:

Is the feed tube PVC. PVC is sticky so maybe nylon would be better.

SnikerFreak says:

“Is it worth the 450$, or 350 if you use the cupon code greatscott”, yeah, after hearing this, the answer is definetly yes

Reo! Vendredi says:

Hello! I am very interested in this printer how long will the promotion go on?

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