Dagoma Neva 3D Printer Review

Time to give you my official review of the Dagoma Neva – TapTap!!!

More info:
EU: http://bit.ly/2uUwj8c
US: http://bit.ly/2ucpkKo

Models Printed:
Dino: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/dino-flintstone-22831
Tower: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/spiral-tower-27689
Faceless: https://pinshape.com/items/6230-3d-printed-faceless-v2
Pencil Guardian: https://pinshape.com/items/37277-3d-printed-pencil-guardian
Castle: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:884536
Adalinda Dragon: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:246198
The Huntress v1.2: https://pinshape.com/items/6294-3d-printed-the-huntress-v12

FormFutura Filaments: http://bit.ly/2xlBxLo
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NMT says:

The tap feature definitely looks fun. It’s a shame about the overhangs, but the models look really nice overall. I hope they continue to work on this, because it sure has potential to be a great entry-level printer. Nice review by the way!

Swag Videos says:

Omg soo cool I wish I could ha’ve it tell me if you are doing a give away soon :)) keep it up

Josh Daoust says:

aka noob, looks like you put a lot of thought into that,

osman topçu says:

Tornado pls

Dartanan says:

Tap tap 🙂 Great review, Joe 🙂

Niggy _2444 says:


ThatNerd Channel says:

I see you have a Anycubic delta in the background on your desk.
I’ve just ordered one of these to build and play with as i’ve heard there many modifications for it.

How are you finding it? And are you planning a video for it?

MegaMasher5058 says:

if some one could help me plz my printer is not putting out fillament
but its not clicking either and i put the fillament all the way in until it stops me and the file is right some one plz help idk what to do

el_marto says:

I see a lot of “but” or “bad” things for a 500$ printer… Quality looks good, but if I start, I want a future proof device, like able to print PLA but also PETG and others, not only PLA. And… tbh… the tap function is more of a gimmick, see no real improvement by replacing a button with a impact sensor. I like the magnetic joints but that’s the only feat I can really say “nice”. Sorry, not mine. I rather spend less money on a CR-10 than for this one. Half the price, yeah, but not 500. Not at all.

Sorry for the rant Joe, your vid rules as always and am eager for the one for the tarantula and eventually the Tevo Tornado!

Robothut says:

So I just got my NEVA today, it does the power up calibration and I can push in filament and I down loaded the custom Cura slicer from the dagoma web site and sliced a small STL file that I have printed many times on other printer. I let the slicer name the g code file “dagoma0.g” and put the sd card in the printer. I push the button and the button lights up. And that’s it. nothing ever happens after that. just a button that is lit up. Also The custom Cura slicer does not seen to generate any sort of desk top icon or tray icon so there is no way to reopen the program with out doing a full install. And ideas, any help ?

3D Printing Nerd says:

Great video as always man! This really makes me look forward to getting my Neva back out of the box!

Technology Nerd18 says:

Personally I think dogama is a cocky company they said when the kickstarter was over they would sell on amazon???! You guys don’t know if you will fail or not. Fulfilment is key, do that first then talk about selling on amazon. Btw love the video keep up the fantastic work’!

Storm Rapidz says:

Wow I would love to buy that…but first have to sell my house.

MrGunzedreng says:

Great Video Joe, I bought it cause I hoped it would be Plug and Play as they claimed and seriously…
It has been just that for me sofar, I’m loving this thing and I watched your Livestream on it aswell which I really appreciated as I have been waiting for the damn thing for quite a while 😀 so your livestream helped the wait 😉
Thanks for the Tips on this I’ll have to take note’s on what to keep my eye on in the future. Thanks again Joe

Joe Blue says:

you can use a lot of cura types. At the dagoma neva facebook Group you can get help to set up the machine to other cura versions.

The Gentleman Scoundrel says:


Great little printer, and I agree, it seems an odd thing to make an object geared at the “DIY” crowed and some little bits of maintenance like that being verboten by the warranty. I love the features like that tap tap and the filament sensor, and I am really hoping that now that we’ve had the race to the bottom with a plethora of 200 dollar-ish kits, now we can start working on features like that, and holy cow, all the stuff in the i3 MK3. I want those stepper drivers!

Glad you can share the 3d printing adventure with your daughter! You’re going to have to give her a filament allowance.

Nerys says:

technically… they can’t legally void your warranty for changing the nozzle unless they can show the nozzle change is the cause of the warranty claim. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (P.L. 93-637)

that was cool of them to give it to your daughter. maybe she will grow up to be the next 3d printing monster!

Mega Making says:

the incredibly long bowden tube is a huge let down of the printer, basically you need to print really really slow in order to get good print because of the extra long bowden tube. This might also be the reason why they locked down the print speed and retraction on the customized cura.

Utaï says:

You should see all the dagoma’s fb groups, people are having loads and loads of issues with this printer, from clogged nozzle out of the box to the thing not even working at all , fail prints every ten minutes etc etc , not to mention that some people still haven’t receveid their printer, it’s taking ages, also i know you have a great relationship with dagoma, but for everyone else it’s quite the opposite, if you speak french you can learn some good stuff about how there is little to no aftersell market with them, it’s super hard to reach to them and they don’t always respond ! But you know , it’s almost the same with every company, i’m having my fair share of horror stories with my anycubic printer and their aftersale .


another great and honest review joe these printers are  pumping out some great quality prints lately .

Vaughan Lundin says:

Thanks Joe for another great video, appreciate your hard work. Awesome

makerbytes says:

Nice review! Just purchased a Neva for our startup (on sale right now for $249 with free shipping ). Arrived in one day (I’m only 2 hours from their factory). Don’t think you can bet it for the price. Love the delta design too! Thanks!

Joshua Dufresne says:

Love the colors used on dino, what were they again? I want some.

Niggy _2444 says:

Hey joe, could you please check out my review of the net a8 and critique me for it? Thanks.

3D Gussner says:

Happy TapTap

Bailey Martin says:

wish it was cheaper, I really want this

Gunnar Freyr says:

LOL ! 499 € , i would mmmayyybe consider this printer @ 200 euros or somewhere in that range.. 180-220 euros.. Small build space, 3d printed parts , no heated bed.. That price is a toootal ripoff

skyjacker56 says:

just ordered 1 at 249.99…date is 11/27/17

the German Printing Nerd says:


Mon Nom says:

Hi Joe !
This vid doesn’t have the ‘CC’ for the subtitles … :/
Thx for the review, as always !

Short to Ground says:

Joe I just watched a 1:40 ad, I hope you like my donation :D.

Papa Tech says:

Interesting printer but the price ($500 US) seems a bit high for a small delta with no heated bed and the restrictions that come with slicing. But as always, thanks for taking the time to do the review.

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