Creality Ender 5 review – The best Ender 3d printer?

The Ender 3 is the king of budget 3d printers, so what is different about the Ender 5 and how does it compare? In this review, I examine all of Creality’s FDM 3D printers on price vs build volume, before testing the Ender 5 with a range of models and filaments.

During this review period, this printer has been flawless. Zero failed prints and consistent quality each time. This is using a slicer profile for an Ender 3 without meaningful modification, so the results could be further improved. It even has a flat bed! Creality seem to have made good progress in documentation and quality control. Unfortunately enabling thermal runaway in the firmware is still not a priority.

This printer is like an upgraded Ender 3 Pro. I can find improvements, but no downsides apart from the increased price. The question is really how much you want to spend?

Expect an upgrade video in the near future with the latest free Marlin firmware, configured for this machine.

As a side note, the CR-10 mini looks like good value and the original CR-10 is now great value for the money.

This printer supplied by Creality for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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MakeAnything Lockpick puzzle 10:
Spiral vase:
Helical Pencil Holder:
Max the Megapod:

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Phill Huddleston says:

Having no experience with this it looks to me like they made the frame more rigid but the table less rigid with the way it is held on one side only hanging out in space, had they put the rails it slides on in the center of both sides it would have made better use of the ridged from though they would have to have two z motors and two lead screws.

Laurent Fontaine-Sahores says:

Hi Michael

Thank you for all your videos. You make everything clear, this is very helpful.

I’d like to upgrade my Ender 5, but I am afraid to mess it up, as Marlin is not supporting it for now.
My biggest concern is the BLTouch : can I install it without flashing the motherboard ?

What fan duct for the E5 will be compatible with the BLT ?

So many questions !

Regular Guy Mountain Biking says:

Another nice job. Is the foot print much bigger then the Ender 3? Honestly, the extra build volume is nice but that thing just looks huge to fit any place in my office.

phillip leathley says:

you may want to check your pricing the ender 5 is the same price of the cr20.

John Sandlin says:

Anyone know what ver of marlin will work on the 5

pofrani says:

Hi – noob here. can this print from the SD card? because where my PC is, I have no space.

Александр Пилипов says:

Hi, please tell me how much the printer is noisy?

PracticalProjects says:

Nice review as always!

Mac and Cheese says:

None of your links have Enders 5’s, any alternatives?

phillip leathley says:

Anyone heared of the problems now with the ender3 ie fire risk

Mr. Bones! says:

I have the ender 5 and when I print it fails and just puts out an extremely small amount of filament and fails to build anything, how does one fix this?

carlosdjclo says:

i am considering buying the Ender 5 or the Geetech A20M if not the CR 10 Mini. which one would you recommend the best as the choice, based on your experience reviewing said models.
Please let me know what you Think. Thank you.

Neil Finch says:

Question and this may be dumb but I just cannot find the answer anywhere… are the elder 3 and 5 printers Mac compatible right out of the box? Or do I need to do anything special to use my Mac for them?

Jw says:

I have really been happy with my Ender 5! I would love to figure out how to turn on thermal runaway.

Damian Dudycz says:

Is the bed stable? It’s got bed rails only in the back, doesn’t this makes it drop down in front?

Jerry Woods says:

After 4 months of owning an Ender 3 Pro, prints after prints with no problems. Ender 5 came in today and within 5 hours of printing, there was horrible grinding noise. Upon further inspection z-axis bearings has failed. The screws were also stripped, leading me to believe that someone at the plant has over tighten causing the bearings to be crushed. Will update when my replacement comes in.

3D-Rookie says:

hello is the thermal runaway protection enable on the Ender 5

llothos says:

so many choices. I currently have MP Select Mini V2 and looking at getting second printer with bigger print bed so I was looking at the ender 3 originally until the pro version came out and I figured I would likely go with that one. Since I’m getting closer to getting enough for the printer I started looking around some more and someone mentioned the CR20, it was a little more then the pro, easier to assemble and just looked like a upgraded version of the pro so I was pretty much settled on that one. Now in the same group I hear people talking about Ender 5, find out price range is still within my current budget and I’m a fan of this design style but it doesn’t seem to be as popular and harder to find in Canada at least, I was hoping to stick to a canadian store or amazon but we’ll have to see. I should have enough in the next 6 weeks or so.

Florian Stein says:

I have bought me an Ender 5. Wow!!!
It prints out of the box the “All in one calibration test – mini version” almost 99,9% perfect!
No threads, minimal ghosting (have to adjust the belts). But thats absolutly amazing!!!
I mean… for about 250-300€ this is the best printer you could buy for your money!
And its assembled in about 30 minutes, if you don’t have two left hands. Love it.

Stefan Wilkens says:

It looks like they updated the hotend bracket, the hotend and fans now seem to be centered and the bracket seems to be wider. That would make it a lot easier to design custom things for this thing!

Kevin Quinn says:

Sorry, I’m gonna be that guy – “cue” not “queue” 😀

Akegata42 says:

Print volume per dollar is by far the worst way to compare printer value. I really hoped people would have stopped using it by now..

Clint Baker says:

Ender 5 or CR10?

Chris Sorensen says:

Did they cancel the ender5? I cant find it anywhere. Not on ebay, amazon, banggood or aliexpress

Irek says:

Can you upload Marlin 1.1.9?

JustJoeKing says:

Can you turn down or off the heat bed mid print? Does that make the part remove from the bed?

john black says:

I liked your review very much.

Mac Robeson says:

Hey I think this person stole your video..

Caleb Henning says:

What do you use to reduce stringing with tpu?

Pascal-Louis DARMON says:

does somebody know where to find marlin fw source code for ender 5?

Reiner vom Bruch says:

Well Folks, I own that thing. And I´m happy with it. So I KNOW what I´m talking about. After a few years with the Anet A8 I thought it´s time for a new one. The Ender 5 prints out of the box really good, exactly as described in this review. And the One sided Z-Axis Guide is really no problem up to now. In the Moment I´m printing this thing in vertical, Material is PETG, 230°C and 70°C Bed. And the Ultimaker-Printers show, that this construction gives really nice results. Regards from Germany!

Cameron Leggett says:

Would the MKS Gen L board be a worthy upgrade on the E5 as it is the E3?

3D-Rookie says:

can u help me with turning on the thermal runaway protection? I’m very new and I never did anything like this before I’m worried about ruining my Ender 5 thanks plz let me know

Roy Scott says:

Hi,In the Ender 5 Control screen firmware is the following control variables.What do they do and when should they be used/changed for what expected effect?







            ACCEL          500

            VXY-JERK   10

            VZ – JERK   000.40

            VE – JERK   10


            V MAX  X            300

            V MAX  Y            300

            V MAX  Z            5

            V MAX  E            25


            V MIN            0

            V TRAVEL MIN             0

            A MAX  X            500

            A MAX  Y            500

            A MAX  Z             100

            A MAX  E            1000


            A RETRACT            500

            A TRAVEL            500

            X STEPS / MIN             +080.00

            Y STEPS / MIN            +080.00

            Z STEPS / MIN             +0400.00

          E STEPS / MIN             0092.6

Rotem Buhbut says:

someone noted that the ender 5 is like the ender 4 design and it have a problem printing circles, is it true?

Mac and Cheese says:

When can we expect the ugrade video you mentioned in this video? Thank you for everything you do.

Anarasha says:

Creality: Let’s make a new printer! The Ender 5!
Creality: Let’s make tons of awesome upgrades!
Creality: But let’s leave the LCD screen without a backcover
Creality: Lol, 10 points for Creality!

MyMiniFactory says:

Thank you for this great review!

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