Creality Ender 5 3D printer review – Upgrades, fixes and Initial thoughts

Creality Ender 5 3d printer full review in 4k. Video contains, Unboxing, assembly, close up look on internal components, Overview, specs, fixes, upgrades, tips, TL smoother installation, Stepper damper installation, test prints in PLA, PETG, and TPU with close up shoots, Sound level noise test with DB meter, Speed test 100mm/s, Initial thoughts and final words.

Get Creality Ender 5 3d printer from:
Creality —
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Creality Ender 3 and 5 Upgrades and parts:

Magnetic Build Surface —
Glass Plate Platform —
Heat-bed insulation —
Creality spare nozzle —

Upgrade your 3D print quality( get rid of salmon skin)
TL-Smoother —

Silent your 3D printer
Stepper motor dampers —

Cool down stepper motors
Heating sink 40x40x10mm —
Heating sink 40x40x20mm —

Fix your print adhesion
PrintaFix adhesion SPRAY —
PrintaStick adhesion stick —

Premium/special quality filaments

Cheap filaments
PLA Filament —
ABS Filament —
PETG Filament —
Flexible Filament —
Biodegradable PLA filaments

Banggood —
GearBest —
Aliexpress —
Amazon —
Ebay —

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Lora Knutson says:

I love your videos! You explain things thoroughly, I love that! Thanks for all that you do. You make things easier for those of us who are new to the 3D printing platform! Yay for Nexi!

F C says:

I am trying to figure out how to “choose start point closest to specific location???” There is no way for me to mark the corner or even see what the coordinates are for a specific spot. How do you pick a corner, for example? Thanks.

Mike Grant says:

So why get the ender5 instead of the ender3 or 3 pro?

Cleorina says:

Great job!!!!

Luzifa1 says:

Best Review in my opinion!
All my worries were taken away, I will now buy an ender 5 as my first 3d printer. Many thanks for these detailed tests and also problem solutions.

John Chapman says:

Yours are the best , most comprehensive and most succinct reviews around , keep up the good work.
You refer to the Y axis as the “ai” axis when it should be called the “wai” axis , ………..hope you don’t mind the comment 🙂

Duf says:

You do such a good job with your reviews!

Antonio Catani says:

Cool review, a question, why they waste space? frame is big, build plate is small.

Kersey Fabrications says:

This is a terrific review! You really have a great flow and you cover a lot of information concisely. This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and I’ve subscribed to see more!

Lorenzo Mastrilli says:

if i want the best print quality possible and dimension ~200x200x250 under 400$ what can i get?(first 3d printer)

swiftrick15 says:

That is a great temp reader. Can you link the details for it please?
Also great video.

Lora Knutson says:

Where can I find the Ender 5? I can find the Ender 3, but not the 5. Any help would be appreciated.

0m3n says:

Awesome review! I’m completely new to 3D printers and was debating on this one or the Ender 3. This might be the one 😀

locoworks says:

from a mechanical point of view having the bed supported at the side rather than down the centre line i can’t really expect it not to flex down just a little bit, it is just not good practice. the heavier the print the worse any flex would be ( not that most prints are really heavy )

Alan Xu says:

300usd what a steal

Tushar Arts Pune says:

What is “I” axis?

traced says:

Great video, very detailed! Keep up with you great work!

Mhatt3r says:

Anyone else wondering what his print settings are? I know I am… Now to delve into other videos.

daniel dimitri says:

I find this machine intriguing.. I think having a single z screw is advantageous as it prevents desynced motors and it should also remove backlash from the bearings. It also makes more sense to have the z lower rather than the whole x rail lift since the weight doesn’t change with x/y moves but also the lowering motion means that gravity and any pressure below the nozzle push in the same direction(probably no a big concern) , it also means that filament tension doesn’t pull on the cantilevered axis (not a big deal with a Bowden but on machines with a direct extruder the pull of the filament can pull up the axis against gravity) But now we get to the easily corrected flaw in the assembly of the ender 5. The antibacklash spring pushes the bed upwards, but it would make more sense to flip it the other way so the bed is pushed downwards. Again you want all the forces to push the bed against the screw in one direction. The way it is means the spring either does nothing at all, or it’s suspending the bed on a spring that could be compressed as the weight of the print increases, this setup could also make the backlash apparent that should have been taken care of by gravity during direction changes..

I see a lot of good. The Bowden feeder tube prevents filament from yanking on the hotend(I’ve even added a feeder tube to direct extruders and supported them to the frame so that filament tension can’t influence the hotend), the cantelever single screw z is also nice and the sturdy box design are all good but as you said the bed could use some reenforcement and the antibacklash spring should be on the topside imho. Another trick you might like to try is that I replace my level springs with silicone fuel hose for a nitro type rc model. I think I’d replace the z switch with a bed sensor though it probably doesn’t need it because of the nature of the design, I’d print a new z bracket that has gussets to the bottom of those bearings, upgrade the feeder tube and maybe switch to a Bulldog extruder. I’ve also used the knerled extruder wheel for an ultimaker on the mk8 style extruder instead of the brass gear. It’s not a matter of grip, but I feel like the smaller diameter should add slightly more precision and the crossed nature of the knerl should make the feed less notchy and the lower depth of the knerl vs a gear tooth should make it less sensitive to pressure altering the feed. I find that despite the smaller diameter the filament still lines up fine.

Ben E. Brady says:

Great video, very complete review.
I had hoped to find the links to the models you printed, specifically the 3D printer testing model.

Athina Ntouza says:

hello! the designs where can find?

Neil Finch says:

Ok so which would you say is best? I’m brand new to this… I’m trying to decide between the ended 5, cr10 mini or ended 3…. I don’t know if there is a huge benefit to printing ABS but I like the idea of added strength… ABS aside though what one would be best in your opinion for a newbie?

Bain Krieg says:

Cr-10 Pro or Ender 5?

ncstudioxyz says:

Ender 5 is very similar to Sapphire-s fdm 3d printer, isn’t it?

Stefan Lindström says:

That IR camera/thermometer look great, do you have a link or more info about it?

osbert says:

6:41 I think you said the build volume was 230×230? but it’s 220×220. Great review though, I got one a month or so ago, love it so far although I have a slight dip in the centre of my build platform. I’ve got dampers in for X, Y and Z (with taller feet to make Z possible), TL smoothers are next and definitely looking into ways to silence the psu, controller board and hotend fans.
Was thinking about running the psu with it’s case off and blasting the air from a 140mm fan through a duct on the left side, passing over all the components and venting out the slats on the back.

Necati Hakan says:

First of all thanks for the thorough review. I am only wondering why those tl-smoothers can`t be “installed” outside the box. Simply between the pertinent cable and the stepper motor. I could imagine that it should be possible to design/ print something like a small box to enclose the tl-smoother.
Just subscribed – Keep it up!

Domenico Lamberti says:

I thought the belt profile of the ender 5 was weird, it didnt look like any CoreXY I’ve ever seen, now we know why

j mtx says:

Thanks for an extremely detailed review! It answered all the questions I had about it.

Dane says:

could you print a 20mm circle to check roundness? take a top picture of the circle allows you to import into fusion 360 to calibrate and measure

Chris Valin says:

Excellent review and video

gravel86 says:

Fantastiskt bra recension som vanligt!

3DPrintFarm says:

Great job sir! Very concise review!

Jason Voorhees says:


anonimuso says:

Can you print ABS by replacing the magnetic plate with a different material, say glass?

steve white says:

What was your tpu settings please

David Kaszubinski says:

Wow. Terrific thorough review. Im putting my Ender 5 together this weekend and will run my tests and possible upgrades as you did in your review.

sgauntt says:

Dang….saving my pennies.

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