Creality Ender 3 Review

In this video we’ll be taking a look at the Creality Ender 3! Is it the best 3D Printer for under $200 on the market? Watch to find out.


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US Plug but it’s just an IEC computer cable. Make sure you flick the PSU to the correct voltage before powering on!!!

Watch Chuck’s video on fixing the under extrusion issue and recommended replacement couplers

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XYZ Geeks says:

I bought it and could not get a single non warped print so I returned it. It was crap. Bed leveling IS the problem it is near impossible.

Duke Dudeston says:

My Ender 3 has been working flawlessly since I got it, and I am very happy with the results.

Yeah if you are a “Pro 3D Printer” this wouldn’t do you. I am never expecting a perfect print.

I say its a great cheap printer.

E-Studios says:

Just received my Ender 3 for experimenting with 3D printers hardware etc… I noticed I have a total different version, a full steel hot-end, CR-10 parts on the bed belt. Removable print bed seems like that fake built-tek placed on a PCB sheet so you can remove that bed, and also different couplers and bowden tube.

TBH I do not like those big ass level knobs since it’s easy to hit / touch and rotates too easy. It’s also wierd why my first print was perfect but now prints in the air lol…

ProfessorM. says:

can you please share franks cura settings?


Great review, there are no inks in the description for the replacement parts.

Panagiotis Galinos says:

I would love to see a direct comparison Creality Ender 3 vs tevo tarantula. Pros and negs, print quality (out of the box), build quality, etc @Maker’s Muse

Peter Tumminaro says:

I bought it for 179 on gearbest the other day.

Tom Kleinhans says:

I received my Ender 3 June 27th from Amazon. I had no issues at all with the PTFE tube from the Bowden to the hothead. It did have tight eccentrics on the bed wheels. It felt like there were flats on the wheels when the bed was slid back & forth. Just loosing the eccentric until the bed wobbled, then tightening until the wobble was gone solved that. So a simple adjustment solved the printing defects caused by bed motion. There are a number of videos that detail adjusting v-slot wheels correctly. I don’t care who makes the 3d printer, there are some things that will have to be adjusted from time to time. Take a few minutes and learn about the adjustments that your printer will require. As far as bed leveling, if the v-slot wheels are adjusted correctly, you should not have to re-level the bed very often. Adding $50 to the price of a printer is a total waste on a printer under $1000.00. If you have to re-level every print, something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Because that is a sign there is a hardware issue throwing the bed level off. Which in turn means that you will have issues with the print quality. Just like Angus describes in the cat.

Lionel Samain says:

Hi Angus,

I did not find the link in the description for the recommended couplers. Did you remove it ?

Thanks mate !

Hao Peng says:

Hi. If I decide to replace the couplers that you mentioned in the video with a high quality one, what is the correct model and how many I should buy? Thanks!

Basil Abdo says:

Angus, can the z axis be increased by just replacing the included extruded aluminium by longer bit of aluminium?

fullscalepilot says:

Anyone have experience with abs and nylon with the ender3? I use a FF Creator Pro at work with good results…will I hate this printer?

Mozzman says:

Sounds like another UNTESTED nightmare product from Creality. Take 6 months off work to get the damm thing working right. Id rather pay the extra and get a prusa

Hualani says:

Fair balanced review

Tom Gray says:

I’m new to this, and hopefully I get my ender 3 tomorrow as scheduled
thank you

_CrazyCrafter672 says:

If you are just starting out 3D printing get the Monoprice Mini Delta instead.

flightisallright says:

Under 200 Dollars? Hm, Creality first dropped the price to 186 Dollars and then raised it to 249 Dollars & removed the possibility to use coupons. Cool printer, but that sort of pricing is just mean.

xristos kalandrias says:

Dear Angus, I bought it finally. Some issues with the Z axis ,It seems to cog sometimes and making strange noises, my first print was into the base layer, as you stated, and as i tried to print for the second time, I had to adjust the bed screws ,to avoid the hotend rubbing against the part??every 10min or so..
I am afraid that I need your Profile for cura. Is there any chance helping around?
I have seen many ytube vids over this and I found it hard for my first print ever. Another mistake I made, is that I tried to print a file newly made by me, so maybe the design was faulty etc.. I can not know what went so wrong.
Thanks in advance.

Grant N says:

Good review as always from Angus, but might I suggest a more stable base than your setee? I’ve ordered one anyway, looks like a solid machine, will shine with some small upgrades (gulp) I hope!!

Joe Calabro says:

Would linear advance help with the under extrusions?

Ian Skeldon says:

Hi Angus,
I am a newb with 3d printing a bit of an old fella so go easy with me. I bought a ender after looking on youtube, I can get it to print pretty well but would like to upgrade the clamps that you had a problem with (are they called collars or colletts or something?), Anyway if you could add a link showing where better parts can be bought I would be grateful, oh and I don’t know how to level the bed on mine, luckily it seems to be level and works ok but can you point me in the direction of instructions for leveling the bed?
Many thanks, Ian

SIPS PANELS Australia says:

Have I been lucky well I hope so have just starter printing all the little additional parts to make the Ender 3 better seem to have one of the good ones the only miss step was the controller cable pinched in the bed rollers but dosn’t seem to have broken the wires but both the screw threads on the to thin aluminium power supply cover stripped as i was screwing them in but for the money so far Ihave to say Iam Satisfied. Ian

EJtheArtist says:

Hey I bbought one but am having warping issues

Jeff Hooper says:

Just bought one. Thanks for the review. I’ll hit amazon for those parts. I need to change out my A8 extruder, so I’ll wait on you next video on the Ender and do them together. Thanks again!


How to creat product design…in which software use hoe to install in pc….

Felipe CC says:

how many hours a day can this end 3d printers work?, days a week and so? what is the lifespan on those working conditions? thanks

Mattijs says:

Hey guys…what is the subreddit or forum or whatever for the ENDER 3? Just purchased one along with 5 1kg spools of filament, extra nozzles and those fittings that are recommended. I want to find good info on what software to get. I’ve got fusion already but no slicers. THANKS!

Pablo Elizondo says:

Creality Ender 3 vs Anycubic I3, which one would you choose?

alligater green says:

what couplings should I buy I have no idea where to find good ones?

Beril Arguner says:

hi there i’m very new to the 3D printer but for a beginner would you recommend this model? I really like making key chains and and charms for my friends and for myself I just wanted to know if I should purchase this model later on this year or if you can what other models do you recommend for a beginner like me thank you and take care 🙂

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