Creality Ender 3 Full Review – Best $200 3D Printer!

Creality Ender 3:

This is my review of the new Creality Ender 3 3D printer. It’s a $200 pre-assembled kit that arrives with everything you need to get started. The assembly will take 1 hour, but you will be able to start 3d printing right away. My tests showed that the printer was able to print PLA, flexible, nylon and ceramic filament. The printing quality is world class, sometimes it’s impossible to actually see the layer lines! The compact size also made it possible to print at a fairly high speed. Overall performance and affordability makes this a printer that I strongly recommend.

Flexible filament:
Nylon filament:
PLA filament:

GB has some pretty good prices on 3D printers right now here:

Simply3D profile for the Ender 3:

3D models used in this video:
3DBenchy boat:
Flexible frog:
Bike bottle holder:
Venus de milo:

Childhood – Mike Chino
Andrew Applepie – Nobody Knows


Isaiah Higgins says:

Wow. It took me 14 hours to build my Tevo Tarantula.

3D Laser says:

I would love to see a video on the different types of fdm printers and advantages over disadvantages

emil flognoid says:

How does it compare to the tarantula?

Jean Seb Astienback says:

Gearbest is flooding known youtube reviewers with CReality Ender 3, seeking as much as possible impact through a huge campaign. And it works… First and foremost I suppose, because as of July 6th, Trump’s higher tariffs should be applied on Chinese imported goods in the US. I’ve been watching gearbest’s counter for this printer: amazingly fast! In Europe there’s an artificial rush too, but less explained by some higher tariffs though. CRreality’s reputation is pretty good out there.

Chris Pfligler says:

Maybe a noob question but does this guy print TPU?

Seeker44 says:

Still no dual extrusion

Elias Klemetz says:

Kan du printa ut ett fiskedrag?

Kim Reynolds says:

I’ve had it for almost 2 months now and I love it! I can really recommend it!

mikeTECH says:

Lol wtf! Why is the euro plug version $16 cheaper?!

Philip Rying says:

Hej RClifeon rigtig god video. Jeg vil virkelig gerne se en video til hvordan man gøre printere mere silent. Pls!

mattwell7790 says:

Enlightened are we? 9:20….Do not resist!

Jason Smith says:

STL for that fan boat?

Angry Rambo Show says:

I didn’t like the music, but I liked the video and the information. Thanks.

Yashas Ranjan says:

Which one is better Tevo Tarantula or this Ender 3? And How?

40mick says:

Your video’s rock!!! Wish you posted more often, can’t get enough. Was on the fence which printer to get. You convinced me to go with the Creality Ender. Seems to be a great entry level printer. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Seb Astienback says:

gearbest states that this printer usable volume is 220x220x250 mm. How do you manage to stretch the bed to 230×230???? Is the filament wheel holder included in the package? Flaws when your print is high are not that banal.

Gaming with Liam says:

I would really appreciate your opinion on how this fare against the Anycubic i3 Mega with Ultrabase. Also, since we are on that topic, which other budget printer that costs lower or equal to the Anycubic i3 Mega would you recommend for a secondary printer? I’m starting to find having one more extra printer would be more productive for cosplay prop making. Thanks!

Eggcraft says:

I have 400$ should i buy the cr10 or this one ?

Floris Hubregtse says:

okay, maybe off topic but do you have the file of that pickle rick in the background?

Big D says:

This guy is so fake it makes my hair hurt. Creality’s favorite fanboy/salesboy, do not listen to a word he says, he is merely a mouthpiece for cheap chinese knockoffs. Brought to you by the same slave labor market as the anet a8 that burns people’s houses down.

pomodraw says:

Can you print PETG with this one??

MightyNe0 says:

Please do Tevo Flash 😀 I neeeeeeeeeed that printer!!!!

Pavel S says:

CoreXY, H-Bot??? Why shaking table ???

WatSaet says:

Skulle du säga att ender 3 en bra starter printer? Och i så fall varifrån köpte du den? Jag är också en svensk som du kanske förstår.

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