Creality CR10S PRO 3D printer review -in depth video 4K

After legendary Cr10S 3D printer from the last year Creality released new successor called Cr10S PRO! In this video review you will found out everything about it.
Video contains, Unboxing, assembly, close up look on internal components, Overview, specs, test prints in PLA, PETG, ABS and TPU with close up shoots, Retraction settings, Sound level noise test with DB meter, Speed test 100mm/s, Heat bed warming up time test, Initial thoughts and final words.

Get it here:
Creality3D CR – 10S Pro —
Coupon code: GB3DCRP Price:$589.99

CR10S PRO S3D printing profile –

Premium/special quality filaments

Cheap filaments
PLA Filament —
ABS Filament —
PETG Filament —
Flexible Filament —
Biodegradable PLA filaments

Banggood —
GearBest —
Aliexpress —
Amazon —
Ebay —

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shaka89xx says:

How do you feel about the nozzle being proprietary and not an mk8?

Hudson Turman says:

I also have this printer and loved your review. Would you mind posting a list of the various print settings you had the most success with? I have some TPU I am interested in trying but I completely new to 3d printing and would love a place to begin.

Ivan Drago says:

Thank you for this review. I will buy this printer. I saw your channel for the first time right now. I give you a sub

Drew Lakebrink says:

Can’t wait for all of these improvements to come to the Ender 4 lol. An upgrade kit for an Ender 3 would be nice. Great video as always.

DigChaos says:

Do you know if Creality is going to be selling that double gear extruder separately? Will it fit a regular CR10 you think?

Keith Kamps says:

Thanks for the video.

poisonous carnage says:

that vase is a Klein bottle, right?

AnalTeflon says:

The vase design is actually a Klein Bottle. What makes it special is it only has one surface.

Alfonso Perez says:

What pla brand will you recomend

nikos papanelopoulos says:

@nexitech hi,nice vid happy new year.the frame down from heat bed is aluminium?I want to buy a 3d printer and I am in between of cr10s and cr10s pro.Your opinion is to go with the pro?

Darkz says:

Best CR10S PRO review I have seen, well done!

Mike L says:

Great video – finally one that actually does a real review of the printer!
How did you do the timelapse video without the extruder being visible? That was really cool!

Cleorina says:

Thanks for the great video… i just wonder why other 3d printer reviewer can’t review like you…

Tristan Semmelhack says:

Ordered my CR-10S over the summer because of your review and might have to get this one too! 😉 Thanks for the great reviews.

Xavier Barberà Calderó says:

Great review as always! Could you please share your printing profile? Thank you in advance.

Vadim Fint says:

Got mine too

I was impressed X axis be capable to properly handle 400 speed and 3600 accel 10 jerk with no problems at all
Y axis with bed only 400/1500/10jerk , but that was expected

Btw, it is pointless to test 50+ speeds without tuning stock accel/jerk (500/10) =)

I was able to print 100..110 speed with 0.15 layer height / 200 temp. 0.2 layer height requires much higher temps (210+) with oozing on thoose speeds.

But, I agree – creality did a great job. One thing confused me a bit — proprietary nozzle thread. It looks like M6/0.75 (MK8 should be M6/1). And now they sell nozzles for 10$ 🙂

Raul Lago says:

Hello friend, a month ago I have this same printer and I have many problems with bed leveling … In fact I have stopped using it and I have put it on sale, can you please indicate me or make a video of how you level it up? I do it as the video of the factory always remains high, we are 2 friends with the same machine here in Argentina and both with the same problem.
I thank you and I am waiting. Hug and happy year

Rob Fern says:

Good to see Creality is making some improvements! Hope they do the same for the rest of the printer line.

Stefan Dembowski says:

Good review. When I’m in the market for another printer, this is a contender…

Ben Tebrunsvelt says:

Thanks for holland

Patrick Monnier says:

Hi, thank you for this excellent review !
I’m very expressive by the print quality you got, and I am thinking to buy this printer.
But I saw there is the CR-X, do you think it’s the same printer with two color ? I mean can I hope to get same result quality with the CR-X ?

60sec Test says:

Just bought it. Thanks to you 😉

ossme says:

Isn’t that an SSR and not a MOSFET? is the bed 240v?

John Degenstein says:

Thanks for printing my vases (Mandelbrot #2 and Julia Fractal Vases on thingiverse)! They both look fantastic!

gogohoffman says:

Print looks good… are there any complaints? “No, complaints.” I love the review. I want to learn everything about printing from you.

tre smith says:

I recieved my cr10s pro on Monday. I love it!

Andres Marzal Gordo says:

Can u post the link to the increíble vase u used to test retraction setting?
Its awesome

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