Creality CR10 S4 3D printer Full Review! Is it better then CR10S?

Hi Guys! This is full review of enlarged version of Cr10 called Cr10 S4. Almost 20Kg heavy 3D printer with rock solid metal frame. Robust construction with high quality components.
I’am very impressed how well Creality 3D making Cr10 line 3D printers.
Latest version of CURA now supports Cr10 3D printers in the printers many. Setup was never so easy. Thanks CURA!
In less then one minut Cura can be configured to run Cr10 Cr10S ,Cr10s4 or Cr10S5 and you got even printing profiles for 3D filaments. . Awesome!
Video includes: Unboxing, assembling, hardware overview, time laps printing, detailed look at test prints( 760% scaled up 3D benchy) and closer look at inside components.

To order this 3D printer or other CR10 line 3D printers please check links below.

Creality3D CR (S4) 10 Enlarged 3D 400mm VERSION (In this video) coupon code GBCR10B

Creality3D CR – 10S 3D Printer BLUE Upgraded Version EU PLUG coupon GBCR10S US PLUG coupon GBCR10S

Creality3D CR – 10 3D Printer BLUE standard CR10 EU Coupon coupon: 11CR10U

Creality3D CR – 10 3D Printer Orange standard CR10 EU coupon: 11CR10EU
US coupon: 11CR10US

Creality3D CR – 10 Enlarged 3D MASIVE 500mm VERSION

Creality3D CR – 10mini 3D printer coupon: CR10MINI

Biodegradable PLA filaments

Cheap filaments
PLA filament
ABS Filament

Flexible filament —

Premium/special quality filaments

PrintaFix adhesion SPRAY

3D printers parts and supplies — — —

Heat bed mosfet module —

3D printing surface:

Switch for PSU

Rubber Timing Belt


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Bernardo Ramos says:

Could you advice a good 3D printer for ABS?

Oliver Österlind says:

would love to see if the Benchy would float 😉

Daniel Søndergård says:

I got the CR10 s4 instead of CR10 s3 at the same price, I think they sent the wrong one 😛

Thi HexCrew says:

Nexi what 3D Printer would you reccomend for a beginner, I hear the CR-10’s are really good but very hard to set up if you have no experience like me.

Chris Call says:

What is the bed heater mosfet for?

gravel86 says:

Great review, any plans on reviewing the CR10 mini?

Robothut says:

Can you provide the link to the CURA slicer that supports CR-10 S5, I just went to there web site and the newest version they show is 3.0.4 and in the drop down list of printers they support CR 10 is not on the list.

PacoWang says:

That was one of the best reviews I have ever seen. Well done sir.

Ginger Prince says:

what filaments does this support?

Caverntwo says:

Nice video again! I really like these gigantic prints 😉

Javi FPV says:

I’m looking for my first printer it will be used mainly for fpv drone parts and printed in TPU so which one do you suggest the prints will be not that big please help???

pouya jandoust says:

Hey dude, it could be great to give the main Resources of 3D Models too. thanks.

Rohan Sully says:

Thanks for the video!

Marcus Christensen says:

I like the size, but not being able to print abs well enough is a bummer, so i got the cr10s.

TheAwesomeSam says:

I just ordered the CR-10 S4. Can you tell me the footprint dimensions of the S4? I am looking for a workbench or table for it. I want to make sure it fits on the table. Thanks!

Sharahmae So says:

How do you get those fine prints? I get small lines

TronicHardware says:

Amazing review. Well done!

CommnisZer CP says:

Please review Athorbot 2 in 1 Dual Extruder Prusa i3 3d printer

Manuel Castro says:

Thanks a lot! For this review I decided to buy this printer!

Valdemar Jensen says:

One of the best reviews i have seen! Would be nice if you say how long each print took 🙂

Jan Wiersma says:

huh? 16:06 cannot print ABS. please explain. in the controller display also was preheat ABS written. (maybe because thats written in al marlin type controllers) but why cant this printer handle ABS? it’s got a heated bed. great review btw. thumb-up!

Maxxifull says:

I got this same S4 printer and have been happy with it. I insulated the heat bed and could get 91C degrees in a ~2h testprint session. Asking temp was 100C.

Small ABS parts seems to print out pretty good, but bigger ones would need more bed temp, or a closed enclosure for the whole printer to reduce warping.

Armored Charlie says:

So basically just download cura and choose the printer you have and it gives you the perfect settings? No need to touch them? Am new to 3d printing and thats a huge help for me.

Marcus Adams says:

Great review. What sized nozzle do I need? I’ve ordered one of these printers and I’d like to order the 0.5mm and 0.6mm nozzles before it comes. Thank you.

Rohan Sully says:


Motion 0112 says:

from what I have seen, the function that makes printing can be continued if there is a blackout, it is also in the CR-10S but the one in the name “Upgrade version”

siemensohm says:

I don’t understand why it’s so much more expensive than the 10s.

javier lechuXD says:

10:17 OMG¡¡¡

Ignacio Loredo says:

great review , could you share the astronaut model please 😀


Titanic Benchy xD

3D Makerbear says:

Hey, great job on the review, very well made. After starting a 3DPrinting Business a few weeks ago, I am now looking to expand my ventures towards starting a youtube channel also. I really take inspiration from your videos and have a close look at how you do things. I would really love to maybe ask you one or two things in the future about starting this kind of a youtube channel. I currently own an Anet A8 converted to an AM8, a Startt, an Mk2 with Multimaterial and am waiting for 3 printers to come right now which would be the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus, CR-10 Mini and the Prusa Mk3. I am planning to make videos on all of those, but wanna first get some inspiration to not mess them up completely. keep up the great work, you developed great. the first video I saw from you was last december and it was about your anet a8 mods ;D would love to have a talk with you some times ;D

Adam says:

[ A QUESTION to all Creality3D CR-10 S4 Owners > ] I just bought one and I’m just waiting/itching for it to be delivered… woo hoo! However, I am a complete ‘noob’ to 3D printing. I would be very grateful if any S4 owners could point me in the direction of any good forums, web sites, etc for learning and modding the S4 and 3D printing tips in general.
Not that it makes much difference but, I’m located in ‘sunny’ Scotland and would love to communicate with humans from all around this planet that you… eh, I mean ‘WE’ call earth!
I’m looking for help and advice on…
• What to do and what not to do with the setup and use of the S4. (ie avoiding dumb mistakes, problems, etc)
• Recommended software. (if it’s relevant, I have some 3DS Max experience)
• I think PLA will meet most of my requirements but, also plan to use ABS, Flexible, Wood, etc for some projects I have planned.
• Am I safe with the cheapest filaments I can find? Or, what are the recommended brand names in UK (but not at ‘stupid money’ prices).
• I plan building an enclosure and upgrade the heat bed to improve heat / ABS issues.
• I plan to install twin fans and air flow ducting thingies(!) at the extruder (sorry if I’m getting too technical!)
• Replace controller box internal fans and install stepper motor bushes/dampeners to reduce the noise level.
So basically, I’m looking for help and advice on… EVERYTHING!
I’m looking for the best quality prints with most amount of detail and least amount of flaws – but, aren’t we all!
Speed is not a major concern – I’m happy to set it running in spare room (and check it regularly) and let it take as long as it takes.
So, any help n’ advice anyone can give me would be very much appreciated.
Peace and love to all humans… even the Welsh! :oP

Dave Langkamp says:

Excellent video! Thank you for such great information on setting up my CR-10 S4!

Aaradhya Kulshrestha says:

can thisprint TPU??????

Aaradhya Kulshrestha says:


josephzee says:

Is it better to print straight onto glass , or use tape ?

Markess A. Wilder says:

So is the CR10S the same as the CR10S4 just a smaller version? I don’t plan on making anything huge so how do they compare? Again the terminology I need to learn because if I have an issue I don’t know how or what adjust to fix. Can you speak on that so we (I) can learn if this happens in a print adjust this, but if this happens to adjust that?

That’s what I need to know how to make adjustments to get the perfect print like you have.

Also, do they come with both nozzles?

Great Vid thank you

Sky L says:

8:49 if you double up the nozzle size, you use 4 times more filament not 2 times.

Evergreen says:

The quality of the prints are amazing! Wowwww, I subscribed!

The Ghost Muffin says:

that was an incredibly thurow review

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

you deserve a THUMBS UP my friend. i know it`s bin a long time, but i am back, how is your Anet A8 holding?? i still need to do some MODS.

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