Creality CR-10 mini review Best 3D printer under 300usd?

Hi Guys! Check my FULL REVIEW of Creality CR10 mini 3D printer! Video includes: Unboxing, assembling, hardware overview, time laps printing, heat-bed testing, thermal camera view,detailed look at test prints and closer look at inside components. To order this 3D printer or other CR10 line 3D printers please check links below.

Creality3D CR – 10mini 3D printer coupon: CR10MINI

Creality3D CR – 10 3D Printer BLUE standard CR10 EU Coupon coupon:11CR10U

Creality3D CR – 10 3D Printer Orange standard CR10 EU PLUG coupon: EUCR10JK

Creality3D CR – 10S 3D Printer BLUE Upgraded Version EU PLUG coupon GBCR10S US PLUG coupon GBCR10S

Creality3D CR – 10 Enlarged 3D BIGGER 400mm VERSION coupon code GBCR10B

Creality3D CR – 10 Enlarged 3D MASIVE 500mm VERSION coupon code 500CR10

Biodegradable PLA filaments

Cheap filaments
PLA filament
ABS Filament

Flexible filament —

Premium/special quality filaments

PrintaFix adhesion SPRAY

Thermal Camera –

3D printers parts and supplies — — —

Heat bed mosfet module —

3D printing surface:

Switch for PSU

Rubber Timing Belt


Prints in video:

Ambient song in video:
Envato Market
Licensor’s Author Username:
Item Title:
Kyushu Sunset


Kevin Zeringue says:

how wide was your brim in the moon city and the sorceress

Karlson Chee says:

Review on Snapmaker

DynamicSun says:

interessting video , btw. where can i buy the “Thermal camera” ? grz 🙂

MrClown says:

Would this be a better option for ABS than the full size CR10?
IIRC the bed on the full size didn’t heat evenly, and/or high enough because of the huge bed, but the mini seems to heat evenly and to very good temp because of the smaller bed (@ 13:37 )

Aditya Narula says:

You deserve far more subscribers and views

Kiwi Forever says:

Hi Nexi, You do a grand presentation of the various printers. It has helped me much in my printer purchase.
I would appreciate if you could demonstrate the easiest method in changing the filament in the bowden sytems, meaning ones that dont have auto features to assist. Thank you.

Mustafa Filiz says:

Love the vids bro, do you have experience with laser engravers. Any best bang for buck recommendations. I know some people change attachment on their 3d printers to the laser and use that as the engraver. I’ve ordered the larger 10s model. Can’t wait =)

Newz2U says:

Thanks for the great review! Im about to buy a mini from a fairly local shop I found close to me so I can save on shipping and wait time. Thanks for being so detailed in your settings for these prints!

Kevin Zeringue says:

Also, in the video, you said that u printed the Sorceress using 50 micron layers, but then state after she was printed that u were using 150 micron layers. What setting was actually used? Sorry for all the questions..Just trying to learn this stuff!

Gio Vanni says:

compliment.. your review is very complete, with many tests, and good info (temp, time of print, etc..)

Kevin Zeringue says:

what is the retraction distance used on your extruder in this video?


Love it man.

The Random Car says:


Kevin Zeringue says:

does the cr-10 mini need the air duct modification or has that been corrected on this model?

Nithin K says:

hello, do you get this quality prints right out of the box?? or did you do any tweaks?

ElectricBike says:

Your video INTRO packs so much POWEEEEEERRR haha
Nice instructional/review video, very complete with a lot of good and relevant info!!!
AWESOME prints… the details is just mind blowing… honestly, I didn’t know these little 3D printer could do such a good job WOOWW…
Nice the thermal imaging showing the heat starting from the right hand side and spreading out…. Ohh yeaahh =]

Kevin Zeringue says:

You DEFINITELY need to slow down while explaining the setup parameters for each test print. You speak so fast that it is very difficult to understand what you are using for each setting. Everything just rambles together.

JAYTEE says:

Thanks Nexi, great review. Cheers, JAYTEE

The Random Car says:

Can you do a review of the anet a3.

Luke Gubler says:

Can you do a review on the tevo tornado?

Fábio Tavares da Silva says:

Better than Tevo Tornado? I bought mine on Gearbest with shipping and assurance for 330usd, it’s a killer price!

msucat grumpy says:

Thank you for your review. Which do you think is better with Creality CR-10 Mini or Anycubic i3 mega? .

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