Creality CR-10 Full Review – BEST 3D PRINTER!!!

I receive comments and messages every single day asking what 3D printer to buy. The Creality CR-10 is 90% pre-built, has a big build volume of 300x300x400mm, and I was blown away by the incredible printing quality: or

It was nicely packaged with thick foam surrounding the entire 3D printer. The assembly was very easy, only a few screws to tighten up and half a dozen of connections to make. From opening the box to printing was only an hour and a half! That’s crazy!

My first print was two upgrades using the included white filament at 0.2mm layer height. I was blown away by the invisible layers! The printing quality was outstanding! The two upgrades I recommend is a fan nozzle that is more angled and will improve cooling. The second one is a strain relief bracket for the heat bed connections. You can find them here:

Fan nozzle:
Strain relief bracket:

One problem I found was the heated bed not reaching high enough temperature. It was heating very slowly and was only able to reach 85°C. This will cause ABS plastic to cool down too quickly, resulting in layer separations. However, it was easily fixed by improvising an enclosure. This will trap the heat inside, resulting in beautiful ABS prints.

Nylon and flexible filaments was no problem. In fact, I was able to print my FilaFlex filament at 15mm/s, that’s just as fast as my direct drive printers!

Lastly I printed a scaled up Benchy boat using pink PLA at 0.3mm layer height. That too turned out pretty much perfect!

I was happily surprised by how great this printer works. In conclusion, this is my preferred 3D printer right now. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good performance printer!

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Hein Du Plessis says:

Thanks for this! I was going to buy the Anet A8, then I saw this video and in stead purchased the Creality CR-10. 1 hours vs all day assembly is worth the $200 extra! You saved me from making a mistake! Subscribed.

Marcelo Tohmé says:

Hi!! First of all thans for your videos.I live in Brazil and I´m looking for a 3D printer until U$ 400.00 with auto leveling bed and a printer area at least 20x20x25. In your opinion which one is the best? Mega Anycubic 3D, Tevo Tarantula, Anet 6/8 or another one? Thanks. Marcelo

Ruben Alejandro says:

Which one do you recommend me to buy? Tevo Tarantula or Anycubic Kossel?
Good videos! regards from Mexico.

RCLifeOn says:

Use the coupon codes 3DCR1 or GBCR101 for another $20 off. The last vid I uploaded reached 3K likes the first day. Incredible, thank you so much for liking my videos! Have a great day, see you soon!

rAghav bharaDia says:


Sara Du says:

Nice 😀

Gustavo Melgar Baldivieso says:

are you fucking kidding us? you are a sponsor…

Finn Obertauern says:

Can I print flexibel filament

W.E.M.F Tai says:

What should it get A9 or Cr-10

Mr Life Hack says:

can you buy the bigger cr 10

Effect2o says:

Do you think this is better than the Prusa i3 mk2? I currently have the M3D micro and I really want to upgrade. and Im thinking this might be it.
Also I would love to see your impression or thoughts of the B9 Creator (SLA)

Tom Explorador says:

Very nice video! Do you prefer the CR-10 instead of the new prusa I3 MK2S ?? Thank you!

Patrick Fisk says:

DO you have your cura settings posted somewhere?

Mohammed says:

this one or prausa ????

TheFreddyPlayer says:

Can you do a review on the print rite diy 3 d printer?

rhy o'drinnan says:

Just ordered mine. How could I not?!?

Darrin Berndt says:

I love the editing. Great quality

Ryolu MC says:

this is an awesome video, and it was my birthday when it came out

Captain DJ says:

What do you do with the item on 2:39 ? Is this an original print or do you polishing it? Can not believe that this is original, the reflections show me an not flat surface

Bob Da Geek says:

Hey everyone , I am having trouble with removing parts from my build plate.. Any tips? P.S. I do not have this printer, but it is just a general question.

George Sorin says:

i think the best way to accelerate the time used to preheat the bad is to isolate the bottom of the heated bed… and it will not loose the heat under it

Joey Nuggetz says:

Full review my ass.; Told us nothing about the extruder.

Andrehh89 says:

bör jag köpa den här istället för tarantulan inte i storlek och delar man måste printa ur

Marcin B. says:

Thanks for sharing. Can you advise what are your settings to print Nylon ?

MLG Commander says:

are you kidding me best 3 printer you dum ass look at a prusia mk 2 please

Bashir Sfar says:

ive been thinking about getting into 3d printing but i have a 7 year old so i want to know does this have an enclosed or open power supply

Lucas Concrete Products, Inc. says:

I was about to get the FlashForge 3D, but based on this review and two others, I went ahead and bought this.

Willy Jauregui says:

Nice review Simon.
Can you do one video about the print quality of all your printers ( Tevo, CR, etc) with the same settings.
that would be awsome to people who want to buy one of those ( like me).

e5frog says:

Just 3500SEK on Gearbest at the moment, still 4500SEK with customs and tax – that you can’t escape really…
Den kostar ju bara 3500kr på Gearbest nu… en ändå 4500 med tull o moms… som man ju inte kommer att slippa undan.
Med EU plugg:
You can actually choose which plug you want if you scroll down a bit – they could ship the wrong one though.

Jacob Chicks says:

would you reccomend this as a good first 3D printer?

Linus says:

bought it…

Dragon Is My Name says:

“The wrong power port” xD

Rusty Wright says:

I accidentally clicked on this video, and it sparked my interest in this printer so much that i changed to this printer from other ones I have looked at. I have spent several hours researching this printer, aside from the 3d printable upgrades, it seems to be the best thing i have seen aside from a prusa i3 mk2 and it is cheaper with a bigger build volume.

SpeezCraftGaming says:

Vilken stad är du ifrån? Älskar dina videos föresten, håller du på något med robotik t.ex. robotarmar eller dylikt? 🙂

generictroll wow says:

great video…..keep up the good stuff, any tips to start a new channel?

e5frog says:

Du kan få skriva ut en tangent-topps-lag-grej till mig… men om alla 75000+ prenumeranter frågar om sånt så får du väl inte göra annat…

tobiitobiitobii says:

Is this printer better than a 350$ Delta 3D printer?

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