CR-10S Pro 3D Printer Unboxing and Review

The new CR-10S Pro- best out of the box printing experience for the price?
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Kevin S Pymm says:

Looks like someone here, , might be using your video.

Fat Rabbit says:

I don’t even own this machine.

McCuneWindandSolar says:

I don’t think I want a small model of you. we need to clone you, that would be much better to buy. You are a great person and great review.

Jashuwa S says:

Your swag is off the level! you always look amazing!

Rob H says:

What was the make and model?

40 72 says:

Makes we want to buy some dental floss

Jimmy Fallin says:

I am so excited to be getting a creality CR 10 next week and thank you for your videos and 3d printer recommendations Naomi. Another reason for my purchase was what I heard throughout the community regarding Creality and implementing the customers request in a short time, keep up the great work we love your channel!!!

Jon Bongo says:


Michael Roughner says:

Firstly, a great review, honest and clear with both the drawbacks and the advantages.
Secondly, your cyborg enhancements are very distracting, but Please Don’t Stop Showcasing them from the best vantage point or hiding them. You’re already perfect!
I always watch twice, first is always for admiring your enhancements and cute expressions, and the second for learning from your videos. You’re a great technology guru.

N dM says:

Hey Naomi, Thank you for your reviews. My cr 10s pro was a faulty, waste of money. I returned it and await a refund. This is a very bad product. Not your fault, you probably received a premium model, checked for reviewers, not the product that was send out to regular customers. Good luck with your channel!

zarbonida says:

Bella e brava

Rene R. says:

Hey naomi, can 3D printing happen with rubber?

nikos papanelopoulos says:

@Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu
. how to update the printer.can u do a video for this?

Peter Sanz says:

I love you so much, please don’t give up and don’t hesitate to keep uploading videos to YouTube, your videos make me happy and I find them pretty interesting.
Keep it on
Thanks so much

princess starr says:

I love your style,Naomi!!! You are so cool and smart!!! Girls rule!!!

Mel Seyle says:

Any idea when Creality will modify their firmware, so that the leveling offsets will be saved when the printer is shut down? Thanks.

Da Joe says:

Hi Naomi,
First of all – another great video and you do such a good job on your channel! Special thank to you 🙂
I´ve got mine few weeks ago and was sooo happy about this 3D printer. Creality has done a very very good job on upgrading the base CR10 to this pro version
Now I have a problem. I like this surface of the build plate so much and I am searching, to get this plate as a spare part, but I haven´t seen it yet.
Maybe you have a hint or a shop where to get this orig. build-plate for the CR10S-Pro printer
Thank you in advance and I wish you all the best for the future and your amazing channel 🙂
Greets from Austria

geoff bradshaw says:

Again because of your video I now own one of theses along with my 2 ender 3’s now to get things made . Thanks for the video I love ghee printers


ukaž kozy!

Jon Bongo says:

Let’s share Gmail. “Kiss Me”

Pedro Machote says:

You make easy to work with 3d printers, thank you very much.

Luigi Romani says:

Forget this printer, I had so much problems that I really do not know what to do with it. Assistance from Creality is nothing than useless and if you ask to return it they just ignore your request. YOU ARE ADVISED!

Человек с паяльником says:

I did not listen because I only looked at her. Very beautiful girl

minh hoang says:

it not fair ! she have 3 brains and the beauty , we have only 1 and it 10% functioning . she so lovely .

South West Florida Aerial says:

what kind of a woman, dresses like that and makes videos,,?
answer= a smart one

N dM says:

I love your channel but hate this printer, the bed-leveling is a half an hour fiddling with a 10 cm piece of acrylics, a 0.2mm feeler and screwdriver, followed by the automatic bed-leveling before each print. And still the print-head cuts into the middle of the printer-bed. After many trials, the top-layer of the print-bed had a hole in the middle. the magnetic extra print-bed ( bought and advertised as for the cr10spro) is too wide and hits the printer, is not long enough, so leaves 1cm of the print-bed bare. The print-bed does not fit under the clamps. Do not buy this printer, not as a pro and not as a beginner!

ralph stephenson says:

What kind of 3D scanner are you using? Is there any low cost scanners?

Santiago Lutina says:


craig rethorn says:

Please explain the bed leveling and sensor adjustment. It was very hard to see how to set up the machine once you Finley get it the printing is great. You do a great job on these printers thank you

Titus says:

Was to distracted learn anything about the printer but by far the best unboxing I have ever seen

Ogun 187 says:

I just got the my second creality printer first being cr10s had no problems with it been using it nearly a year then I bought the cr10s pro it’s been nothing but problems they have changed it and the second one came with more problem there is nothing pro about it more like cr10s problem that’s what they should of named it I will never buy another creality printer again they have lost there way as a company I spend more time trying to sort problems on this printer than I print no quality control and no respect for there customers. I have been on forums and there is loads of people complaining about this printer i watched your video on this printer and thought it got a good review from yourself and ordered the cr10s pro i suggest maybe looking on forums and see what people are saying about this printer and tell creality they are loosing customers with this printer this is just them taking peoples money and not caring what kind of product customer ends up with.

rc.trick shots1 says:

Hello any chance you could share a profile

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