CR-10 3D Printer Unboxing/Review/Giveaway

The CR-10 is a big winner when it comes to size-to-cost ratio, and the quality is staggering! Highly recommended!


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CR-10 Upgrade Parts

Heated Bed Strain Relief :
Filament Guide :


osca1963 says:

hvor er det vigtigt

Melting Airsoft-Minecraft & More says:

Hey devin!Do you know how to take the nozzle off on a 3D pen i just got one in the mail today and i cant find how to take the nozzle off.

Michael Duperly says:

Hey, I’ve had this printer for about a month now and I’m just really not getting that good of quality out of my prints. Could you in the near future do a video on the best settings for this in Cura, Slic3r Prusa addition, and Simplify3d. If not all 3, just one would still be very helpful. Nice video by the way

Lucky Boy says:


divyansh jain says:

I love ur channel and u really want this printer because I m a lot into designing and I live this printer.

thank u Devin

Omar Hosny says:

Does the print speed already as the description on the site is ?? 80mm / s

KyleCow says:

uk plug?

ACreativeName says:

try printing a turbo !!!

jaz1357 says:

When you live in Australia and no printers use Australian plugs 🙁

Desktop Makes says:

Great review. I’ve got some big prints that this could come in handy for. I would definitely stock up on some bigger nozzles though.

Austin Winterton says:

I love your vid I have been watching you since you started never stop making video and I will never stop watching

Gabe Rasmusen says:

this looks easy to get up fast

Syrus Shah says:

I’m entered

Ava Jorgensen says:

More 3D pen reviews!!!!!! (please)

Dim says:

Sweet print for your rocket.

Chris Stahn says:

Great video!!!

I’m going to have to wait to buy my 1st 3D printer. This model is levels above the cheaper models I initially looked at. I have so many projects I look forward to doing. Winning would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Sam G says:

How does this compare to the Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2?

Aaron Binstock says:

I have a challenge for you
since you know so much about 3D printing you show make your own.
just a thought

Joeri van Limpt says:

I saw you have those cool african like maks on yout wall, maybe you could design and 3D-print your own maks (maybe even a 3D sculpted piece with masks on it)?

UnKnowenWolf Gaming says:

Love your vids hope I get the 3D printer

Yonatan H. says:

3d print a 3d printer

delilah monetti says:

You should review the monoprise mini 3d printer. it costs about 300$ and it comes preasembled. It also has a heated bed with surpringly good prints!

CJ outwest says:

What do you guys use for PLA/PHA material for bed adhesion? I am using ColorFabb’s filament but I can’t get it to stick. I have an aluminum print surface…any tips?

Manxer says:

You sold me on this, I cashed out some of my bitcoin and took the dive.

Legotronics says:

Prints looks great. Really love the rocket exhaust smoke cloud – would look great on any desktop 🙂 For the looks of it, this 3D printer seems very well made, for that price point. All right, it comes without enclosure etc. but still – seems to be proper value for your money. Also, I would expect, using those aluminium extrusions, makes it easy to repair or modify. Really makes me consider using those extrusions, for the next version of my DIY low-cost CNC build. Not to mention that I really want a 3D printer now of course… think this video was the tipping point.

Quirky YT says:

When you don’t have 10 cents

Ihskaas says:

Print tiny versions of everyday objects.

Reality Check says:

I want a printer to Print a printer °•°

LUIS UniqEz says:

i want to get into 3d printing as your videos show the difficult but fun af side of the printing thanks to you barnacules and the 3d printing profesor/nerd i really want to do this since i dwell a lil on blender 3d

Filip Bastien says:


Junior Amoji says:

Ya 170k not no weak 169k

Flying Karapet says:

How do I sign up for the Give away?

Janine Gubler says:


Kevin Anantha says:

i want to print pc

MrTurtle_ _2345 says:

I wish I could hae a 3D printer like this but my siblings would probably break it in 2 seconds and I don’t have a legitimate computer. Instead, I hav a 2-in-1, which has little storage. =(

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