China’s WEIRDEST 3D Printer? JGAurora A7 Unboxing & Review

Fully Enclosed, H-Bot, Bowden & Direct Drive, 3-Point Hardware Auto-Leveling- Not so fast! Some critical issues!
Available here: (but watch the video first)
Maker Muse Lattice Cube 3D Printer Torture Test:
Benchy Boat:

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DioWarriorsWeb says:

The filament spool looks kinda like a Makerbot large spool for the Replicator Z18. Here’s a link to the spool:

Ronnie Pirtle Jr says:

Nice printing & you are very cute! 🙂

Dragonconley Martin Conley says:

Wow the first time I have seen your channel and you are so gorgeous.

John Newsome says:

Beauty and brains, my perfect woman. Thanks for another informative review. Now if I can only get you to marry me life would be perfect, lol.



Dead Pool says:

Remember me when you’re famous

Michael Alexander says:

Someone said there was a printer in this video. Could not see it. I only had eyes for that gorgeous girl and her amazing choice of clothing.
Why have I wasted so many years on other channels? SexyCyborg, you are the best!

el xero says:

just re-spool using their spool

Steven Liu says:

thought your dressing has something to do with the printer but seems like i was wrong. lol

Anthony Dark says:

I enjoy what your doing, it is fresh and well sexy but also funny I’m new to the 3D print world and looking for one that can produce a custom image can be costly. Please keep up the great work. However I can’t see you moving a printer without a giggle, I also think you should try moving a very small pillow for a few weeks just a little weight lifting could do you good… “smile”

Dilip Sharma says:

Video is really informative. I am really fascinated about 3D printing.
Why are you wearing such short cloths ?

Luc- leroyal says:

Your sooooooo sexy

Ton says:

Crop Tops + 3d Printers = Perfect YouTube Channel

Odalis Guzman says:

Such a small peraon opening a big box

Quadcopter Testing says:

Unexpected GREAT review!
Keep posting!

Harsha Kalluri says:

What’s the cost

Lenny F says:

Do you recommend this for a first time 3D printer buyer?

Tom Barry says:

My eyes on was on the printer only or whatever was the demo 🙂

Elemer San Miguel says:

8:08 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Nippon Jussi says:

Cool review.
The technical difficulties with the filament made me chuckle. thanks for not editing that bit out.

Jason Gooden says:

lol English mistakes on the final product like some old Nintendo games

ailaG says:

“If I can do it, anyone can do it” – don’t underestimate yourself 🙂

The MD80fanatic says:

I know why they keep sending you big printers. Because, as I do, they love to watch you open the box. Please, start sending her taller ones. Thank you in advance.

Bruce Vlog says:

你真的觉得它ok ? 真的 真的 你尝试用一下 prusa i3 mk3…

Da GuRu says:

Sooo hot

MrBrymstond says:

The WiFi may be more than a firmware issue. You may have to add a module for that to work.

Dan Crankshaw says:

you heard it guys she likes them small.

Odalis Guzman says:

XD i thought the thumbnail was a joke but nope

Harsha Kalluri says:

Aww I like u r the printer as well u r review..and takes 12 hrs that was quite a lot of time…

Jason Creech says:

Beautiful and creative

Charles Balliet says:

7:55 lol find cover its gonna blow

Onica Daniel Petru says:

Is that a skirt or a belt? Nice review shows the you are not just a pretty face to attract attention

Fabian Vasquez Jr says:

Hot babe unboxing, I want one!! Not the printer,the hottie!!!!!

Prime Technophilia says:

Pretty and able to comprehend in detail how a 3d printer works, this can’t be! None the less, great review, and even thought English is clearly not your first language I was able to understand you just fine. Shame about the small filament draw width size (and updates).

Thomas Cott says:

A printer rushed into production.

Sl lk says:

you are maximum level cute in this 🙂 love these breakdowns

Kyle Mouttet says:

23:20 – I really like the way you think! This way of looking at life is so remarkable

Geg Site says:

I would drill a hole on the top of the spool tray, and feed thru the filament from a normal spool 🙂

hillbillypyro inwv says:

WOW sexy AF and even hotter smart daumm

stewjade says:

Hot …..

Oljunka Puvelkrag says:

Read the instructions, girl. You say it was poorly documented. Or was it poorly read?

Synthmilk says:

You are an artist with the use of your sex appeal, especially with how you tease us with underboob.

Your videos are quite informative and entertaining as well, I hope you find great success!

SysPowerTools says:

Found my wife watching your review on my youtube account. She said, is this why you like 3d printing sooo much? I said Yes… Couch tonight. JK, she laughed.

the Lying Scotsman says:

Great review,great girl.

Tosh_369 says:

You said “Aurora” perfectly! Good video!

sled lord says:


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