Cheapest 3D Printer 2017 – 101Hero Review

The 101Hero is the lowest cost 3D Printer you can currently buy – but how cheap can you go? Is it a good beginner 3D Printer or just a waste of time? Watch to find out.

Link to the unofficial 101Hero facebook group –

My Simplify3D Factory File – *coming soon*!

Disclaimer: The 101Hero 3D Printer was purchased through the Kickstarter campaign and all opinions expressed are my own.

NOTE: My original pledge was for the consumer version early bird and I received the developer version without paying any more money. I have not yet actually seen any consumer version’s in the wild – I suspect all actually have USB connectivity and SD card. Please let me know if you received a unit without USB connectivity as I would be interested in seeing a photo of the control board!

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israr israr says:

feel bad for those that supported/bought this piece of shit lol

Han_Solo_Order66 says:

so if you were to decide to take the time tighten up the wobble, and sturdy the base, what things would you tweek to get it to be feasible? the reason I ask is because I have always taken the cheaper versions and made them better from computers to tools, I know how to do what a person would, but I don’t want to order it without knowing what I’m getting myself into, because sadly even for me there is a point at which it’s not worth it,

Michael Grace says:

Cool. Fascinating that there 3d printers that are so cheap now that “work”.

FoWL Auto says:

will I be able to make fidget spinners with this? (sorry-Im still a noob)

victor reynolds says:

Hey Angus! I have just received my 101hero and i think it has printed amazingly so far, but i have encountered some problems. The main problem is that it when im printing for example a calibration cube it ends of looking like a staircase. I dont know why but i think its called missed steps or something. How do i fix it?

little tear says:

ZERO of course.

Jeff O says:

Why is it always the cheapest junk? Test something around 500-800$

Sayyed Ashfak says:

sir I want 3d printer or 3d pen new one or old anything you will give I will except
I did enough money to get pls help me

GoldiRock Records says:

So….Here’s a question – After scouring the web….
How is it that it’s so difficult to find affordable used units, or even the units being reviewed…?

sam sausage says:

£135 more and you could get a maker bot

Score Fuxxon says:

Welcome to the World of Videos, where it takes 12+ minutes to find out if a product is crap or not. 😉

Dwight Wilbanks says:

at 8:40, you mention that because it’s made out of plastic, the whole thing wobbles insanely.

It would seem to me that simply wrapping some string, diagonally from top to bottom should dramatically tighten that up. Put 12 screws into the pylons, then attach the 6 strings to the screws. You could also use something more sturdy (which would defeat the purpose on a low cost item). String will only help in one direction while a metal post would prevent motion in both direction. As long as you have strings in all of the support diagonals, you only need to deal with stress from one direction.

Scott Sauer says:

just got mine and set it up. hadnt even got the test file downloaded when one of the processors went nuclear and lit the control box on fire. absolute garbage.

Samuel Kalunga says:

Hey man I wanna buy it too, how long did it take for the delivery?

Potato Animates says:


Max Headroom says:

I can see this being a good printer for people who are just starting to learn auto cad and all the different printing programs and wanting to start 3D printing

Toyboy cloud says:

which is currently the best 3d printer in your opinion (which is offordeble) the m3d?

Samuel S. says:

if you print an item like an wasserjet cuter part, would it work? or is the printed item too fragile?

Rodnei Aguiar says:

Hi! I bought an Anet A8 printer It was printing normally, but the thermistor dropped and when I saw it was coming out smoke from the printer, so I unplugged the plug. The problem is that when I try to print something the filament is coming out thick (even gushed) even with the temperature of 200 degrees that I used to use before the smoke happened. Help me, pleaseeeeee

Charles Watts says:

Can you make a video for noobs? I have an engineering background and have a ton of drawing/3d modeling experience. I am interested in 3d printing and know nothing about it.

Can it talk about materials, min/max limitations, framework, controls, interface, software, file types, print quality (how it’s measured), equipment costs, material costs, support/communities, accuracy, and precision? Please also discuss setup, operation, and tweaking.

eldelpa says:

any information on that glue for the bed?

Simon'sTrains says:

How much is this in AUD?

Jan Tuts says:

Best use of this printer seems to be to print out Prusa Mk2 parts in PLA, then scrap this printer for electronics, build the PLA-based Prusa Mk2, then print ABS Prusa Mk2 parts 😛

Teach'EM says:

Check out the iMakr STARTT, its only 100 USD and it seems decent

Brian From The Epic Elluminati says:

I backed this product, sill haven’t received it


The price is now 100 but it’s still cheap

FreeStyle says:

I got it, put it together and had 0 problems 😛

Avi Vaknin says:

I bought the developer version from their website shortly after the Kisckstarter project ended.
Got mine working and even with the SD card, though I didn’t manage to print anything besides the stupid 2d star that came on the SD card. No matter what I’ve tried, couldn’t get Cura software to recognize my “Hero”…
Thanks for the great review. Hope someone here can redirect me for some good and simple help dealing with this printer.
Thank you.

therealergo says:

…Angus? Looks like he has a beef with the 101Hero.

Luke Scott says:

I bought one. did not print. after weeks of emailing the makers and trying tweaks, they stopped responding. It has never printed anything. Test runs have the arms move and heats up but no printing.

loszhor says:

I would have loved this as a kid. I only had Creepy Crawlers for my young fabrication journey.

Aisha Love says:

Have you printed a lattice torture test on it?

Art Smith says:

I finally got mine . This is good info . I am glad there are videos and people making youtube videos. This is a learning tool for ages 8 and up .

ChannelofDK says:

can you explain how you fixed under-extrusion?

Graydon Treude says:

commonly known as shit.

Obsidian Angel says:

Just got my 101hero today. I knew it was going to be crap from the start but i figured it would be ok to use and rebuild a new one with. Any suggestions on parts to buy towards making this product better? I don’t even plan on using the motors that come with it as I’ve seen some people saying they are lighting on fire.

I do plan on getting the MP mini select in a few weeks as I’ve heard some good things about it.

Zachary Hatch says:

I really want to get a 3D printer but I think I’m going to wait a few years so I can get a printer that prints metal parts. What do u guys think?

Alq says:

3:40 they’re not called “pylons”. In engineering, that setup is known as a “parallel manipulator”. It has been around for sooo many years. There are also many manufacturing robots that use the same setup for pick and place applications.

JoleEh says:

When you said mabye the cheapest i though you where going to say something like “only 400$ without shipping” but 79$ are kidding me?

Simon Vance says:

get the XYZPrinting DaVinci Jr 1.0

NETVO TV says:

Can you review Monoprice 3D printer?

evofx says:

Awesome stuff for kids!

NotSleepy says:

One detail not shown in the 101HERO instruction sheet, is that the 3 pillars motors wires are labeled “A”, “B”, and “C”.. and must be assembled in proper order.. A – B – C.    Not  A – C – B.

Hydra says:

can you print fidget spinners

BJM Graphics says:

All printers made regardless who made them are marked up for MSRP so this printer must have been really cheap to make.

ChannelofDK says:

mine works (well!) but sadly it prints tilted and I don’t know how to fix it…

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