Cheap 3D Printers THAT DON’T SUCK $350 and under – 2017

Want to get into 3D Printing but don’t have much money to spend? There are a lot of low cost 3D Printers now available but not many are very good!

In this video I share with you my choices for 3D Printers $350 USD or under that actually work pretty good, and would be a great start into 3D Printing.

These machines are either those that have been tested here on Maker’s Muse – or come highly recommended by others in the 3D Printing community.

IMPORTANT! This video is purely my opinion based on my experience – you are responsible for your own decisions!

This video has not been sponsored or affected in any way by any suppliers or manufacturers. The decision to include or exclude any machines from this video is my own. Links to the machines are listed below as well as the communities and reviews mentioned in the video – none have tracking or affiliates attached. Happy printing!

Cetus –

Maker’s Muse pre-production review –

That 3D Print Guy’s production review –

Trinus –

Trinus pre-production review –

MP Select Mini (V1) –

Chuck Helleybuck’s MP Select Mini V1 Review –

Tronxy X1 –

Press Reset’s Tronxy X1 review –

Balco (for Australians) –

Monoprice Maker Select V2 –

Hobbyking Fabrikator Mini 2 – Not available yet

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Demonielo Demodel MD says:

Anet brand isn’t in the list because he didn’t recived the money… that’s all.
I’m an owner of an A6 model, and with 3 or 4 printed upgrades, the Anet is printing better than some 1500 dollars printers.
Anet brand has one of the most biggest communities in the world.
But like i said before, this video is a little corrupted…

Pranay Singh says:

Why not the Mod-T

RedLightningTheLegend says:

struggling to find a good 3d printer to start me off. budget is $300 with or without extra filament and i need something that can print something that can print things about this size or bigger. any recommendations?

Tone Simo says:

You do great reviews but over here in the uk we just get ripped off with prices unless you have links to good sellers..cheers

Formfutura - Australia says:

Loving the reviews Angus! Keep em coming!

Adlai Ferguson says:

why not snap maker

Kur Norock says:

Do you really need 2+ minutes of disclaimers? I mean what’s gong to happen if you don’t waste all that time? is somebody going to buy a shit 3d printer and sue you? come on man.

David Rickey says:

Short synopsis in the details with link to each? That would be most helpful.

Kosta The Ghosta says:

Thoughts on the Wanhaou Duplicator I3 V2?

Archie Turner says:

Pals Omg reflection please the result deeply!package .

Judd Karbine says:

hi, what do you all think of Ultimaker 2 Go printer . thanks

3D Printing Lab says:

If you didn’t know for the Hobbyking Fabrikator Mini V2, it has come out yet, link here:

hydrogenauto says:

Very good information. Great video. Thank you.

Jonathan Park says:

Tevo Tarantula Prusa i3 is good too.

Bloody Grundel says:

Tevo tarantula kit

$269 usd w/ 1 abs and 1 pla spool

Fucking worth every penny!

It’ might take you a few afternoons to build but when it all comes together it’s worth

Kinzuko says:

not saying im not willing to save my money, but i dont think the tech is there enough yet. i think i should wait a couple more years for one that is affordable, reasonably sized (hate to get specific, but big enough to print an AR-15 lower), allows for basically whatever plastic i throw at it, and can print with 2 different filaments on the same object

Jarod Findley says:

Or get a anet a8 for 13 more

John McK says:

In Nebraska aldi is a crappy grocery store in the ghetto

101AOK says:

So what you are saying is you stole, you little little fucks…from us .

jens68681 says:

what aboudt the sculpto 3d printer is that eny good?

Jadon Fishman says:

what about the CTC bizer if you look on eBay you can get it for around 300

Maltfalc says:

why would anyone waste their money on a kickstarter 3d printer that may never even get made when there are so many proven designs already on the market?

Samuel Adams says:

I have the Anet a8 and it makes amazing prints super great prints, I printed the Jolly Benchy boat on my printer and my friends Ultimaker and I couldn’t tell the difference.

mike nonya says:

dang finally a review that I can understand… I’m as green as they come, thank you for the informative video. Sometimes surfing youtube is like russian roulette.

youssefossma says:

I have a question there is two printers available to me right now and it’s the first time am gonna buy a 3d printer . These two printers are Colido DIY and anet A8 so i am wondering which is better ? Thanks

domiii1911 says:

Would you mind making an excel sheet?

Gavin Hooper says:

I own a Trinus 😀

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