Cetus 3D Printer Unboxing and Review

Buy the Cetus 3D printer here: http://amzn.to/2tFcHIT
Buy Polymaker PolyMax filament here: http://amzn.to/2Ge93bx

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David Stringer says:

Never mind what she does (or doesn’t) wear people, she makes anything look good, but its the face we like, and the content of the video which comes first.
Now I am off to China in May/五月. 可惜啊!深圳 不在我路线, at least, not at the moment…;-)

olganerd says:

Hi Naomi, i read an article on motherboard about you.I admire your work

menghan lee says:

I wondering if you have review about UV printer too? Thanks!

Barry Liebenberg says:

i want that song

luis garcia says:

you are amazing

William Goodwin says:

Thanks for the review. It’s always interesting to see these items tested by an independent person. 🙂 and the music is Great!

wan m says:

Love the music, whats it called?



Musdy says:

Cetus3D is a nice printer for a beginner, very easy to assemble and start, but there is a price for simplicity. really long custom nozzles makes it susceptible for partial or full blockage. Cold pull for cleaning is also difficult-to-impossible to perform. price for a nozzle replacement and the fact that there are no cheap worldwide delivery is also not very pleasant. I still do not regret buying it as my first printer as it was good intro to the world of 3d printing.
Printer is optimized for 0.4 nozzle. But 0.4 is good only for smaller parts as you said. For bigger prints, 0.6 (supplied with the printer) works much better and i didn’t have any adhesion problems with bigger prints aven with cheapest PLA. 0.2 has beggest layer adhesion problem in my experience.
Thanks for the review, I hope you will get current issues sorted out.

TheWorldAccordingToG says:

you need a bigger table sweetness

haily mei says:

Naomi, you are so great!

Kees Hessels says:

haha, even the camera has problems focusing…

ranradd says:

Lovin’ the build music. Sounds like a vocaloid. Thanks for the review.

Chaz Mills says:

Nothing todo with this video, what happened to the MP4 boots video? What do you do wrong?

jared Rrrr says:

Why was your last video removed from u tube

KEK-ASS says:

300$… its 449$ on amazon XD

Multi Game System says:

That layer separation could be avoided with a heated chamber?

3d printing doctor says:

really great review I can not to add a new printer to my collection for my humanoid robot

youwatch65 says:

Hi Naomi,
i love that funny music. Where can i get it?

Harshdeep Bakshi says:

Name of background music plz?

ShopingTV says:


EVO says:

Hi sexy, thanks for the review.
SerpentZA sent me too.

KM6VV says:

Enjoyed the review. Interesting little printer! Also enjoyed hearing ♪ levan Polkka ♪ while you work!

TheSirBlackbird says:

Moi aussi je veux le même support bobine 😉

Earthlights Music says:

Your test of that small 3D printer was thorough; your results and conclusion were interesting. Your Spring pastels are so cute, too — the green almost matches the filament color you were using.

Cat says:

I love that dress you are wearing. The color really suites you really nicely. What kind of laptop is that you are using there?
Let us know if that problem could be fixed

beriukay says:

Such a great tune for time-lapse footage!

rollee223 says:

I too, am wondering what happened to the video you posted a couple of days ago, about the video player in the sole of your boots? that was really cool, and when I went to show it to the wife, it had been deleted. Please repost or at least, tell me where you got those boots! [link please!] Thanks!

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