CEL Robox 3D Printer Review – 2016

The CEL Robox was one of the most promising machines I tested out in 2015, which had many advanced features not often found at its price point… But it was ultimately let down by faulty extruder components and limited software.
But how is it now after 1 year on? Watch to find out!

Big thanks to Hobbyking for lending me this unit for review. Get one here – http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__96678__The_CEL_robox_RBX01_3D_Printer_US_UK_EU_AU_plug_.html

Hobbyking Metallic PLA – http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__96853__HobbyKing_3D_Printer_Filament_1_75mm_Metal_Composite_0_5KG_Spool_Copper_.html

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Sean Leydon says:

This printer has made getting projects completed sooo much faster than my older Da Vinci . No manual calibration sold this to me almost immediately and I have had no reason to regret it. Being smaller than my other printer also allowed me to stick it in a vented cupboard to keep the noise down.

Motion 0112 says:

Do you have a filament extruder?

Revs says:

I picked up a Robox Dual yesterday and I’ve been printing like mad with it. No issues so far, the quality is superb. Both included heads are really useful. The software is very easy to use and works well. Super pleased so far.
Good vid mate, cheers.

RJ_Make says:

Looks like a good printer for the education system (God help them if they buy through HobbyKing 😉 ) as it looks like it has some great features, but as a hobbyist Maker/Hacker I think my money would be better spent elsewhere.

Jason Le says:

Cel ROBLOX and roblox the game will have problems.

Mark Nguyen says:

I have a plastic invention and I want to make it with a 3dprinter. What do you think would be the best printer for me to produce a lot of product at low cost. It don’t have to be the best of quality.

The Geek Vault says:

I own 2 and they are a nightmare. Print great quality but always breaking down. And having to pay shipping back for repair soon mounts up when i have had to send back for repair over 10 times

Yugen says:

Angus, important info: the link in the description is broken, but I dug around a bit on the site and found a working one. US plug though, not sure if that matters to you. Here’s the link: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/rbx01-ul-plug.html thanks and good luck!

The Dollar Guy says:

The head on these can be taken apart and cleaned. The nozzles do unscrew on the most recent heads and you can clean the inside of the heater block. I saved a head that had the wrong temp settings for the material which carbonized itself. Not a user type of repair, but it is possible. The extruder head on these are an engineering marvel.

Slightly Evil Robotics says:

Great review! I’m looking at getting a 3D printer in the next 6-12 months, and this is probably the frontrunner. As a first machine I like the ease of use features, and it ticks some “must have” boxes (good quality ABs prints, linux support). I might buy a cheaper second printer down the track to tinker with though.

Felix RĂDUICĂ says:

Its gr8 for teaching but for serviceable parts, schools don’t always have money for new printers. Any hobbyking alternatives in the EU?

Maker Mark says:

“I kind of like it” as he’s holding a turd. lol

Ahmad Hamad says:

there are machines that offer reliability and are open source like the lulzbot mini

DazMode says:

Would you recommend this over Unimaker for ABS material?

MrBodierock says:

I bought my Robox November 2015. I’ve only just started using it for more than a day as I have sent It back twice ( $170AU each )plus four heads sent. The only reason I kept going with it, is the costumer service was really good and when it prints well, it prints amazing. The problem seems to be in the repair room which I hear is good now. I was always skeptical about Mac vs Pc program head jams but tried both and it was not the problem in the end. I find calibrating 3 times works wonders. Now that she is working I am trying to figure out the noise problem before my wife kills me. I have made a very noise absorbent box with fans knocking out about 70 percent of the low frequency waves but the high frequency can be heard still. I am going to make a concrete casing.

David Del Castillo says:

With rapid evolving tech, its too much money to spend over $1k usd on a 3d printer. its like spending $1k on a laptop or desktop. not worth it. there market must be tiny.


Please can I have one of your printers you don’t use

Ian Pestell says:

This is a great printer, when it works. However, there is an inherent problem with it.which is the seals on the print head nozzles. These can last anything between 2 hours and 1000, but mostly at the lower end. After 14 months, I am now on my 7th head.

So far Robox have been very good about replacing the heads, but when that stops, they cost £140 to replace.

Until this head problem is resolved, I cannot recommend this printer.

Yousef Mansy says:


It was a frame I designed in onshape a while back meant for an electric vehicle, *no* I don’t want to sue you I just wanted to point out that it’s pretty cool you liked my design.

I was never able to test print it because i endued up going for hand dremeling it out of acrylic and only printing the axle mounts.

I do understand that with onshape your parts are public (which means anyone can get them obviously) and I’m not butthurt because someone liked my design.

A bit of proof that I did make it https://goo.gl/HnjYbo

The hole in the front was meant for a 1/4″ wooden dowel to be inserted to trigger a photo gate
The oval slots was meant for a double motor configuration
You cant see it in the scaled down print but the four smaller holes in the off-center of the body was meant for a possible mounting of a raspberry pi

And finally I don’t particularly remember why I vastly changed the design on the last version, but I did.

I have since moved off to using Autodesk inventor from a student licence, and I don’t particularly miss onshape anymore because once you get to lager and more complex parts it begins to become much more difficult to work with. (especially with my relatively shoddy internet)

Well I guess I’m just glad that my model got to see the light of day somewhere.

Alberto Marcillo says:

Why is this on YouTube Gaming…

Leevi Viertola says:

it is not reliable!

mac bur says:

hello, would need to know what the 3D printer works faster and with good quality, my intention is to buy several printers to produce toys on a small scale
Thank you so much for your advice

Ahmad Hamad says:

where is the ending music from?

ACjordy says:

hey maker muse dit you ever heard of “precius plasric”???? its a way to reyicle and make plastic stuff maybe you like into this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFIPXgrk7u0

Comicbook Hobby says:

cel robox make very poor quality printers. i own 2 and since having them for 8 months .they have been returned close to 20 times for repair and replaced twice.
they are not ready for the hobby world

Joe Archuleta says:

If that Z higth was bigger that 3d printer would be the best deal going

Eros Nicolau says:

Angus, how can you show that utter rubbish of a 0.8mm nozzle test print (I know from experience that I can get comparatively amazing prints out of a 0.8mm e3d nozzle on a Kossel PRO) and say it’s “ok for an 0.8mm nozzle”?

Computer Garage - Australia says:

When this printing is there any smell or is it like the Upbox that contains the smell inside the printer??

BigDaz says:

Got my dual material Robox July 2017. No problems with the bed fitting. Very happy with the output. Only real trouble I’ve had is ejecting filament. It sometimes has trouble ejecting filament from the default head position because of the way the tube is curved through 180 degrees. The position can be overridden manually however.

fealXX says:

I hate that squeaking from 3d printed Gears and screws too. A good way around is spraying them with PTFE spray. That way they seem to wear in better and without the annoying sound.

Aaron Garmon says:

great review! just ordered the Robox from Hobby King for my first 3d printer!

The Dollar Guy says:

I have this printer and it absolutely kicks ass. Perhaps the problems people are encountering are the early versions. Set the print bed temperature to 112 (for ABS) and add a .5mm chamfer or round to the bottom edges of the object you are printing where it contacts the heated bed and your parts will come out 100% perfect. No squashing or flare out at the bottom. The spool system is awesome and I don’t understand why people complain about it being an unnecessary complexity, it is a godsend. Hands down the absolute best 3D printer I have used so far and is light years ahead. There are 7 stepper motors involved and are part of the automatic alignment system that can produce parts of such fine detail, the layer lines are virtually invisible… the part comes out having a matte finish. The design of the mechanism is superbly well thought out and very modular. The smart spools are wonderful, you can load whatever material you want after their empty and reconfigure the EEPROM in them with your own personal settings/profiles. I LOVE THIS MACHINE… and I usually nitpick and find problems with everything, but this machine has been superb. You do not have to buy their exclusive filament. The machine is supposedly capable of nylon, but I have not tried that material yet

drwoo says:

I own multiple Roboxes and can highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an easy-to-use, yet high-quality 3D printer which just works. Of course there is a learning curve as of what can be done with 3d printing and what can’t but that’s what you have with any 3d printer. If you aren’t technically skilled, you better should keep your fingers off 3d printing. As for the moving PEI sheet on the print bed: The clamps which hold down the PEI sheet need some counter pressure and I came up with a simple, yet very efficient solution with the input from CEL’s Chris White. See here for details: http://www.cel-robox.com/forums/topic/simple-solution-to-ultimately-prevent-the-pei-sheet-from-accidentally-moving/

CEL Robox says:

Nicely done review makers muse, it was brought to our attention via our forum, thanks.
It is a shame you didn’t do a nozzle calibration as this is the most important of the calibrations aside from the automatic ones such as bed levelling, nozzle calibration is just a few steps following a Wizard system. The material settings for our materials are the result of many hours of testing, it is not really surprising to see some flaws in other materials without settings testing.
Sorry to see the ThermoSurface build plate move, the metal clips can be bent down more to tighten it, there is a How To on our support site which will help avoid damage. We have actually revised the clip design to make it easier to ensure a tight fit.
Oh and if you scaled your test part the fine features will be even thinner than before 🙂

Calvin Witt says:

I think for its intended “target” audience it is interesting although the print head scares me a bit if something goes wrong. Are you stuffed and have to send the WHOLE machine back or can you exchange heads? Other concern is if someone loads say ProtoPasta Carbon Fiber or ColorFabb Bronze Fill will that cause heaps of issues in the nozzle? I know that isn’t what people normally use in schools but you know someone will try in their off hours!.

The G10 bed is seriously interesting… although you do have to be careful on the sanded side since in my experience G10 loves to soak oil in and without using nasty solvents it is a PAIN to remove the oil. The glossy side is fine since it is glossy and sealed :).

tatertot joe says:

thought it said roblox

David Del Castillo says:

$300 max i’d pay for this one. with that shotty bed moving around. I’d pass actually.

AF Bennett says:

This printer is a piece of crap

David Serrano says:

check engine light

Circuit Specialists says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing! We’ll be posting this to our facebook and twitter with the appropriate tags to your pages!

Circuit Specialists

Red Ben says:

your videos are very hellpfull tks man keep doing good work

Anthony Carroll says:

I have owned this printer for 2 years now and love it. yes i have had to replace the head and the bed shorted out. but the bed was fixed under warranty. and the head i payed for, but i like that you can just turn it on and it works every time.

Damien D says:

Have you ever printed with flex filament on this machine? Its the one thing that is holding me back from buying one. I’m not convinced the specialised head and bowden feed will cope with ninjaflex.

Revenge2006 says:

Great review. Really helped me finalise my decision to buy one of these.

Phillip Moffatt says:

“You can’t really hack or mod it…”

Sounds like a challenge…where’s my hammer?

Benjamin van Hattem says:

can you do a Robo 3d +Plus review please this is the website

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