Blending Colors with the DaVinci Jr. 2.0 Mix // 3D Printer Review

The DaVinci Jr. 2.0 Mix 3D printer can deliver some impressive results for the price. Dual color and mixed color printing for under $500 sounds pretty great, but there are some things seriously holding this machine back. Watch and learn!

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Aisha Love says:

It’s got some cool tricks that are all negated by it being a proprietary POS!!

Spike Kent says:

Great video, but the printer/software is exactly what I expected.
My first printer was the DaVinci 1.0a which had all the same problems you outlined. I quickly flashed the firmware to Repetier and things improved dramatically. Another huge negative is the customer support, it’s horrendous. Worse than having none at all. They make you jump through hoops before they will even consider sending you the replacement part that snapped. That was my experience.
I’ve since given it to a friend … yes, he’s still my friend lol

Marine el hili says:

You can rebout the spool with phone ses videos on this

Hamzah Chariwala says:

Can u do a review on the MakerArm? Robotic arm 3D printer that does loads of other stuff too

Sushant Gulati says:

Please please please please make a review on the 200 dollar anycubic delta printer!!!!!

Aderito centeio says:


Temmie says:

So basically it kind of not sucks but it really sucks

It's All Good says:

This looks like a no-go.

Matt Bilik says:

Da Vinci printers are terrible, not only because they use proprietary software and materials but because you can’t change the hardware and upgrade your printer. Not a tool, more a toy.

Liam Aitchison says:

Start a series where you print 3 comment suggestions from your fans and you go through the process of making it

Charles-A Rovira says:

I’ll pass on not being able to print with my own filament.

Ryan Sanders says:

So conceivably, if someone else were to design something similar, wouldn’t you just need three spools to do most colors?

Kys says:

Why dont you combine a fidget slider and a fidget spinner?

nezumishrimp says:

I loved the plastic surgery joke! 😀

MatthiasChristiaens says:

I personally think he looks way better without beard

Kal larken says:

Remember 3dsystems and chipped filament? ….. yeah

Paul Cumber says:

can you use abs or pla filament

Max Reeves says:

basically it’s rubish

TheEvilVargon says:

I will never be able to support a printer that has proprietary filament.

firehelp says:

review the felix printer 😀

Sterling Hamilton says:

I used to have a da vinci but it eventually broke. The print quality was ok but the lack of 3rd party filaments and software really limited things.

Lukas Cool says:

Ahhhhh I see. These guys are limiting the filiment to their own, for money. nice

AF Bennett says:

I can tell that he knew that this was crap so didn’t really try to make it look good

Wayne Johnson says:

What a sucky crappy printer!

Nicholas Demarco says:

they want you to buy their overpriced spools

Print That Thing - 3D Printing Designs says:

Nice review Devin!

21 Crybabies! At the chemical disco says:

You should take your knowledge of all the 3D printers you have reviewed and “make” your perfect printer. Like, tell us what you liked in different printers.

Tamahagane says:

So the apple of the 3D printers

Jericho Paz says:

oumm devin what is your facebook account

Nicolas Marez says:


Trace Gai says:

the chip for the filament is what stopped me from buying it

A Aust says:

Get a prusa i3 mk2

Spectre Lex says:

As much as I enjoy these reviews, I’d love them more if you told us what improvements we could do to the 3D printer to improve print quality

Calvin Olegnaloc says:

Did he go French for the intro

Master_ Mudkipz says:

wait… *zooms in on his shirt* Is that… IT’S COOL GUY

ThatBulgarian says:

check out the geeetech 301. it’s a 3 in 1 out printer that can also do blending

MillersMadDesigns says:

Perfect example of what NOT to do as a 3d printing company.

Jake Kaim says:

What printer do you use, Devin?

Jeremy Lopat says:

He hates it, I don’t blame him. Xyz does not belong making machines to sell to the public. This company is notorious for screwing over their customers. They screwed me out of 3 da Vinci junior 1.0 w’s for my students. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!! I despise them and their business methods.

Kal larken says:

Chipped Spool?…. CHIPPED SPOOLS!!!!?!??!!?!? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!!!!!!!!

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