Better Than the Creality CR-10? – Anycubic i3 Mega Review

So excited to show you my review of the Anycubic i3 Mega:
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In this video I will review the Anycubic i3 Mega from Gearbest. The parcel was nicely package with foam covering the entire printer. It’s the perfect printer if you
wish little to no assembly time. It literally takes 5 minutes get started!

It features a very responsive touch display and a nifty device that automatically makes the 3D printer pause when you run out of filament. Speaking of filament, the Anycubic
printed amazingly with ABS. This was a huge surprise and totally made me more intrigued to use ABS in the future. The first print was a golden fox and turned out amazing
as well. However, the printer didn’t handle flexible filaments very well. It was not able to put down a nice continous stream of filament. Nylon worked great though!

The heated bed reached a maximum temperature of 105°C after 15 minutes. The bed is rather slow, but does reach the high temperature necessary for ABS. The electronics
appeared to be very nice as well. A fused AC connection that was properly grounded and crimp connectors on the power supply. The connectors were glued and wires
was bundled together, overall a very pleasant experience!

Even though the Creality CR-10 has a much larger printing volume (300x300x400mm vs 220x220x205mm), I would still recommend the Anycubic because of the incredibly
easy assembly, safe electronics, good ABS prints, high quality prints in general and the printer is very silent at only 50dB. The CR-10 is my favourite printer, but
this comes a close second. If money is an issue, the Anycubic is a little bit less expensive, so that’s something to keep in mind.

STL files used in this video:
-Fidget gear:
-GoPro handgrip:
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li Amy says:

hi friend,i send the message to your e-mail ,can you reply me ?we want to ask your to make a review for our this pritner ,thanks .

Code-Grammar says:

Water cooled 3D printers

Legato blusummer says:

his 3d print have an autolevel sensor already installed, where did he get from? it seems it is already in the “just opened” package

BTHR33 says:

I have been meaning to get into the world of 3D printing for a while now. I’ve been looking for some like you here on Youtube, and I have finally found someone, and that’s you.
My question is, I want to print medium sized objects like a phone case, maybe an Iron Man helmet, etc. Which of the two printers would you recommend for someone who never used one before?

Sam Bam says:

REALLY enjoyed your video. Funny too. Question about the Mega. I just bought one. I want to add small 12V LEDs to the Extruder so I can see better. Since you had the Mega open already, can you identify a wire that I can successfully tap and add a wire to the LEDs? Make a picture or very short video update would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks.

Franklin Moore says:

Considering this as an upgrade to my reliable XYZ DaVinci Pro Jr., which seems like a toy now compared to the Anycubic. Thanks!

William McDonald says:

Would you recommend this over the Ender 3?

Geoff Kim says:

Just received mine from GearBest last week and it did not come with any auto-leveling sensor.

Str33tfalcon says:

Hi there!

As i´m planning to buy a 3D-printer I´m not yet sure which one to buy as there as so many on the market. The i3mega seems to be a very decent printingmachine and is my favourite until now, BUT how about the A6? it is quite a bad Printer right out of the box, but you can pretty much change everything due to it´s simple construction. I´ve seen awesome projects on the A6 and some seem to be really great. what ever brakes – you can easily change it or print it by your own.

John Soolong says:

Anycubic the company is impossible to work with, i brought the mega i3 and after 6 months it just broke.. i contacted the support telling me to make pictures and movies, i did waited 1 month then they asked for more movies and images,ok i did it. then next month they asked me to do everything again since they did not have anything there.. so after i did this they asked me for the order number and serial number,, serial nr?? i have everything i got when i paid for the printer, just it is no working.. i think there has been at least 6 times they asked me for the same info on and on again.. still today i have not gotten any help or functioning parts from them..
Anycubic Support guarantee Sucking Fhit

Sneha Prasad says:

Hello, I am not at all a techie. But my husband is. I want to buy him a 3d printer. I ve been following your review videos. Pls suggest me which is a better printer to buy under 300$.
Thanks a lot

Ry-7hym says:

very nice short video. and very good information. exactly what you need to know about a 3D printer

Braulio Vargas Ocampo says:

Your lisp is adorable.

MBZ AUS says:

hello , I am confused between Anycubic i3 Mega , CR 10 and jgaurora a5 , what is your advise

CW movie clips says:

What tipe of software do u use plz plz plz ansewr

Dwain Morris says:


7aamin Damy says:

It is possible to use this 3D printer with Autocad 3D? or do you need any conversion program to do it? Thank You

sky DIY says:

please please please email me your settings for cura for this printer. I just bought it and I want the best results possible. Thank you sm.

Aleksandr Kulagin says:

I wanted to ask how you have automatic bed leveling. On any website or store it says there is no automatic bad leveling, it even said that in the link you provided for the printer. Did you buy that spring thing with the orange cap for auto leveling? Please answer as soon as possible simon.

Tom Gray says:

so I see this is smaller but more robust than the Anet A8. More expensive but you get what you pay into it.
I am new to 3D printing. There is a project here about a clock I like to do. Wanna help? I do love that Terminator print… Can the A8 do that?
Thank you — Tom

Do it Okay says:

How fast does Anycubic i3 mega print compared to cr-10?

Bob the Odd says:

Im getting a “grinding” noise on my x-axis, what do you think? A faulty stepper?

Hadeed Arif says:

How did multi color that fox

Bricks says:

You should do a review on the anycubic photon as your first sla 3D printer

tahz 230 says:

buy this

Henry says:

I’m looking for the best budget (sub 500 or sub 300) print I can get to prints TPU, and and maybe wood or something, any suggestions?

ROCKSTAR Pushkar says:

Hey should i go for prusa i3 mk2 or cr10 i want to print customised Power bank Body. Pls suggest me good printer .

William Chong says:

i3 Mega or Ender 3 will perform better for small engineeing parts that require good precision and strength using PETG or ABS?

Richard Zhouren says:

Hi, enjoyed the video, which printer works better with carbon fiber filament?

Ronald Scholtens says:

tested allready the Prusa i3 MK3

Kristin-Cally Henry says:

For a beginner 3D printer, wanting to print on fabric for clothing designs: would you recommend the CR-10 or the Anycubic i3?

Rafael Estevez says:

compared to Anet A8 which one is better ?

John Cook says:

Two diverse groups of comments here. In addition to being entertaining, you have significant influence and marketing abilities. Others suggest your reviews are confusing as some feel bad they purchased the other printer. Video production is good but missing empirical data to support what is otherwise considered exaggerated and subjective claims. Without a stronger foundation supported by scientific fact, I don’t see how we can take you more seriously.

Timothy Bolton says:

Are there any 3d printers for desktops that can print injection molds?

Cameron L says:

Where does the flash forge finder stand with these two?

haf hafovic says:

Hello guys,
ender-3 or anycubic i3 mega?
What do you think ? I think about both 🙂

Ron B says:

How is it better? Cost more and does not print as big as cr10

MBZ AUS says:

I can increase my budget to get better 3d printer , do you have suggestions for better dual extruder medium to larg table and easy to use ?

Salvador Barcena says:

the Gear on the extruder should be upgraded in order to use all types of filaments i would say put in a Hardened steel Gear 😉

Swipender Swiper says:

Good and not expensive software??

nowonmetube says:

What?? 55 cents for shipping? No I can’t afford that.

Juan Carlos Valdes says:

Hello there from beautiful Miami, Florida USA! I plan on most likely getting the Any cubic i3 Mega 3D printer and then plan on getting the CR 10 S4 for bigger projects.
I am a Math and Science Teacher and have taught for the past 23 years. I am also completing my Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering this year. My hobbies are making and building handcrafted Wooden Galleon Ships from SCRATCH and with no plans or drawings. They are 15th to 18th Century Galleon Ships.
My hobbies are also Astronomy, Space Science, Model Rocketry (High Power too ), RC cars, planes, helicopters, and drones.
I am getting into 3D modeling to help me with all of my hobbies. Great reviews and keep up the great work! If you visit Miami, let me know! Never been to Sweden. JC

Gianna Giavelli says:

it says it can do 260/110bed is that enough for polycarbonate?

kasparas kaspa says:

for first printer wath kinde i have to buy

조이쀼 says:

Should I get this cr10 or cr 10s?

RCLifeOn says:

This is unbelievable, only 2k left of the road to 100K! Thank you so much, and I hope you will enjoy this video!

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