Best Cheap 3D Printer Kit of 2017? Tronxy X1 Review

The Tronxy X1 can be found for under $150US delivered – But how good is it? Watch to find out!

This Kit ships with everything you need in the box to make a working 3D Printer – sans filament. The instructions are good and the machine has loads of room for further upgrades.

Let me know in the comments if you have an X1 and what you think about it!

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Zach attack random says:

Review anet a8 it’s better than this printer this is the knock off version of it

Funbox Entertainment says:

LOL People in other countries touch mains power DEAD touch mains power in America is like ouch that hurt a bit.

Jake Reason says:

No DRM? No-artificial dependencies? A non-proprietary slicer? straight gcode? It’s almost as if they’re actually putting out a product worth buying.

Sad that people need to look for what should be a given before looking at how a printer actually preforms.

MasterKaylock says:

would be a great print if i could get a print bed support the is cut right. On top of the Z axis is printed badly. Does any one have an STL file of that part so i could get one printed right?

Gamrman says:

I can confirm what Angus says at the end of the video about the loose fitting bed platform. I got one and the rollers for the bed platform weren’t nearly close enough together and the whole platform wobbled, but it’s easily fixed with a power drill and a drill bit slowly carving away at the holes. I did that and the platform is perfect now:)

MarcAFK says:

I’ve heard really bad things about Tronxy’s …. But on the other hand the X3 is cheap, has a large print area, and seems capable of printing at 60 microns as well as a machine worth 10 times as much.

Dentysta Statysta says:

geezas fuck u r constantly smirking 😀

VampCaff says:

i had no idea that the length of PTFE tube can effect the print quality. thank you for that little tasty tid bit of info.

steven gold says:

hi there sorry if this is a repeat question but i still can’t figure out how to search comments on YouTube. you mentioned​ potentially upgrading this to have a heated bed could you recommend one that would allow me to print ABS and that would be compatable with this unit preferably fairly simply as I’m considering this for my first 3D printer.

Alice Dayton says:

i love watching these to fall asleep, which is not to say they’re boring, but you have a sweet voice and i have no idea what you’re talking about

parasite says:

Hey angus, are you going to try the new Mini Fabrikator V2? It has some inproved features like a heated bed and a part cooling fan.

EvilPlagueDoctor says:

I’m currently looking at the wanhao Duplicator 7 as a budget 3d printer but with high detail (since the things I design often requires small details) anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this printer?

Oscar Tluszcz says:

Would this printer be better than the monoprice select mini/Maylan M200?

Nathan Garrett says:


quickmiester says:

please do a review on ender-2

ai van says:

I have the tronxy x1, great printer. You have o be careful with the settings because it has no cooling fan. But you can increase the print bed size to 163×163 mm and the software will correctly print

Max Schuelke says:

whenever I try to make a print it says preheat pla. I’ve gone into the menus and clicked preheat pla and it gets up to temperature, but when then when I try to print again nothing happens.

VampCaff says:

I had the same oh shit moment when I didn’t see any instructions with my FLSUN delta and then looked on the included SD card.

Zii says:

Where can I find the firmware (configured). My melzi board died and now I’m using RAMPS… but I can’t get the screen to work.

Max Schuelke says:

I got the x1, but to didn’t come with instructions………… :/

Rollie Ford says:

I purchased a Reprap Prusa I3 CLone earlier this year.. and i must say i’m quite impressed with it.. with a 200x200x180 build area with a heated bed.. I believe it was a very good starting printer.. only payed 150.00 US

NPG3D says:

101 ZERO. Damn, straight tarnished that printer.

Stu Ellison says:

You review a lot of different 3D printers. In each case, you “improve” on the out-of-the-box print quality by various measures. Have you thought of doing a “fact sheet” for each printer showing what settings improved print quality, what bits you made to add to the printer to improve print quality, what tweaks/adjustments/ you made to improve print qulaity? Perhaps make them available on your MakersMuse website?

c431inf 11b says:

outstanding review

Frugal Shave says:

My Utopia will be when 3D printer manufacturers stop forgetting about or half-assing the filament cooling fans and ducts.

Shane Ottinger says:

I know the feeling with the firmware, that looks like the same firmware as what is used on the anet a8 that I have, pita… however it was cheap and working really good right now so cannot complain too much

Grady James says:

I bought this printer and I am having the same problem of the thred rod binding up and not moving. Are there any other tips you have for fixing this because I tried what you did but it is not working.

Jon Shard says:

I want this printer, it produces teleporting cats! 9:24

Paul C Johnson says:

Very good presentation; quit professional.

Christopher Seefeldt says:

Just bought one of these form gearbest for 143 us based on you and press reset videos I hope it’s a good first 3d printer

BNSF3012 HO says:

Hi Angus. I recently (yesterday lol) purchased an Anet A8. Generally speaking, i’m not having a problem with it, except for one small….umm, foible?
Some prints, are not printing completely on the bed. They go off the side and “print” in thin air. My bed size is 220 x 200, and I have it set in print settings at 200 x 200 in order to try and keep it within the bed limits. The ones that DO print on the bed, I notice are not centered either.
Is there something I need to do/set?
Thanks, Stu.

Powered By Redstone says:

good call on cutting the 40mm of length out of the bowden tube

Arson Burns says:

Dear Angus,

What would be the least expensive yet hardy printer for a first timer without much money, yet many folks wanting 3d items from me.

Need a work horse for minimum cost deep in a blighted neighborhood

Mario Hernandez says:

Good video. In your experience, which is the cheapest cnc 4 axes. I want to buy one for my son as a summer project. Thanks for giving us so much information.

Theroux says:

i just looked at the website and right now if you buy from LA its 38$ …

Kent Campbell says:

From the picture of the extruder, it looks like you assembled it incorrectly.

Eugene Fuller says:

lol I’m trying to build one & then I see this video on my feed 😀

Daniel Cardiel says:

“I used the highest quality oil…”” XD

FindmeKicksUK says:

Goto spend a bit but trony deffo better then a8. I bought both be warned it will turn up missing all sorts.
Im having trouble starting motors. I got my x is it left and right to jump at 25000 baudrate position 1 it jumped but thats it. it came at 11500 and didnt move. didnt move on the other several positions.

Might be that unmount,mount I just see you say. Im check that.
Can you reply.
Ive just installed crap onto laptop but i only got data amd cant hotspot lol. I can bluetooth though?

I need to add the autolevel too.
Do I goto mess with driver pots and can you reply with instructions for Testint the motors. Just to calibrate. I cant find anything to manualy move threw the lcd and dont want to use laptop.

Theres a sd in out power combination to start prints right? hotend heating up.

Folks you can now go completely diy and better for 150.
This is best buy though.


ok. I want all cantilever 3D printer designers to show me the printer beam deflection in so!e type of owners manual or FAQ.

Howard Bleier says:

What is the spool holder that you are using in this video? Is it on thingiverse or is it something you made? It looks pretty simple and cool, just wondering thanks.

FindmeKicksUK says:

fk off tom fkn gay

Arson Burns says:

Dear Angus,

Would there be a device to recycle media so save costs also?

Thank you again

Theerolis says:

Just recived my package and its missing ALL bolts,brackets and nuts.
Orderd from gearbest will mail the Support now.

Jack Evans says:

I saw the bit when you showed where you buy it from, it said US plug, How do you get the US plug to Work in Australia?

Teach'EM says:

Just bought one today 🙂

Blue Man says:

Do you have experience with the Anet A6 3D printer? Can you suggest me a 3D printer for about 200€?

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