Best Affordable 3D Printer – Anet A6 Review

In this video I will showcase the “Anet A6 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY Kit” for just 190$. You can find it here:

Cooling nozzle 1:
Cooling nozzle 2:
Filament holder:


Brand: Anet
Model: A6
Frame material: Acrylic
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Printing volume: 220 x 220 x 240mm
Layer thickness: 0.1 – 0.4mm
LCD screen: Yes
Print speed: 40-120mm/s
Supported materials: PLA, ABS and HIPS
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 150W

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Used cameras:
Sony Alpha a55
OBS Multiplatform (screen recorder)

Video Editing Programs:


danz409 says:

“no its not what you think” it kinda is. its protection for your.. eh hem… handling. and prevents the “unit” from getting a STD
static transmitted discharge.

Justin W says:

Hey RCLifeOn loved the video! Just wanted to let you know that your H-Brige under the heated bed should be flipped over because the belts don’t run straight how it is now. In the video instructions they install it upside down as well, but it should be the other way. Just wanted to let you know!

Lu Bre says:

The finished printed object (boat) looks extremely… rough. I mean it looks like a cheap Chinese toy 🙁

Paweł Fabiszewski says:

Great video quality, love your approach!

Nadeem Ahmed Mughal says:

please make an eotech

TheVeloGav says:

What settings did you use my printer is making lots of imperfections thanks.

dromedar63 says:

Information and entertainment. Nice blend!

Jordan McSween says:

Love it

Armando Rodea says:

Will you review the anet a3 in the future?

KarlMarklund says:

@RCLifeOn – Does the A6 have an upgraded MOSFET compared to the A8? I have seen a lot of recommendations for upgrading that part with an aftermarket part from Ebay. Have you experienced any trouble with the power supply? Vill inte att hemmet ska brinna upp 🙂

Crispy Videos says:

Awesome video. Great Editing. Thanks.

MikeOnTheBox says:

Very nice video. Thanks a lot for sharing.

MyBrothersMario says:

To manke it easier to remove the paper from the accrylic without it tearing all the time run each piece under some warm water until all the paper has gotten wet, the paper will peal right off without leaving any adhesive residue, and with minimal tearing. I even left the smaller pieces of my A8 kit submurged in a cup of water until needed and the paper still came off in one piece with no issue. This should work with any other paper covered accrylic pieces for other kits, or anything else.


Oh damn this video is so outstanding! Mad editing skills and very entertaining as well XD

IrritationzZ says:

I know that you said you recommended the a6 over the a8. which one is for abs, and is their anything I can do to improve prints?

TECH GUY 12 says:

Is this better than a8 print wise

ضيف الله 2002 says:

nice 🙂

i raul says:

u should do an update video on the A6 after u get use to it better AND compare it with PRUSA i3 mk2(at least from the quality of printing point of view)

lord dumbness says:

i bougt tronxy p-802 for only 155$$$$

Blikkboksn says:

Make a top 3 video regards to cheap 3d printers. (in your opinion ofc.). F.ex: A6, A8 and 3DCSTAR

marco failla says:

can I print TPU with the a6. I’m struggling if I should get the a6 or the a8

Formfutura - Australia says:

Great Review! Keep it up :]

i raul says:

why the shipping to Europe(UE) is so expensive? it’s almost as much as the printer(150$ for shipping)

Tech Boosted says:

ohh crap just saw this but i just bought the A8 like littary 2 min ago should I cancel? I got if for $155 on Gear Best?

Jango Fett Productions says:

Imagine if simplify 3d came in the sd card 😀

Supreme Black Bones says:

Hello sir, between A6 and A8 models, wich do you recommand? As I’m a total noob with 3D printing !
Thanks for all your helpful videos !

Eliona 1981 says:

I have $100.00(cash)

Dave Wirth says:

Nice camera work and editing.

Rizwan Khan says:

Great walkthrough, what spool holder braces did you use, the link is for the center part only. Thanks

surviveonadime says:

very helpful video. subscribed

Kevin Thorn says:

Can I print props and masks ??

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