Best 3D Printer Under $200 – Tevo Tarantula Full Review

TEVO Tarantula:
TEVO Tarantula:

It arrived very well packaged with thick protective foam, even the box was unscratched! The building process was enjoyable and is something I highly recommend to anyone as it is a great way to learn more about electronics!

It’s not perfect, it does need a couple of minor modifications. All of which is described in the video. You need a cooling nozzle, spool holder and a reinforced Z-motor mount. Obviously the settings inside your slicer impacts the result as well.

I was happy when I realised the bed could reach high enough temperature in order to print ABS filament. This was great news, as my Anet A8 is not capable of reaching higher than 70°C and ABS requires at least 95°C.

In conclusion the printer is amazing! Not only is the bed remarkable, but it’s way more quiet than my other 3D printers. The quality of the prints was absolutely stunning as well. Because of the bowden extruder it might have a hard time printing with flexible filament, but you will be able to print at very high speeds without compromising quality.

Spool holder:
Cooling nozzle:



НКХ hi - tech says:


jerry van dijk says:

my anet a8 gets easy to 100 celscuis bed temp

Samuel Adams says:

what are the perfect print settings?

vojtik151 Hraje says:

Did you buy Standard printer?? (
Czech Republic)

deepthroat212 says:

i just wana pinch ur cheeks lol

Jeremy Jeffries says:

Trying to buy one from Aliexpress but they have “Security Concerns”. Anyone else have this issue? They want photo copies of personal documents which is super sketch.

Also is there somewhere else to buy the same product at the same price?

JohnKar JohnKar says:

Can you make a video that you show how to connect the fans with the 3d printer

N00BST4R says:

i bet he was hiding his boner while building this

DaytonaJim78 says:

can it print tpu

Ass Möde says:

Another good mod is “Z axis limit switch adjustable bracket” on thingiverse. Adjusting the Z end switch is a pain without it

Ihab Ahmed says:

what software is needed to design objects for the 3d printers

Zarr Gaming says:

too bad the currency here is terrible and I have to buy this thing for 5 times the price :/ so is there anything cheaper?

like so he can see this

Asti says:

I have one question can i plug it straight to computer or it’s only possible to print from sd card ?

edulorenzini007 says:

Okay, how do I buy a tevo tarantula to deliver in Brazil?

Zach attack random says:

This vs anet a8

Matt Malenda says:

what were the fans connected to on the main board?

rushil patange says:

How much filament does the printer come with?

☆Swiftie☆ says:

$239.99. not rlly below 200 is it mate

omar caiza says:

disculpa si envían a ecuador

DavidKroeger says:

Which settings did you use to print the Moai statue? (Speed and temperature)

Muhammad Musawar says:

bro can you tell me how to wire power supply because in my country we don’t have earth wire

Al3x360 says:

The fans are 24v … are you sure they will work on DC 12V ?

Momcilo Mitrovic says:

Can you tell us what PLA filament did you use?

Master Mind says:

best review

Tomaso Scalzo says:

Can you print a helmet with it?

MrVendarGaming says:

RCLifeOn, where did you plug the nozzle fans?

BelloFPV says:

And what about the Tronxy X3?

TechyRodsWire says:

Great video

Momcilo Mitrovic says:

Excellent review and tutorial.

I have couple of questions:
1. Where did you buy good filament PLA and ABS rolls. Can you provide some links or recommend some manufacturers?
2. I am thinking of buying large bed (20×28 cm ). Do you think that there is a chance that this bed will not be able to
achieve appropriate temperature for printing with ABS plastic, since it is bigger then original bed?

Thank you.

Adrian Suciu says:

do you think these cooling fans setup would work for dual extruders as well ?

Macha says:

hello… this video use standard printer.. iam correct.. please help

Macha says:

What is the difference between Standard printer and Automatic platform ranges

HV Astronomy says:

Man, which do you actually use thing?

cptgg says:

I’m planning to buy a 3D printer what do you suggest to buy now with upgraded parts for under 350 $ thanks ahead ! Great video !

Master Mind says:

rc life on in what country do you live

FierceBADGER says:

Hi. Did you print the upgrade parts in PLA or ABS?

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