BCN Sigma R17 3D Printer Review

Find the BCN Sigma at :

Sharing my experience so far with the BCN Sigma R17, which most notably features an independent dual extrusion setup for super clean two colored prints.


The New James07 says:

Hi cool

Hasko2 says:

Sounds like a very troublesome printer.

ThatBulgarian says:

can you print some “whales” with this printer? 😛

NinjaPlaysTv says:

I want this ,too!
ps. cool Video 😀 :3

Practical Printing says:

Thanks for sharing the cons as well as the pluses!

Hunter Routh says:

u should print bigger trays for that left over material

xxXbetacubeXxx Ftw says:


Amanda FabrosLacson says:


TheLegend27 says:

Hey Devin, can you do a review on the Anet A8?

byron leppan says:

As a industrial design student I respect you for all the quality content you’re able to post!

Martin Beyer says:

Hey! which maker channels you recomend?

Scott Newell says:

Devin, It might save a lot of time and improve print quality if instead of having tall, wobbly columns of PVA support material, instead make support pillars out of PLA or whatever your main filament is and attach them using PVA for the last few layers. That way you have strong support material even on really tall builds. Plus, it might mean less nozzle switching on lower layers. Granted this won’t work on interior support, but thought you might want to try it out!!

Jondavid Armistead says:

can you review a 200$ 3d printer. I want a 3d printer but I don’t have 1000$ do get one and I would like to hear your opinion about it

innomind says:

Hi Devin, great review. Can you ask the folks at Cubicon to review the Cubicon Single Plus printer?

unipugtato 4life says:

6th like

EmilyExplosion27 says:

That Menorahlope is genius. She should VR sculpt some more.

Kadoetsie Pro D says:

I love Your videos

BurninGems says:

thanks for the honest review! looks like a lot of wasted space in that layout. or is just video vs real life?

Cayo Zandbergen says:

your girlfriend can use her print for her hair

balisquad says:

How much did this printer cost?

foodfood55 says:

He doesn’t.

Goldenfang 57 says:

What is your favorite 3D printer to use?

3D Printing Nerd says:

Hey Devin! I like your take on the machine, and it looks like you and I had similar experiences with the purge containers 🙂

Robert McEwen says:

A lot of times the estimated print time is calculated by the length of the gcode file. They probably have something that’s fixable with a software update to get rid of that 1 minute bug.

gamer Väätäjä says:

make a bendy 3d printed fidget spinner

PurpleLizard 23 says:

Menoralope is my spirit animal.

Papyrus The Skeleton says:

Plz print a fidget spinner!! Like so he sees!

Dilan Patel says:

Make a gyroscope

Joeri van Limpt says:

just a random question, because the sigma has a big build volume, what is the smallest thing you printed on the sigma? (you probably didn’t make that many small projects with this printer XD)

577AllWell says:

Is it possible to print purge towers instead of using the buckets?

Örlogskapten says:

Hey could you try to make a 3D printed whistle?

Nicole Pamela Garcia Acosta says:

Hi Devin, I’m a student at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, they gave us a project so we want to make a filament from recycled plastic, I’ve watched your channel for a while now, so I was wondering if you could answer the following questions, because my team and I have no training in 3D printing:
•Does it need to be a specific type of plastic?
•Is there risk of damage to the 3D printer?
•Is the nozzle from the printers (in general terms) exchangeable?
Thank you Devin!

no face says:

Wow 1.3 thousand views in 2 hours and 50th comment!

Calum Tanner says:


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