As cheap as it gets: Turnigy Fabrikator Mini 3D Printer review! (TinyBoy)

It’s cheap. But is it good? The Fabrikator Mini tries to be the most affordable 3D printer out there, but i think it leaves out a few too many core features.

Last one that’s listed on Hobbyking
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Alberto Crescini says:

Are you from the Netherlands?

JMW Concepts says:

Great review. Thanks +Thomas Sanladerer. Do you think this is a good value starter kit? Thanks again.


Lo Jack says:

there is a heated bed for the mini fabikator on eBay

david fitrio says:

pew diew piew??

skoniaxs says:

best video on long time

steve c says:

Since Hobby King sells what they claim are “Ready To Fly” quadcopters that can’t actually fly such as the Quanum Venture that’s to heavy and underpowered to be able to get off the ground with a flight controller mounted underneath where it won’t work due to being upside down, I expect that none of their 3D printers will be able to actually print! This model looks like a total piece of rubbish and a waste of money but if it could actually be made to work how would it compare to the Tico?


Nice review again 🙂
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend

Kirk Nelson says:

I have the fabrikator mini v 1.5 and its been pretty good for me. l like the tip about using a fan, going to have to rig something up. a few things i printed didn’t fit the build area but figured out how to chop up the models and some crazy glue it all worked out fine.

Moo says:

It’s German. As per the K. I must buy it.

Marc Nieswand says:

let me Show you it’s Features xd

StarTrek123456 says:

1:28 Do you think we will be able to print 3D printers in the future?

Herman der German says:

Tom I am sorry I could not help it…….@ 0:53 in the video the TF Mini looks as if it is moving across the bench of it’s own accord…… a precursor to Skynet?

fast wind speed high velocity says:

that translucent orange looks dope

Circuit Star says:

Does it print TPU?

DeadBroken says:

budda is not god

douira says:

I have one of these and I had to reduce the current in order for the motors not to melt (one already did).

douira says:

I’ve made some really nice prints. You can even print at about 0.08mm.

Bill Codey says:

At this moment this printer is again available on hobbyking.

Muki says:

can this use TPU filament??

sneekylinux says:

mines been on backorder for 3 months, might give up soon..

BamYazi says:

I like mine – had some initial issues with the upper belt driver slipping which were relatively easily fixed by dismantling it and tightening the grub screw. Also had some problems with pla leaking which i fixed by making a tiny silicone rubber gasket from a cup cake mold i had in the kitchen. Recently found a heated bed for it on ebay which is waiting for me to have the time to work out how to fit. After those fixes it’s a nice little desktop printer which gives reasonable prints, and pretty impressive for the price.

Paul Cumber says:

will it run with Ubuntu Linux

GeorgeS says:

did you see that at 0:11

Cowboy Boots says:

Motor damage will occur if the current is too high. One of my motors quit after the first day.

Ricky Pearce says:

101 hero is cheaper

Javier Cavallo says:

Hi thomas, could you explain if there are differences between printers with the Z-axis in the extruder (like the Prusa i3) and the ones with the Z-axis movement archived by moving the Bed up and down? i´m looking into buying my first printer Kit and the one i like have the Bed up/down movement system. I like that the print only moves up and down but i dont know if there are some advantages of the other sistem.

Rednassie says:

dafuq? I didn’t realize I was watching an ad because the ad wasof 3dninja 0_0

ms3bani says:

i have one, it’s more capable than people would thing. the biggest downside is the 80mm^3 print volume. but with a print cooling fan it can produce decent prints. it’s a great way to introduce people to 3d printing without being intimidating.

matthijs jordense says:

Hey thomas, I just found this video:

Looks a bit familiar huh?

Aries Fincher says:

I just want a 3D printer that I just gatta plug into the damn wall and I’m done I hate all this confusing stuff…

Arek R. says:

Thats soo small that you can print it in one part on other, typical size printer xD

Loebane says:

Do you get revenue from YouTube Red subscribers?

BJM Graphics says:

Wait till Tiko comes out. A small, unibody delta printer for $169.

Luke Bockman says:

good review!

Sean Smithy says:

I want this printer not because it’s portable, but just because it’s so adorable and tiny. I could print a box about 2 times larger on my current printer.

Turtle Studio says:

I’ve seen better and cheaper. Look up 101hero and you get get it for $49 plus filiment.

Tom T. says:

“let me show you its features”

Alright. I’m subbed now.

Heiko Schultz says:

@ 5:48 the blue wire seems to be damaged (maybe broken), don’t looks good.

Jake Smith says:

It fits in a 150m^2 area? That’s rocking massive. You mean cm^2 you fuckwad

Shay says:

The new one is metal and has heated bed for $184

AndrewAitchison100 says:

I need another 3d printer for under£200 with good enough quality to sell the prints. what can you suggest as the best option?

Joe Mike Terranella says:

Are you going to review the Monoprice MP Select Mini?

dthomas6184 says:

could you possibly do a review of the MKS base board itself?

douira says:

I pout two small fans with a heat sink directly onto the x and y motors. (I printed the raised stands for the corners with it, because I didn’t get any with it)

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