Anycubic Photon Review – $539 DLP 3D Printer || Moai Comparison

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Thanks to Anycubic for providing the review unit.

You can get the Anycubic Photon here: (affiliate links)

.stl files that were used during the video:

In this review/comparison video we will have a closer look at the Anycubic Photon DLP 3D Printer. I will show you what you get when you buy one and how easy it is to use. Along the way I will compare the machine to the Moai SLA 3D Printer and see whether the quality of the Photon can hold up. At the end I will then conclude whether the Photon is a good alternative for the Moai.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Ecstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte


virtual ultra says:

Could you do a DIY switching power supply with a 5-30V adjustable output???

Emman Pagcaliwagan says:

Love the octopus haha

Eli Skwire says:

Can you dissolve the scraps to reuse for printing?

Yury Y says:

and what’s about price of materials? how much colors are available in a market?

Srijan Tanwar says:

You can made a video that how it works

Konnor Bowen says:

Could you do a review of the budget 3d printers like the Anet A8 or Tevo Tarantula from AliExpress?


If you have any idea, tell me….
how can I get the exact “real-time 3D coordinate” of any object in space & by which sensor or camera?
By Vicon or OptiTrack, can I get the “Real 3D coordinates of an object” in its range? help me, someone, ASAP..

big purple says:

oh,comic sans 2:26

voltare2amstereo says:

octopus flipping the bird, a big FU x 5 ..

nice printer but 3 hours is a bit long to realise you stuffed up and have to go again

patprop74 says:

A guy as smart as you are, should know the deference between a LCD, and DLP technology,  yet everyone calls this printer a “dlp” when infect is a simple LCD back lit with UV led’s.

Rivera Inventions says:

Pretty cool…

cody clayton says:

Any recommendations on cheap resins? I have the Photon, and it’s great and all, but the price of anycubics resin is just a little high

Khaffit says:

The future is now bojs xD

zola tanaffa says:

The technology of UV resin is certainly better than filaments, although much more expensive but I see that from the point of view of surface roughness is definitely two levels better, we hope that with its diffusion, can lower the price, including resins.

Garage Science says:

A DLP printer that’s slower than a Laser printer!?!?! Seems like there a lot of flex in the part when it peels. Have you dealt with a lot of parts breaking mid print?

Jan-Christopher Estelmann says:

could you replace the fan with a noctua fan ? since it doesn’t cool anything

Jack Day says:

you should ask to try out one of these next time its even cheaper at almost half the price!!

QuickPro Studios says:

Octopus lmao

Pacman's Revenge says:

Is the smell bearable? I wonder if this type of printers can be used in an apartment with regular air flow…

Tom Tang says:

using blue acrylic to block uv light? come on ,do u know anything about complementary colour?

Braeden Hamson says:

I feel like that’s something you can DIY. And it wouldn’t be terribly hard…

Mk Km says:

That comic sans on a setup screen makes my eyes melt

Alex MediaGroup says:

That octopus tho

David Dennis says:

What sources are there for the resin? Are other special purpose resins available?

ali abdo says:

Can I have this printer as a gift? I can’t save this mount of money from my job’s.

Dario Alilovic says:

I like how he casually flipped us off XD

TwrpDerp says:

Gimme da printer!!

Rusty Gear says:

Cthulhu is not happy

golm95 says:

6:29 Ivan Miranda !!!!!

Michael Bruekers says:

Nice squid

Hafizh Dede says:

DIY DLP printer please

Mytendo says:

Can you make/review a cheap pick and place machine? Or a PNP Basics Video?

Umut K says:

Thanks for the video Scott, I didn’t know there is a SLA printer with that cost level. How about comparing resin/filament prices in a future video?
Edit: I just saw an ad of a $289 SLA printer named SparkMaker Affordable SLA 3D Printer, I guess we will be seeing this kind of printers more.

procekim says:

one day we all will have it at home, and it will take minutes to print

twincamcoupe says:

1:25 must not live in the UK

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