Anycubic Photon DLP Review – SUPERIOR 3D Printing Quality!

Super excited to share my thoughts on the Anycubic Photon DLP 3D printer. DLP or “Digital Light Processing” is a technology nothing
like “Fused Filament Fabrication” or FDM. Every single 3D printer I have previously been working with have been FDM-based, for example the Creality CR-10 or the TEVO Tornado. But Anycubic have released a DLP 3D printer that allows to print with MUCH more detail!

Simon Sörensen (RCLifeOn) Patreon page:

Anycubic Photon on Aliexpress (not affiliate):

Gearbest is currently celebrating their 4th anniversary where you might find some good deals on 3D printers:

The electric skateboard found here:

The Photon is currently listed at $500-600 which is significantly cheaper than SLA printers, with the most affordable SLA currently listed att more than $1200. Even though DLP might not have as good quality as SLA-based printers, it’s still far superior than FDM printers. Considering the much lower price of DLP’s, it’s a great machine that impressed me immensely!

The build volume is 120x68x150mm, that limits us to make circular objects of a maximum 68mm diameter, that is not great. However, the 150mm Z-axis height really makes you able to printer fairly tall models considering the technology.

Dj Quads – Anything
Engelwood (feat. Dyalla)
Dj Quads – Little dream


Atanas Peltekov says:

Please help me I have Anet A8 3d printer made video how to print to him

danijel124 says:

In another month there will be another “best” 3d printer…

Maker's Muse says:

ohgod the resin drinking bit made me panic from across the room hahahah. DO NOT touch that stuff, or let it touch anything organic. I poured some onto grass to cure it (once it’s hard it’s ‘safe’ to dispose) and the grass died and never grew back. Had to turf the dirt as well. Mine comes TODAY apparently. Waiting anxiously after seeing this. Awesome vid man!

thedementation666 says:

That is a crap FDM benchy. You need to drop the layer height down some more and slow down the print. You should be able to get a perfectly smooth roof with no steps.

kanter bow says:

The legend say that Simon is accualy reading comments

seouljah760 says:

Ahh I get it now, you’ve been hiding from YouTube for a bit. Moving over to Patreon is why….

Jerry G says:

let me see the printed obelix, i saw in the background 😉

All About 3D Blog says:

Ohhhh no … do i need to buy another printer? SLA seem to become affordable with good quality. I think i need to have this. I guess bridging also over longer distances withous support should be no issue with SLA … right?

Short to Ground says:

Build your own bubble head 😀

Karson Kent says:

Hey! Would you possibly share your printer settings for the Logan print? I’m having trouble printing a large detailed file like that one.

Carsten Hahn says:

Video starts at 1:50

Bharat Vadgama says:

3d printed peltear mini ac?????

Vinay Kumar says:

3D printing iron man arm

Chris Riley says:

That Groot isn’t so great……..ok, it’s really awesome, thanks Simon!

Erik cramer says:

Dude please wear gloves with dlp/sla you will get allergic to the resin.

Ture Friberg says:

frome sweden????????????

awesomefacepalm says:

I’ve been using a FDM printer for maybe 4 years now. A DLP printer sounds like a logical step for the next 3d printer

Nerd Cave says:

Do platinum PlayStation trophy 3d print

Jason Baker says:

I noticed you didn’t mention print time. How long did it take to print those versus FDM?

Str33tfalcon says:

Like always GREAT VIDEO!!

RomanoProductions says:

For 50 euros, you can get a proper 3M gas mask. Ventilation is much more expensive. Resins are toxic but DLP is great.

Anime Anime says:

Now if only Anycubic would just update there firmware for there delta printer so it doesn’t crash when you try to stop a print

paulienet says:

And exactly how much money did that groot cost you to print?….. If all you have to print is stuff that other people designed that really has no monetary value I don’t understand why you would go out and spend this kind of money on Printing groots and Yoda heads

Mario Castillo says:

2 things that I would do to it:
Add a 120 mm noctua fan at the top and also an evacuation hose to atmosphere to get rid of those fumes in a quiet manner.

Also add a bottle of resin upside down with a hose going into the resin tank similarly to a float in a water tank so I never run out. Idk how this might work since I think it also calculates the resin drop but I would try it anyways.

Preston ballard says:

I’d love to see you do a review on the monoprice select mini v2

netmaster78 says:

Actually its LCD based 3d printing, not DLP as there is no projector in this.

Walla says:

casey neistat style, time lost useless intro

patprop74 says:

GUYS! Stop calling LCD’s screen DLP’s,  DLP Chips are not the same thing as LCD and do not produce the same quality and curing speeds ! its like comparing  apples to oranges!

smashhawk says:

If you do get one if these and need a bit more ventilation – Buy some cheap PC cooling fans, and some dryer vent tube. Wire the fans to a 12V power supply, and place one at each end of the tube and boom! Now you have a quick, incredibly cheap ventilation system that’s suitable for both soldering and any smelly print materials you may be using such as ABS or a resin.

shoomaklovesemmy says:

Hi RCLifeOn, please review the Alfawise U10 3D Printer.

Educating Savvas says:

Fumes of doom for sure. I can’t believe I’m turning into one of those guys who says it but resins can be really dangerous to your health… and can even make your sperm stupid. Does the Resin come with a data safety sheet?

MIA Micro-FLIGHT says:

I use to manage and operate one of the first SLA machines for commercial use. It was a bit of nightmare without the resin leveling wiper that subsequent machines had but it was amazing just to have that powert back in the late 80’s early 90’s . The resins we used back them was Ciba Geigy and they were nasty! to work with and the printing environment had to be well ventilated, controlled for humidity, etc. It was very expensive to quote prototypes because of the high costs of the machine, resin and post processing that had to be done to the models, with a lot care in order not to have warped parts. I printed a lot of cellular phones and played with the machine during my spare time, often staying overnight in the sla room to watch some parts grow and looking to see that all the layers were perfect. Not having the resin leveling wiper meant the parts took a …….long…. time to build, I decided I could build a bed leveling device myself, but unfortunately the company I worked for, that had the machine, came to the conclusion the machine was too much of a money pit and decided not to continue its use. It is amazing that what took a full 10×10 ft space to house the very expensive machine, PC’s etc and required a good deal of training, ~20 years later, is now at the hands of the average user at a mind blowing price, not necessarily SLA, but DLP, basically it is the same thing just repackaged a bit different, but both use photo sensitive resins and are built layer by layer either upright or upside down using supports, and a laser (light) to cure the parts. I really like the way Anycubic has approached the design of their 3D printers with the user friendly LCD interface and the ultrabase platforms. I have the Anycubic I3 Mega a pretty reliable printer and I have printed on this machine some amazing prints, with a bit of extra care in the fine tuning and maintenance. Resin (SLA or DLP ) printers? hmmmm? this Anycubic DLP does look clean design, I like the compactness, but any resin printer is still quite messy and a higher health risky to work with.

Ehab Saleh ايهاب صالح says:

Simon, I would really modify the video and remove the resin drinking clip.. Not being too silly but those resins are highly toxic at the monomer stage (before curing) so if a young person sees that we just don’t know how they might react to it. Love ur work man and I thought I would advice.

KrzaQ kq says:

What is the durability of such prints? I know what to expect from PLA/PETG/ABS, but how does this compare?

Anu Tomar says:

only one word


Turenkarn's 3D Tanks says:

dude messing about showing you drinking the resin. not a good idea. you know some silly people out there are easy influenced. please edit that part out of the video. no idea why you put it in. 🙂

EspenShampoo25 says:

Takk for at du lagde en video om anycubic photon. Har siklet over denne maskinen en stund nå. Bare så synd at det lukter sånn av harpiksen!

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