Anycubic Photon DLP 3D printer Review – insane print quality!

Hi Guys! Check my full review of ANYCUBIC PHOTON DLP 3D printer. Over 20 test prints in this video review! Print quality is insane! If you are in to the the small miniatures and tiny models and you need the best possible quality at affordable price
than this 3D printer is for you. Links are down below:

ANYCUBIC PHOTON from Aliexpress —


ANYCUBIC PHOTON from Gearbest —

ANYCUBIC PHOTON from Banggood —


ANYCUBIC RESIN Original 405nm
From Aliexpress —
From Ebay —

UV lamp 220V –
UV lamp 110V –


3D printer deals and coupons:

GearBest —
Banggood —
Aliexpress —
Amazon —
Ebay —

Gear that I use:
Video gear:
Camera Sony Alpha a6500 —
Main lens 8-105mm F4 G —
Secondary lens 10-18mm —
Sony tripod VCT-VPR1 —
Sony A6500 Camera cage —
Smartphone gimbal —
Samsung S8 —

Air video gear:
DJI Mavic Pro platinum —
DI Phantom 3 standard

Audio gear
Rode smartLav+ —
Rode microphone —
Blue Yeti USB Microphone –

Timelaps and onboard video gear:
GoPro HERO4 Silver —
Sony HDRAS300/W —

Soft Box studio lights

Prints in video:


Sumbi San says:

Good Job!

All About 3D Blog says:

Great review!!! Can resin based models be used for mechanical/functional parts? How strong is resins vs PLA/ASA? Are there different types of resins with different properties (not only color) available? Proceed like this …. great.

Joseph B says:

This would be perfect for printing Stout Hearted Heroes miniatures from Rocket Pig Games actually!!! Thank for the video man!

Annie Perez says:

Thanks for the review! How many of those little miniatures can you print with the regular sized resin bottle?

Zoku Banniganz says:

I swear the next time this guy says absolutely

Lufty25 says:

How is the consumption of the resin compared to FDM? is it the same or do you get more prints from resin?

Josh Foreman says:

Wow. I was about to spend $3,500 on a Form 2. Now I’m re-thinking things. Thanks!

ayman fatani says:

Impressive ~!!!!!

D says:

New fan! Awesome! Thank you for your contribution.

monkey business says:

Hello! I do not know English, please tell me, what resin did you use? black – what kind of resin? And what resin do you think gives the best print quality?

Nibori Nahk says:

this is an awesome review and finally made me want to spend money on a 3d printer. im completly new to this so my question is… wich 3d programms are compatible to use with this if i want to create my own prints (not pre made stuff i donwload) or a specific formate i need to save it in? thanks for any input

nick and nick says:

how much resin was used to make all those prints?

san k says:

Thanks a lot for the great review. About post processing, do you have to immediately take the model out after print is finished and clean with isoprop? And then expose to UV light? Given that it take hours to print can I start the print overnight let it finish and hours later do the cleaning and curing? Cheers

peredefoix says:

Great video! Awesome print quality. Do you know if the printer works only with anycubic resins or also works with other brands resins and also with other types of resins like castable or dental?

Cloud-Yo! says:

Im sold! Ive been looking for this…thank you!

Kitties with Tiddies says:

awesome review! really informative!

Joseph Osborn says:

You’re completely wrong in your description of the technology. DLP and LCD are very, very different.

ws6nick says:

Good review!!! Thx for priming them so we can actually see the details. Sub’d!!

id104335409 says:

Hmmm, you want to print out some dogs, turns out as a cube…

LS Miniatures says:

That’s my Viking warrior! 🙂 Very nice result too  Looks like my next 3D printer!

Bruce Vlog says:

may i know what software/ setup you use for adding the viking support ?

Gabriel Herrera says:

Thank you for your absolutely great review. You are an excellent explainer, also the quality of the image is stunning I could almost smell the resine haha. Thank you very much for this video, you rock!

Bruce Pattie says:

Absolutely wonderful quality video and review. Your video quality is so high that I can compare the details of your 3d prints to the details of your actual fingerprints and other details of the skin on your hands! Nice videography. Voiceover is absolutely first rate too. Thank you!



Kevin Witt says:

What scale miniatures can be printed reliably on this platform?

Nexi Tech says:

Finally Anycubic start to sell Resin for Photon! Here are links:
ANYCUBIC RESIN Original 405nm
From Aliexpress —
From Ebay —
I upload also links in video description.
Cheers guys!

Michael Pattison says:

Wow such a good review, great choice of models to show off the 3D printer. Multiple links in the description as well, defo be getting one of these when i get some pennies.

Christian Neumann says:

My compliment, great review!

umm36 says:

I officially want one!
but for $500 USD that’s about 700 NZD or so.. maybe once I’m rich and famous XD

kleetus92 says:

I just found this on another video, but here’s some software to hollow out a non hollow model…

Anderson Lima says:

Hi, what about the price of resin? Is it expensive?

josh mack says:

This is finally the leap in affordability, ease of use, and print quality that is going to suck me into the hobby. Ive been interested in miniatures and tabletop gaming for years, and the $540 print point and size of the unit are absolutely incredible. Those test models were stunning. I need one!!!

Trevor Van Zuydam says:

i notice a few horizontal lines , is that from the resolution setting?

K SuperHaze says:

Greate! One question bro. This 22 pieces =¿¿¿??? Mililiters

KoSLoW27 says:

Very nice review thanks ! I have a question . All your test print has been printed with one bottle of resine ?

Gonzalo Pineda says:

How much resin is needed per print ? I know depends on size but how costly is it to keep printing?

séverine moulinet says:

Hi i saw that max dimension are.. 11x5x15…but all models i saw in your hand like skull are bigger… How it s possible.. Thanks aclot for your answer.. Thierry

Steen Winther says:

Great video – well done 🙂

Michael Slack says:

So I could do this in 1/35th scale…like you did your dragons?

Tony Celliers says:

Thanks for the great review. Is the printer able to use 3rd party resin and are the slicer controls able to be set to other resin types?

Alex Echeverría says:

I just got one Photon but I will like to know where did you get the yellow resin for me to get more resin as I see it does not last long as the prints are solid infils. Will appreciate your reply.

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