Anycubic Kossel 3D Printer Review. Best value in 3D printing?

Whats shaking YouTube so today I am doing a full review of the anycubic kossel 3d printer I got courtesy of This is a delta style 3D printer and it was alot of fun to build this DIY 3D printer kit. This 3D Printer can be found here . Use Code K3DP to get this for only $169 the cheapest price anywhere. Here is a link for filament as well . This has to be the best cheap 3D Printer I mean for under $200 you can get a printer that can be setup and printing in one day. I have had this up and running for a little over a week and I have been using it constantly.
With just a little tweaking you can get this printer printing absolutely beautifully. For only $169 this is the best value in 3D printing as far as I know of anyway. In this video I do my full review as well as show this 3d printer in action. Make sure to check this out on gearbest I think code works for first 60 people so get it for cheap while you can. I hope you guys like the video let me know what you wanna see me 3D print in the future and as always thanks for watching.

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kyle jackson says:

I’m gonna be a first time printerer and I was wondering what software I should use that is free

heroclix0rz says:

Mine arrives tomorrow, can’t wait! Thanks for the recommendation!

Throws N' Brews says:

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that your 3D printing trials are a bunch of baby Groots.

Cole Helms says:

Print the around square titans and review them

BreaknMake says:

Nail polish XP

Alan Jiménez says:

Hello, can you please put a new code? Seems that K3DP has expired. Thanks!

Andy Nguyen says:

Nice Mohawk

Ayden Isking1 says:

Awsome vid #Notificationsquad

Trang Nhu_23102004 says:

Eyyy your channel is amazing

Shannon Magill says:

Can you print fidget spinners?

Geobion says:

“cheapest youll ever find it” its gonna be on sale for $150 on aliexpress soon!

Zachary Young says:

Fricken dope!!!!

Nolan Breedlove says:

I got 2nd and 3rd

AlarikMaster says:

Are You Going To Make A Yoyo? I Would LOVE That Video So Much!

iszzy bito says:

Cool channel

EmberFlaze says:

I dare u to not make a yoyo, but a finger spinning one!

the one and only says:

Love the vids man

Michael Lewis says:

You ever consider printing bali-scales?

EmberFlaze says:


DrGibbles Gaming says:

She asked, “why is he wearing sunglasses inside?” The sun never sets in cools-ville. Good and informative. Subbed

Fortaleza Lynus says:

Hey every time I try to buy something on Ali express. My card won’t work but when I tried it on my co it asked for documents and a pic of my cArd is it safe

EmberFlaze says:

Lol like the bird calls, they should put that on tv instead of the beep

Fred Blogs says:

Is that 3D printed hair?

EmberFlaze says:

Are u gonna paint the groot?

자연치유하늘건강나음터 says:

오늘도 행복한 하루 보내세요~!

EmberFlaze says:

Guardians of the galaxy is so good

Charles-A Rovira says:

The *Anycubic Kossel Pulley* was indeed a charm to assemble but I’m having no end of trouble finding info about how to use it in *Simplify3D* and hook it up to my iMac. (I already am successfully using it to operate my Anet A8 and my Creality CR-10.)

DGhunterPR says: 10%off discount on yoyosam

Jake Poole says:

Mine should be here in a few days! I’ll tag you in IG when I get some prints made.

x9x9x9x9x9 says:

To quiet that printer down you can look into getting some dampeners for the nema 17 stepper motors and/or you can just get a rubber mat to put it on. That makes a HUGE difference.
Any luck getting the other printer up and running?
That tuning menu is just adjusting your settings for that one print. You should take that info and use it in cura so slow down your print speed in cura, change the extrusion rate to .97 and so on. The only thing you can’t fully adjust in cura is the jerk and acceleration settings. Also look into getting Simplify3D its expensive but there are other means of getting it.

EmberFlaze says:

Nice groot

David Leaf says:

Your mohawk isnt centered on your head



Ryan Lough says:


Yk Shoe says:

14 th

Trang Nhu_23102004 says:


EmberFlaze says:

Lol I see that Elmer glue bottle

Christoff Tabing says:


Fortaleza Lynus says:


EmberFlaze says:

Dang YouTube give me late noti

Cedric Jriah Makasakit says:

How about a yoyo im josch by the way again im using my brother’s acount im from the phillipines

WTF BBQ says:

The advantage of Delta printers is their ability to print faster, but if you have to slow it down just to get decent prints then it’s pointless. The CR-10 can print faster than that…

Slobodan Vidovic says:

You sad its review and you talked only on what you printed you did not mentioned anything about printer itself ?

James Trolli says:


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