Anycubic Kossel $200 3D Printer Review

Is the Anycubic Kossel Upgraded Pulley Version 3D Printer the ideal intro printer for you? Here are my thoughts.
Buy the Anycubic Kossel Printer on sale :
$169.99 with coupon : ‘MakeKossel’ (Expires 8/31/17)


Jason Ledon says:

Its kind of hard to tell but is the part cooling nozzle sharing the airflow with the heat break, or are there separate fans for each?

Simone Pellegrino says:

I just bought that. I was looking for a starting delta printer since a while ago but, pretty much all of them, had a poor printing quality. Thanks a lot for the advice. By the way, I used your code, keep it up with the work you’re doing for this channel, you’re doing great.

Ralphie Vigg says:

I’ve had bad experiences with kossels in the past, withthe arms not being at perfect angles to each other, i suggest printing a large cube and using a square to see if it prints.. square. and how round the circles are.

Patrick says:

I’ve been waiting for a cheap delta and this is it! Bought it before the video was even over. Whoops! Thanks Devin!

someuser17 says:

that’s not a cube

Sam Moore says:

wow! nice printer

Seth Adams says:

when ever i try to put in the coupon it jump it back up to 200….

Ivan Stump says:

Do a review of Monoprice select mini

Sweet! says:

I think I will buy this!!!. I have always wanted to make prop guns for like destiny and with this I think I can 😀

Emily Kirkman says:

You should possibly do a video on 3d printing accessories and other things need to get started like software and other helpful things like calipers, heat gun and spatula 🙂 I would be interested at least 🙂

Daniele Santoru says:

I have an anycubic kossel linear plus,my first printer, my prints don’t look even closely as good as yours, what did you change in the software? 😀

Jackson Wallace says:

I like how this channel is dead.

LoneWolfUprising says:

Hey Devin, I’d like to slide this idea by you to see if you want to do anything with it. Jointed 3-d pen models, the joints being printed, or (you could mention it in this hypothetical video) made of LEGO action figure pieces, if you’re not a designer. I think this would be a great way to make your pen models posable and combining two methods of creating.

Weston Tippit says:

if you have any problems with the size you can change the 3 bars to a longer size for like $20.

Conscious Energies says:

I have enjoyed my linear plus version of this immensely. Its my first printer and I’m glad that I chose it.

Isaiah Higgins says:

Tevo Tarantula? Or Anycubic Kossel?! AUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

tokagehideto says:

with a delta you can print vases at fullspeed

Nobock says:

Dagoma gonna cry and I’m happy yyyyyyy they deserve it hard

Alexander Louk says:

Really?? I got a 3d printer a few days ago for about 200$ and then there’s this noooo

RumblingPie57 says:

OMG I have that printer printing in my room right now

Ailex Mercer says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE try and MAKE your own printer!

ThatBulgarian says:

I have the Anycubic Delta with linear rails and that prints great at faster speeds than the pulley

han ali kahvecioğlu says:

Can you just give an advice as the best bugdet 3d printer which can be good at medium sized prints with normal quality (please like so he can see it)

eclampsie says:

could you make a fully video how to tune it? i have one and i can t arrive to calibrate correctly can check my video

Aliya YT says:

do the M3D printer plsss

BIBINDz says:

Bought it!

Casey Brown says:

Dang, with your coupon, that’s pretty close to the price of the monoprice mini Delta, with a much bigger build volume!

Yuno Krews says:

drv8825 artifacts, needs a diode mod

Joeri van Limpt says:

Have you ever been involved in the prosses of designing a 3d-printer or would you ever consider desiging your own 3d-printer

Isaac Trares says:

Can you please review the tevo tarantula. (my printer)

Alex Reinfield says:

With facial hair you look like a 40 year old French man, but when you shave you look like a 17 year old. Jesus Christ

iWinRar says:

Thank you so much for this review this is going to be the printer I am going to get I was going to get the tarantula but the added height of this while it isn’t as wide I like the smaller over all form factor of this as it isn’t as wide . Height is less of an issue. Again thanks so much for this review because up until this point I had my mind set.

Talon Fernandez says:

Mono price mini select 3D printer

Svetty00 says:

I’m trying to figure out why there seems to be such a disconnect between youtubers and redditors on 3d printing. Everyone on reddit seems to hate chinese DIY kits but everyone on youtube seems to love them.

DimplePoji says:

Do u have a link to a version that has a heated bed?

D Kecskes says:

It looks like this might be a good “first timer” 3D printer. I have a few questions about it:
1) Does the manual explain all the settings pretty well, and how to use them? This really helps for the greenest of newbies, as they won’t have to learn by trial and error alone.
2) What kind of filament does it use? It doesn’t look like it *has* to be proprietary, but for those on a budget, needing to buy one specific filament from one manufacturer can get expensive.
3) Do you think this would do well in higher-volume areas, such as a classroom? This price point seems like it would be friendly for teachers of STEM fields, since they could more easily raise funds for at least one Anycubic Kossel within one school year.

Ben Lee says:

Can you do the Form labs 3d printer please?

Rikycard 01 says:

Hey could you make me a list of all the settings and firmware adjustments you made? I had a lot of trouble putting it together and getting it to work and up to now it still has some issues. Do you know what could be the cause of very weak and fragile layers? Sometimes it just stop the constant flaw of plastic leaving the layer incomplete and weak ruiningn all the layers above. My guess would be that the nozzle 0.2mm is too small and the speed is too fast for it to keep up,but after watching your video I have my doubts that this is the actual problem.+ The bed is not perfectly level yet because it prints conave instead of flat, but after trying to get it perfect for over a week I just gave up and that left me with a slight change in the z axis when going to the edges of the print bed. I really hope you can help me with this. Thank-yuo in advance.

Michelle L says:

Marry me

* LexDoesGaming * says:

Wow that thing is amazing

Soccerocker 36 says:

Would you recommend this printer or rather the CR-10

Mark Williams says:

it’s a reprap Delta turn the acceleration down spoke too soon lol

Alex says:

i hate that people are expecting to find an amazing 3d printer with simple programming and all that, but expect it to cost $5 and a corn chip

MatthiasChristiaens says:

I’ve heard that Delta printers aren’t that good for beginners

Chase Hanson says:

Delta printers are so fast…

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