Anycubic I3 Mega 3D Printer Review

After a long wait, the review of the Anycubic I3 Mega is done. what a machine! well impressed with the quality of the prints

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ImaginationToForm says:

Too bad on bed leveling. Looks pretty good otherwise.

Turenkarn's 3D Tanks says:

great vid joe. i have the Omega i3 mega awesome machine. you’re repeating yourself in the video. and can you share your s3d settings with the anycubic i3 mega. please give a link 🙂

Stuart Parker says:

Hi Joe I have been following you for a few months now, I have been 3D printing for over 4 years. I lived in Malta for 11 months in 2013 /2014 . We will be returning to live in Malta ASAP, we have our home up for sale, My daughter and a Son also live in Malta. Will it be possible to meet up for a beer sometime? Now down to business I have bought a i3 Omega (anycubic) as you know, I am having difficulty getting it to accept SD cards, I can run micro SD in an adaptor but the SDHC just can not be recognised, do you have any thoughts on this problem? Best regards Stuart Parker

Slacking02 says:


ihazdodgyfilmz says:

Great review Joe. I’m weighing up buying this as my first printer. Question: with the sensor removed on v2 how will levelling work?



David Light says:

Joe Was the bed slipping its setting or was the sensor messed up? You said that the printer was doing fine then every few prints you needed to re-adjust the bed leveling is that a printer issue or just the sensor which isn’t needed over reacting? I am more concerned about the printer then the toy add on of a sensor that isn’t going to send data to the printer to self adjust
Been playing with Marlin 3d Printer tool and it is FANTASTIC but won’t help if the printer is slipping adjustments
Thanks Dr D

Nuno Medeiros says:

Glad to see that i’ve made a good choice… Nice video. It points some important issues I didn’t found on other youtuber reviews. Did you had a chance to open the control box and check if there is some issue that we have to give some attention? Keep up the good work Joe!

Wayne keeling says:

Wow that crow looks like injection moulded

iamthebest22 says:

On the newer version they removed the bed leveling sensor and added in a new base called ultrabase which is really easy to remove prints off after print. However one issue some people like me are experiencing is that they seem to put the glue to stick the ultrabase on the aluminum too thick in the middle, resulting in a higher middle area, which made bed leveling hard. The effect lessens the more you use it, but essentially only way to “fix it” is just put another glass layer on it, and put paper beneath the two sides to help with that.

The Gentleman Scoundrel says:

Thanks for another great review! I have to say, that was some amazing printing you got out of that machine and I really liked the filaments you were showing off. That raven was gorgeous, and if something ever happened to my D i3 Plus, that would look like a great contender for a replacement every day printer.

abowch zey says:

I don’t know if it was a joke or not but when I read absolutely awesome patrons I only read abs and laughed

Kaushik Prakash says:

Are you going to do an anet a8 upgrades video pt 2? So excited for that one.

Alex VdHeide says:

When are you going to review the tevo tarantula? Because I plan to buy this and I would like to know what you think about this printer

Taotao Siri says:

Crow, castle and moai is very look like mold, O_O!
thank you very much for great review

Fanis Gourlemakis says:

Great review. BTW there’s a loop from 10:05 to 10:19.

Logan Turner says:

Great review. I’ve had one of these about a week now and it has printed flawlessly. Could you give me a link to that metal hot end you were talking about?

The Happy Extruder says:

Nice video Joe, are those images licensed by any cubic (ironman)?

Jan Petersen says:

Great review, thank you. Did you mention you printed the ABS at 250? Does that mean the printer comes with an all metal hot-end?

Emil Andersen says:

Have you reviewed that ender-2 behind you? I’m thinking of buying it:)

Piotr Wieczorek says:

Hi Joe , how this printer compares to
original Prusa MK2 because I think that prusa don’t have filament sensor or power outage protection ( maybe I’m mistaken )

BKMorpheus says:

Great Review and I gotta say:The Rapunzel silver PLA is looking awesome!

Fehim Korkmaz says:

still can’t decide Anycubic i3 Mega or CR-10…

Colin Hickey says:

Good review although is it just me or was there some repeated segments? very small but still there.

Maximilian Nicolas Nitschke says:

Does someone know where I can find the castle stle-File?

Couldn’t find it on thingiverse, youmagine, pinshape or mmf.

Marcellus says:

first, but last to get the joke ;P

3D Gussner says:

Nice 1st review of the printer! Thanks for pointing out the ‘issues’.
First time i watched the video i got bit confused and thought my internet was lagging or browser doing strange.
But as i have it seen a 2nd time it wasn’t any of that.
Usually your videos are edited great, but at 6:41-6:53; 10:16-10:22; 11:19-11:21 you said things twice. Nothing bad but i was bit surprised as you ALWAYS have great, easy to watching and listen, videos.

Steve Laminack says:

Can you print directly on the bed or do you need tape or glass? I was told you can print directly on the bed and that didn’t work so well. Also what slicer software are you using. Do you have a 3D printing FB group/page?

Robothut says:

Does it come with a slicer program that has a profile built in ? Or did you have to make your own profile.

ZaPpaul says:

Great review Joe, looks like this printer is on my want list 🙂

Arjun Sandhu says:

Hey Joe, I purchased this printer (it is my first) and have been unable to get a single print from it. I have spent hours trying to tune the settings, but have not got anywhere. It is really frustrating, and I cannot find anyone who has had similar or any problems with this printer. Have you any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

Matt Fisher says:

Your prints keep getting better and better!

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