Anycubic Chiron 3D printer review

In this video I shared my experience and thoughts about Anycubic Chiron as well some of the issues that I have come across with my test unit and how I fix them.

Anycubic Chiron 3D printer:

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The Live Boy says:

Nice! love Ya!

j mtx says:

Thanks for an excellent review/preview. Hopefully they will fix the issues you’ve encountered before going to production. Consumers really shouldn’t have to deal with these sort of problems.

Pier Giuliano Nioi says:

too much problems for that price range!!! One should have shame for even sending a machine like that to a friend, and they shameless send out this stuff to customers!! bah…idk what to say

Christelle Deneau says:

As always, a very good and honest review !! Thanks for your work on this.

skaltura says:

What size stepper motors it has?

I have Tevo Tornado and in it’s stock form it can print RELIABLY at 130mm/s with moves of 400mm/s, seriously, i am not joking.

You also forgot to mention the price

Yoqsetioxd says:

I like the printer but that errors must be fixed, gonna keep the cr-10

Alix bnbly says:

how many 3DBenchy you have?

GrumpyDude says:

also you earned a sub, i like your methodic review style


Hi Nexi, thanks very much for the review.

Lessons learned!

We admit this unit is a pre-production unit produced month ago, and we have already summarized all the 8 issues you’ve mentioned in this review, specifically, (1) Transportation and shipping package, (2) Heated bed thermal sensor, (3) Wrong assembly of the D-shape wheels, (4) T-nuts loose on X axis left end, (5) Bent metal plate for triggering Z limit switch, (6) Fan of the powersupply; (7) T0 sensor abnormal, (8) Discrepancy of the feeding rate.

We are not going to ship one more printers out until we solved these issues. Current user have any of these issue we will solve it and send replacement free of charge. Now the Chirons are assembled on a well organized manufacturing line with strict QC steps. We are going to make good 3d printers.


victor voon says:

Thanks for the review. I am really looking forward to get this printer.. once it is release.

Karlosss says:

Great review. Many thanks!

Chair Happy says:

Excellent stuff on this channel, should have many more subs !!!!

MrAbletospeak says:

What a pile of junk.

GrumpyDude says:

im 90% sure its pronounced like sjiron, not kiron im sorry haha 😀 very good review man

GrumpyDude says:

also the soldering on the heatbad was done by someone with very little experience soldering

Vertiqo says:

And on my Ultrabase is a Buildtak attached, sadly i never managed to get it to work. :/

IEleMenTIx says:

Thanks for the review. Waited so long for a positive Chiron review. Now I don’t want it anymore if there are so many QC issues. I ordered the CR-10s instead. In my opinion still a good choice. I wanted the chiron to be really popular but you never know. Its a brand new product with no community while the the CR10 has really great support groups

d0c13dff943c5b67f411732304b6f46f says:

I have the same fan noise on my Mega, after a couple minutes they start spinning normally. Very noisy still, will probably change them.

CTRang045 says:

This is what chinese 3d printer brands do these days. They make a new printer, send it out to their customers as an “experimental unit” for them find problems and basically to do their R&D to save them a lot of money on testing. because chinese 3d printers are expected to be so cheap they also save a lot on QC. So they get a lot of feedback to fix things, improve this or that, and maybe add a new feature. Okay they fix the major issues and start shipping them. Problem solved right? Wrong. Now the first buyers are stuck with a faulty or improperly working unit, take the ender 3 for example if you were to buy one now you would get a slightly different machine than if you would have bought it at release. Also remember that every dollar you add to the original price tag will result in less buyers. Many people find the Creality CR-X to expensive at $800 eventhough they have been wanting all these new features. I reccomend checking out makers muse his video about this problem for a more detailed explaination.

Anson Cording says:

I think I’ll cancel my order.
First of all, the Chiron was listed as being in stock when I ordered from Aliexpress at the end of July but then I find it’s a pre-order – AFTER THE FACT. This is deceptive. I was also tod told yesterday I may have to wait a further 20 days before it’s even sent.
Then I see this review and find out that a few of the users in the Anycubic support group (Facebook) have received either poorly assembled machines (they still have STAMPED QC cards in them though) another user had a completely smashed touchscreen.

You have locked down proprietary firmware which basically “hobbles” the users ability to configure the machine to their liking. – the Chiron is starting to look like a bad deal.

Mohamed Mostafa says:

Could you mention the type of heat bed thermal insulation you used ?

Chemical Artist 3d says:

Im happy to see Primafilaments gets slowly more attention. I’m not gonna say its the best of the best but its one with the lowest rates of failures (knots,blobs,filament breaking etc.) that i ever had! When they would start making refills for the Masterspool they would take over the market by storm!

Alex K. says:

What thermal camera did you use to measure hotend?

Gore Shade says:

As a aspiring 3d printer (don’t have one yet, but learning) your reviews are awesome!

I can’t help but thinking that my first printer will require a massive rebuild like I see you and other 3d print reviewers always having to do with these units. I understand that these are pre-production units but still, this is pretty bad. Anycubic seems to be a hot property currently, but their out the door quality control is scary.

You seem to know exactly how to diagnose and repair the issues you find, do all 3d printing enthusiasts need to know these skills? Or do you pick them up as you go?

Anton Winter says:

thanks heaps for all the information. it really looks like a great printer, but it looks like anycubic have to get their quality checks going

DogsofWarsaw says:

So, if you have already ordered one you are basically screwed?

Joe Blue says:

now i don´t want this printer anymore….

Educating Savvas says:

Nice review but oh no, that noise – and the fan noise. I wish they reduce the volume of the the start up beeping. I took my speaker off my i3 mega printer.

Rick B says:

Does the Chiron have a heatbead that covers the entire 400×400 bed or is the heating part only that middle pad that shows on the video?

JohannesMP says:

Definitely hoping they work out some of the QC issues in future revisions. I’ve been very happy with my i3 Mega, but also wouldn’t mind having a much larger print volume, not to mention that bed leveling.

Mustafa Saltuk says:

please give me a 3d printer I need a lot. my channel

Cat 3D says:

Thank you very much for the honest review. Interesting leveling solution. The wires that are soldered to the hot bed don´t look very safe! It´s not nice that they send out a printer that has not been checked properly!

Missouri Drone Guy says:

I really wanted to like this printer, hopefully they are watching and will resend updated one for review…

Scott Weeding says:

Smashing review. Well done. It is shameful that 3d printer manufacturers send out such poor quality products. It seems to be almost industry wide.

Enoch Root says:

Fantastic review as usual, I bought a Flashforge finder and kossel linear on the strength of your reviews and I’m absolutely loving them thankyou

andrew black says:

Hey! great review. Honestly, most of the issues are related to any printer of this caliber. I had to replace the fans on my ender 3. Change the vref on the steppers, lots of stuff. But I guess it depends on how much it costs in comparison to the Wanhao D9, or CR-10 S4, and how they are marketing it. Otherwise, most people buy these printers knowing that they have to check all the fittings and how it moves and things of that nature. All in all, that last tower looked amazing and alot of people would be VERY happy with that, even after those issues you had.

wekker090 says:

Thx for the fair review

Samuel Pinches says:

Your printer reviews are really thorough, and you have an eye for details! Great review.

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