Anet E10 3D Printer Review – The CR-10 Killer?

Chuck unboxes, assembles and reviews the Anet E10 3D printer on this episode of Filament Friday. Some have compared this printer to the Creality CR-10 but Chuck gives you his honest summary of what he found including a look into the electronics and print quality. Check it out.

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TheTheGuinness says:

Cheap bad CR-10 copy. Nothing else. CR-10 rocks! says:

Its interesting to have watched the pawn mature [in quality] since the XYZ days! I still use the two XYZ’s to print rough stuff as the detail on them stinks compared to the newer printers…

TheLeverHunter says:

That’s model is so disappointing, good review and honest.

Deathlok67 says:

Bad engineering on the hot end seems to be a common point in the reviews for this printer. At this point it’s like buying a box full of expensive parts that the buyer will have to engineer into a working printer. There are other printers out there at a similar price that do not need to be tweeked to this extent… I will stick with my Monoprice 3P and my home-built Hypercube.
Thanks for the review Chuck, cheers.
– Eddy

screwyluie says:

so the Anet’s have a history of catching fire due to thermal runaway and here we have a hotend temp sensor that just sits in a hole and proof that the thermal runaway has been disabled in the firmware… holy hell, when is this company going to stop making fire hazards?

smokeydops says:

Good idea: Heater and thermistor installation. I mean, at least I know exactly where it is, and can trace it back to the board (easily), unlike with a Wanhao.

Bad idea: Almost everything else

FaszinationDestination says:

When comes the next 154 Dollar 3d printer Video?

x9x9x9x9x9 says:

Saw this coming

Schuyler Ferris says:

thanks chuck for the video

Average Joe 3D Printing says:

good review and a proper one

Jimmy Shaw's Tidbits says:

Yeah… that doesn’t hold a candle to the CR-10. Awesome video my friend. And Happy Birthday!

rob viggers says:

I think that was a fair review and I agree it has a lot of potential, from an engineering perspective we are once again victims of a chinese revolution, first they brought us 3D printing for the masses with their cheap i3 style machines which Utube reviewers should be thankful for as without them they would not have the exposure they have today, I think with the birth of these all metal, easy to assemble, electronics enclosed we can say goodbye to the somewhat complicated Prusa i3 style kts, this is like a grown up mechano set and I suspect will be welcome by many out there irrespective of whether it is a E10, CR10 or Tronxy etc, the use of extrusion for strength and stability and the addition of Delrin type compound wheels is a good move, compound type wheels are used in industry for motion control a lot as they have a lot of benefits which will also benefit 3D printing, they are stable and quiet, inexpensive to maintain and the biggest advantage is as a shock absorber, in my experiments I have identified a lot of the artifacts are the result of metal to metal bearing noise causing shock waves through the machine.The only real achilles heel I see on the E10 is the X carriage but this is easily solvable by buying a length of 2020 V slot and changing it out for the T slot, or fit rails that will bolt onto the T slot and add V wheels and eccentric nuts to the carriage, probably a 5 dollar openbuilds carriage plate already drilled would be the answer, print a spacer for the heatsink and reorganise the fan, but I have to agree with Chuck perhaps the price should be a bit lower.I am an early retired electrical engineer and with my redundancy bought a Ultimaker 3 and a Up Mini just for ABS, I have had more fun with my kit machines like the A8 and others, at the end of the day whether you spend 3k or 300 on a printer you still get the same problems, bed adhesion, layer adhesion, artificacts and failed prints, my UM has a bad habit of stopping in the middle of a print for a unknown reason but my A8 slightly modified prints like a boss so thats how things are. In conlusion I would like to add I am not stranger to 3DP and CNC and yes I have ordered a E10 mainly because I think it is a reasonable machine with some good possibilities for some quick mods, just my opinion.
Regards, RobUK

Will Herrington says:

buy a Anet A6 please

Bruce Nevins says:

Been looking for our 3rd machine, I will give this one a skip. Thank you.

brian whittle says:

It has the same problem the Anet A8 has, the heat cartridge and thermistor is only held on with one grub screw and eventually, it’s going to fail. There are a few things about this printer that are problematic. Relying on QC to expect everything in the box to be properly connected means you are going to be let down eventually. The connection of the Z motors to the frame with one screw on a piss poor bracket is asking for trouble.
It could be a good printer with a bit of tweaking, by all accounts it prints great, just the implementation is lacking in what’s supposed to be an easy setup low tech knowledge 3d printer.

iuries says:

Allow me to not agree: in fact FETs are much colder than the drivers

reasonablebeing says:

Disappointing. A printer with this print volume has a market for folks who don’t have the space for a CR-10, but not the current version of the E10.

rwfracing says:

Very nice review. Looks like the Anet E10 has issues. I would like to get a CR-10 but I don’t have room for because of my FT-5. That thing is a beast. LOL

Themonsters546 says:

did the threaded rods come lubricated out of the box?

Paul Cumber says:

Hey chuck how it going my friend

Victor García says:

“+300USD and you get a lot of potential”
Well, at +400USD you have the CR10 and no need for potential, its already done

Nosuké Morback says:

It can be a really good printer but i think many improvement must be done !

BurninGems says:

looks sketchy to me.

3D Printing Nerd says:

I like how in depth you went on this one, and did some recommendations about the electronics. Thank you, Chuck.

balancenoptions1322 says:

I dont think it will take much to make it a good printer but the price tag needs to change on it

NLTMW says:

“totally unacceptable” “marginal” “wires about ready to break” “really really marginal” “that’s bad” “not good” The build size is significantly smaller than the CR-10 at 220 x 270 x 300mm. Doesn’t seem like the E10 met it’s goal. Thanks for giving an honest review.

Antonio Salotti Neto says:

Well done Chuck! You’re one of the good guys in there that are not pushing things you don’t support – congratulations!

the German Printing Nerd says:

Personally I would buy a CR-10

3dBox says:

Great and important review!, consumers deserve good products, I cant imaging how come a company that is in the 3d printing bussines for a while releases this products, an expensive bad copy, maybe it look promesing while you have the energy and time to fix it, and how long is going to last, the dented rober to move the axis, the end stops, the main board… thanks for the review Chuck as always honest and right on time.

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