Anet A8 – The best cheap DIY 3D printer in 2018?

It’s 2018 and any 3D printer worth buying will cost $1000 or more, right? After years of following desktop 3D printing I chose the Anet A8 as my first step into 3D printing. I wanted to prove that this cheap $160 DIY 3D printer isn’t necessarily total junk.

If you want to get into 3D printing and your goal is to open the box, plug in the printer, and start printing quality prints, you shouldn’t get this printer. However, if you’re like me and you really enjoy the building and fine tuning process just as much as using the machine, I would highly recommend this printer. This printer allowed me to delve into the world of 3D printing without breaking the bank.

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Daniel Saint says:

Wait? Blue = LIVE and Brown = NEUTRAL? That is the opposite to Europe (UK, at least)

Jewish Person says:

I learned a few things about the a8. You want the gear belts to be tight but not stretched. Your h plate is upside down. The instructions for it are wrong. Do all the 3d print upgrades for the a8 and you’ll get industrial prints. It works better on Linux than it does on Windows. Alternatively it works great on a rooted Chromebook. Windows seems to have issues with it. You can fix the nozzle flow issue by drilling it out. Sand paper is your best friend.

Thomas Veach says:

Dude, I like the way you did this. Clean, straight to the point. No music or special effect distractions. Makes me wanna buy a Anet A8 and I’m not even looking for a 3D printer.

MustangPuller05 says:

What model and brand is this printer

Jason F says:

get this and them print a reprat.

TomHolmez12 says:

You said right at the start that printers worth buying are over 1000 dollhairs but the prusa i3 mk2s is an absolutely solid printer with excelent print quality for alot less that 1000

A G says:

its so frustrating and hard to finetune in cura after solving bed adhesion problem @_@ It might also be because of the cheapass PLA that I bought.

Bran onymous says:

lol, in fairness, that’s more of a screwgun than a drill


I want to try 3D printing but the software side of things leaves me cross eyed. Guess I’m just too computer illiterate to really make a go.

Kenneth Branch jr says:

Wow good video , I got it! for only 149 and all the upgrade power parts too.

petfrogg says:

How does the boat look like if you print it today?

Jia Lisa says:

Anet A8 is really good 3d printer. Also anyone can afford it! There are many groups on Face book.

GaudyMarrko says:

I own one of those printers too, and making it work and improving it was a fun little hobby when I was new to 3D printing and had time to spare. However, the sheer number of quality issues and calibration problems you’re going to experience makes it way too frustrating to deal with long term especially if you need something reliable and user friendly that your coworkers can figure out. So honestly you get what you pay for.

Faelan Redmond says:

the anycubic delta is a superior kit in my opinion

Electric Fun says:

good work,
where you buy this printer?
please past a link

MV says:

Why do not you use a normal scrwdriver,that thing is so flimsy

Leo theChibowow says:


Ben Phillips says:

DO NOT buy this off eBay. It’s essentially a shot in the dark on there if you’ll actually get an Anet if you order an Anet. There’s a very real possibility that you’ll get a TronXY if you order off eBay. It’s not the end of the world if you’re stuck with a TronXY, but it’s a knockoff of the A8 (which itself is a knockoff Prusa). GearBest is the most reliable source for these things that I know of.

ejonesss says:

some electronics connects a resistor from the metal parts to the neutral wire of the cord.

wiring it backwards can liven up the body of the device at a very low current since the resistor limits the current too.

lamp sockets if you reverse the wires you liven up the threaded part of the light socket and that is very bad because there you have no resistor to limit the current so you can get zapped very bad.

since the 3d printer is a computer device reversing the wires can send line voltages back through to the computer if the device connects to the computer directly via like usb or ethernet

seawardspy 1531 says:

Hey man,i have the same printer.but i rilly wana know how you got it for 160$ mine was 250$

Thomas D Harrell says:

Nice! A not so nice way to tell if the AC is right is if you get touch it tingles its wrong!
But i bet your way does not have any of that bc you got it right

cole williams says:

can you tell us the temperatures you used for pla bed and extruder

aussie rc flyer says:

I love my ANET A8. I Bought a cheap $3 picture frame from a discount shop and removed the glass and place that on my heat bed. I then use folder clips to attach it to the bed.(It’s easier and faster to level the bed with a true flat surface)
I give the glass a very light mist of hair spray before placing it on the bed .
And after a big print i remove the glass give it a wipe down with paper towel and methylated spirits (alcohol) another very light mist of hair spray, clip the glass back on and its good to go again.( never had a print lift ).
Great vid .

raptorms773 says:

You have an electrical engineering degree? What school did you go to?

Creative 3D says:

can you shout out my channel and what other videos should I make

SanguiniusStrayDogs says:

hi nice video,just a quick question,can you provide some info about the settings for the steppers? steps per mm feedrates etc.
do you have the firmware?
thank you very much

Tony the DIYer says:

I almost watched this video until the ad would not allow me to skip, some kind of hack, looks like. I had to watch a 50 second ad without the option to skip. That is why I skipped this video.

Philip Erren says:

Cool Video! Maybe you are interested in my DIY Smart Alarm Clock:

Prakash Group says:

How to print in 3d printer by using laptop and which app

Ben Portman says:

Had a8, now have e10. E10 is quick to build, has better mother board, better psu and has an aluminium frame. No contest.

Jouke Seinstra says:

That was nuts

gymkhanadog says:

I’ve been running an Anet A8 now for 2 years without any measure of major issue. I saved myself a massive amount of headache and installed a BLTouch after about 6 months. OMG that was one of the best $20 I’ve ever spent. I now never have to level my printer. It only fails to level 1 out of every 15 times or so. I simply re-start the print and it behaves.
I’m now just about to start printing TPU with my A8. I’ve put PLA, ABS and Nylon through it so far with NO printing/extruding issues.

AJax says:

brown is always live, blue is always neutral


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Erich Tesky says:

PLA = kapton tape + cleaning with rubbing alcohol , and use windex to put the kapton tape on the bed;)))

All Things M3 says:

Excellent checking the wiring to make sure that you have proper earth. People don’t know how dangerous that can be, hooked up backwards. Good catch.

dvanw6 says:

Best upgrade you can ever do to the Anet A8 is Belt tensioners

MrAbletospeak says:

I just built mine. The print quality is amazing.
I bought it as a starter and was going to buy a better one, but this seems to be as good as any.

Seth Albert says:

It’s a great first printer. Build an enclosure and print abs with no problems.

Achim Schklömer says:

Thats Crank screwdriver is super cool. Where can One buy these ? What are they called?

Freddy Muggs says:

I love my cheap printer!!!!

Nerd Spark says:

The biggest design flaw with these types of printers is the lack of rigidity in the Z axis frame where the material is missing in the vertical support which causes it to wobble side to side with the weight of the extruder giving reduced quality prints. One solid piece of material for the Z axis frame will mitigate this problem significantly but many manufacturers unfortunately cut corners in this area.

Please check out our video where we discuss this issue on a 3D printer similar to the one reviewed here:-

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

A good quality printer is determined by the quality of the parts used to make it. If you have to start dumping money into it to make it work properly ( upgrades if you want to call it that) Clearly using that wacky screwdriver tells me you are inexperienced at anything mechanical. It scares me to see those with no electronics skills buying these things. Lose that pathetic screw driver.

Kevin Guy says:

Great lil printer, Kids bought me one. I’ve made a good few mods, printer produces pretty good results now, though it really needs a better power supply. The one it comes with though sufficient is not exactly safe and is at its limit.

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