Anet A8 – BEST DIY 3D Printer Kit (2017) – Full Review!

Anet A8 is one HELL of a DEAL! Follow me from unboxing through 1st print w/ the BEST cheap DIY 3D printer out there the Anet A8!

PRICING & DETAILS: (Flash sale @ 152.99! 6/15/2017)
COUPON: A8desktop ($30 USD off)




INTRO – 0:00 – 2:20
BUILDING 1/3 – 3:30 – 4:45
BUILDING 2/3 – 4:45 – 5:40
BUILDING 3/3 – 5:40 – 6:50
SOFTWARE: 6:50 – 10:30
PRINTING: 10:30 – 13:30
OUTRO: 13:30 – END


20020gamer says:

A6 or A8 what is better

Grand Mage says:

I have a small issue…well major. I get my bed perfectly leveled, but when I print, my duct fan crashes into all my prints, thus messing them all up. Iv tried without the fan but its really poor quality.

olycrafter says:

nice video

William Taylor says:

In australien, the lord sayeth, blolw muuuuuuuuy fouuuuuur leuuuuuuf clouuuuuuver awauuuuuuh, ithough, juuuust blouuuuw iuuutt awauuuu. I think about, it might be a lettr

JunkY BuildZ says:

hey…did this have auto leveling or no?

MC Donald says:

Hey man, great review – would you recommend buying the auto-levelling system with it as well (it’s very cheap) for a noob like me?!

Gadget Friendly says:


BlexTune says:

Can I use it with the 220V input ?
I mean if the power input is 110V or 220V?

Kevin Foster says:

Just finished assembly of my printer and went to look for the files on the included SD card and it was empty. No files AT ALL. I don’t suppose you could point me to a download, or perhaps share your files through Dropbox? TIA!

Mike vom Mars says:

Does the printer neccessarily have to be connected to the PC? I’ll have to place the printer ~5m away from my computer, so I guess connecting via USB is not an option for me :-/

Marko Vegano says:

I work in clay. And want I am wanting to do is make clay stamps of my customers logo. ANd I would like to custom make stamps that I design in Corel or Illustrator. Or any software compatible with this 3D printer that comes with it or that I can buy. I want to know before I buy the Anet A8. Also, want spool of this plastic line do I get and from where? Thank you.

Big Kids says:

A box! LOL

DedicatedAssassin says:

Describing the box is always a very important step.

Bigboy Games says:

you have to put a fan on the printer to fix the bottom part

Teo Jerah says:

how is it that the print can stick to your print bed without you peeling off the sticker !!! Amazing !!!

Mack7mle says:

I’m not intimidated by assembly, so this be a good option for my first 3d printer?

Buzz Saxton says:

When I mount my SD card It keeps looping the “Omni 3d printer, A8, Welcome to omni”message. How can i fix this to get the board to recognise the 3d card?

Simon Achton says:

The “elephant foot” as you call it can’t be avoided when you print in the orientation you print the part in. The curve of the lower side of the part was tangent to the print bed, therefore the print would stick to the print surface with only one layer, this isn’t possible. Next time you print, orient the part so as much surface as possible is resting on the build plate.

Lizza Monti says:

is this thing FULLY compatible with windows 10?

Rob Fern says:

No Mac software? Where did you get that cradle for your PLA spool?

Colin Rock says:

Hey man don’t print stuff like that vertically print it horizontally with support structures for no “elephants foot”

FaizQ12 says:

Are those white pieces of your printer included in the box or did you create them yourself?

gexmofia says:

Nice review. If i ever decide to get one from someone else “review”, ill make sure to watch your tutorial when i put it together.

Justin Schubert says:

nice dude see my Videos.

West Georgia Classics says:

Why does every 3D printing video I have watched ALWAYS download someone else’s files?
I have watched 15 videos and no one prints their own drawing on them.
Does anyone out there let you know what files to use (step files,drw files etc)?
Or how the download goes. I would really like to buy one but there is know helpful
info on any of these video’s. You get to see it print watch it set up but no loading
and software needed. I have paid a lot of money to have parts made and have had the
cad files made but have no idea if they are compatible. Ant ideas?

Firas Helou says:

hello Gadget Friendly,
nice review, i have a question please, is it possible to sell products made with Anet A8 and chinese 3d printers (new chinese generation of printers)?

goldridder says:

Best intro ever!

Fish Man says:

Seen a video that showed making a new circular cooling piece an also replacing the threaded spool rod with a slick non threaded one and I stopped all issues with this printer. Like the elephant foot and the smooth spool rod allows the filament to rotate a bit smoother coming off the spool. Just figured I would share. I ordered  one and I will be using your video to put it together so thank you in advance for the how to. It was great.

Roovi says:

I am probably way late to the party but I was curious how big is this thing when you are done building it? like how much room does it take up and how much room would you suggest to have

ShadyCreekFarm's Josh Alexander says:

so does it come with cooling fans that cool the extruded plastic or will i need to buy those

Old, bald fat man says:

Thanks for the video, especially the part where you said you’ve never done this before. Looking at building interiors for 1/35th scale armor and 1/32nd diecast cars.

x9x9x9x9x9 says:

Thanks for doing this. I just ordered an anet a8 about an hour ago and I think this will be extremely helpful. I ordered mine from ebay instead of gearbest. The ebay one was $5 more than the gearbest flash sale BUT it ships from the US (should be here in 5ish days) and it came with a roll of filament.

rick Woz says:

Ref: Anet A8 – DIY 3D Printer Kit Hello.  Where can I find info on the ‘better cooling nozzle’ you mention iv a video for this printer ?Thank you.

Simon Hager says:

Will I be able to do the software part on a mac?

Jesse Wood says:

“We are going to be reviewing a box. This is.. a rectangular shaped box. It has a beige color to it, and it is able to hold a significant amount of volume.”

Hahaha, laughed so hard at this.

Caleb Kowalski says:

At 6:26 I notices you have different wire covers than what was provided in the box. Where did you get those/what are they? They look much nicer and more secure than the wire covers that come with the printer

Jaspreet Singh says:

this is my major project for

Antonio Beirao says:

Hey friend, does it come with the printer bed included?

mitchell hirsch says:

just ordered this exact printer!! i am excited!!! i made a good choice obviously!! thanks for the helpful review!!

EthanC31 says:

If you had the Arduino Uno Starter Kit it’s kinda easier to understand (Especially the LCD ones)

Warrick Reck says:

I liked that box review

Ezequiel Vazquez says:

Nas. This thing is cheap too… I got the reprapguru i3 v2, double the price and probably on par in regards to this in quality… damn.

LILTRadio says:

I need to buy a box…

Matt Pentasuglia says:

I subscribed because of the first :25. Classic

Siana Gearz says:

I think first thing to print is a protective shield for the power supply, so you don’t end up touching the live AC voltage.

Abrar Ali says:

hey I saw a video about making a dark Knight or a Deadpool mask. do you think this printer can make one of those??

Ashley Miler says:

Watching this video has helped me decide on the Anet A8 as my first 3D printer, thanks allot!

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