Anet A3 – BEST CHEAP Fully Assembled 3D Printer (2017) – Full Review!

Follow me from unboxing through 1st print w/ the BEST cheap FULLY assembled 3D printer out there the Anet A3!




Arshdeep Thind says:

Does it have a heated bed, and whats the max print speed?

Martain skason says:

Hello, I have sent and email to your email address, Look forward to your reply.

Daniel Mages says:

A3 or A6? What do you think?

Mdamiem says:

+1 sub

Gal Kremer says:

Thank you for the review. I should get this printer tomorrow 🙂
Do you know if it supports TPU? Some places states it does, but I am not sure about it…

chopper82p says:

I don’t trust your reviews. Every 3D printer you’ve reviewed is the “best…”

How can you call these printers all the best if you have no other 3D printers to compare against. Watching your other reviews also, I haven’t heard you listing ANY cons for the printers you’ve reviewed. You seem like a very dishonest reviewer, I can’t trust your reviews. Lemme guess, your agreement with the companies that sent you the 3D printer is to omit any cons or things you don’t like about them. CORRECT me if I’m wrong. Theres no way in hell that you like everything about every printer you review. I’ve yet to hear you criticize one.

Robert Jung says:

you constantly saying 1mm layer height instead of 0.1mm… that’s a big difference. otherwise you did a great review ! thumbs up 😉

Aggin Ym says:

Is the table too small in your opinion?
Better than CR-10?
Can I use any program I want?
Would you recommend this for a beginner for under 400 dollar price range?
Any better ones that are fully assembled (should I worry about assembling?)?

Gatryk says:

Great review man! Considering to buy a 3D printer! I’m subing!

Paul Cumber says:

can you run abs filament

Gear of Gaming says:

10:42 song name

Dwight Ligori says:

Now THIS is a review!! I’m subscribing

Asada Adada says:

Please dont use black filament ,use white so we can see

ai van says:

Why does everyone print that boat thing?

Lior Bar-El says:

bro im having problems printing tall things. it prints everything flat but if i print something that is a bit high like 3inches off the floor it would make a stringi mess

Masterpj555 says:

its impressive for the price… but the problem is the acrylic.. its now sturdier with it being a box and all but whats the point of having a box when the printer is so light that you can not really print faster at all.. normally this is an advantage of a printer like this

Isaac quan says:

Hello gadget friendly!!Thank you for the great video!!Have you seen the cetus 3D printer? It is really good and they are planning to have a heated bed as a add on next week!!!Hope you would do a review on it, it wont be a waste of you time!!:)Ps(They are very responsive and supportive !)

Colin Klapka says:

Did you have to level the bed … I must have missed that portion?

Christian says:

can you also use flexible filament with this printer? because it only says “preheat PLA” and “preheat ABS”

Andrew Bok says:

Can I get a link to the dragon model? Couldn’t find it on thingiverse by a quick low effort search

DroneXFun says:

I was considering the Monoprice select mini for its ease of use and nice looking prints without any fuss. How truly easy was it to get a nice looking print? I just want it to work. Thanks a million.

justabust fpv says:

can this printer handle tpu?

Alfredo Gomez says:

What’s the best android box for live streaming under $40

Sc Rc says:

Great review. Keep up the good work

Lior Bar-El says:

i have this but the 2017 edition can u show me how to put in the filament i tried putting in the abs but it would not let it in at all.

TheMrtiny04 says:

Great review!!!

Hassan Tohme says:

Hi Gadget Friendly. Very thorough review. Thank you.
But how can I decide wich printer I need if I want to print
a case for my iphone ?? for example.
or an ornement of 4 x 2 inches ??
and wich material should I use ??

Evan Stoudt says:

Am I right in saying that the A8 is better than the A3

Ralphie Vigg says:

Reduce your infill overlap percentage, your infill is showing on the outside of the model.

Mother_Herd says:

how much is the first one?

mastershokhan says:

So…no leveling? or did I miss that?

asem hawari says:

Ok then, question. Is this better than the a8?

Paul Curtis says:

Nice Unboxing/First Look/Review. Side note, if you’re printing things like that bracket you set up in cura, thicker layers are stronger in theory, and usually in practice too.

OverlordNanie says:

Fantastic review! Thanks for being so detailed!

TechyRodsWire says:

Bought one should be here in few days, it’ll be my 2nd printer . Hoping to have a good experience with it

Ian Colquhoun says:

Hey, where you been hiding?

A A says:

Defiantly subbed

DeadHippie62 says:

Will Not use Gear Best…. Tried to order the ANET A8 thru them and they came back and told me they could not ship standard and had to charge me extra money for fees…..

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