ADIMLab 3D Printer Review

The long and awaited ADIMLab 3D printer video is here. Sorry it took so long to get out to you guys, but its here and I hope to bring you guys some more videos soon and get a good recoding schedule set for you guys. Anyways, thanks for watching. Make sure to like and subscribe and I will see you all later.

3D Printer Used:

PLA Used:

Computer Used:

Music Used:


mast3rbug says:

The filament detector dont go in this direction, must be vertical

June K. says:

I got this printer 2 weeks ago. It is my first 3D printer so I have nothing to compare it to, but I like it. It was really easy to put together and so far, the few times I used it, it worked great. The prints are nice and exactly the way they are supposed to be. That said, I am wondering if you could tell me what settings you used, when setting this printer up. I only used ‘Repetier’ so far, and I had to do nothing really, however, when I try other software, they ask me to specify printer specs such as print area, nozzle size and what not. Any idea what I should enter? Thanks for posting.

YoBoiElite says:

i just got the same one the other day but im having issue with print quality and i think its because the extruder kept running into the print in some places if you know how to fix please let me know thanks

Patrick says:

Could I just add small bearings there on the spool holder to easily turn the spool?

Amina Jahan says:

What is the software that you used for this printer

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