A Noob’s 3D Printer Review – Creality CR-10 Mini

Time to have a look at the CR-10’s Little brother.

Disclaimer – This printer was sent to me by gearbest for review. all thoughts in this video are my own based on the experience i had with this unit. no money has exchanged hands for this review.

CR-10 Mini From Gearbest:
http://bit.ly/2yMjOxV – Use Code: CR10MINI ($339)

EU Warehouse: http://bit.ly/2gEQNMn
Use Code: CR10UK31 – $398.99

US Warehouse: http://bit.ly/2h97yzN
Use Code : GBCRUS – $368.99

CR-10S: http://bit.ly/2y45Om1
EU and US: GBCRSTN $456.75

Tevo (Gearbest): http://bit.ly/2lgK14z
USA Use Code Tornado1 ($359.99)
EU Use Code Tornados ($329.99)

Tevo Tornado (Direct non-affiliate): http://bit.ly/2xTovJa
Code: 3DPNT

Models Printed:
Death Trooper: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/death-trooper-32710
Spool Holder: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:32204
Forbidden Watchtower: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/forbidden-watchtower-46505
Flexible Octopus: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:159217

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danzca6 says:

That’s how you do a review. Great unbiased review showing a fair comparison of print quality. Doing great Joe!

xMusicx says:

Good review format, hardly even hear anyone mention the noise levels and most sound like adverts.

Thomas Gehrdes Jr says:

That Stormtrooper head turned out amazing!

Sol Tek Reviews says:

Really neat! I loved the cr10, but this is pretty cool

3D Maker Noob says:

I did manage to get a discount code from gearbest which lowers the price of the Mini to $339 – check the video description

Jean Seb Astienback says:

Talking about the relatively small difference in prices between a “big” CR-10 and its smaller bro, it’s the same problematic as kids’ shoes: it’s not because they’re tiny, that you manufacture them as easily as adults’ shoes 😉
I dare suspect that the CR-10 mini design was the matrix of the big ones. CReality states that CR-10 mini’s PCB and al are military grade… then support long very long hours of continued operation

Martijn de Man says:

I can t wait, till you get the Felix 3D Kit 🙂

Cleorina says:

i don’t like like mini for me…

JAYTEE Tompkins says:

Thanks Joe. Great format. A consistent set of tests does make sense. Cheers

Mark G says:

Great review. Probably the best tested and in depth printer review I’ve seen.
I had a CR-10 S4, and the problem I had with echos I’m sure was due to the weight of the 400×400 print bed. I would imagine that if ine doesn’t need to print larger that 220mm in one direction, this version would have a slightly better print quality than a CR-10 or S4.

Richard Boyce says:

Great review and format, keep them coming please. Would be interested to hear the result of your investigation into the section shift.

TexRobNC says:

I like this style, would love to see more in the same style

Peter Bermingham says:

I personally like review’s with consistent tests, yes they may be repetitive to some people that want to see what Cool things you can print BUT I think it is the only way to get a “real” Benchmark between Different printers.

James Franks says:

Great review approach!!

Yoqsetioxd says:

Hi, i have an anet 8 and barely fits on my table, im thinking on buying this one, will it fit? its bigger than the anet ¿ thanks

Void lon iXaarii says:

hi. I”m writing not just to thank you for yet another great and professional review, but in particular to congratulate you for your new even more systematic and standardized approach which should hopefully allow more comparison between printers. Especially i’m hoping it will be a solution to the problem i kept seeing: manufacturers keep putting some big numbers on their machines when it comes to printing speeds, some put 80, some 120, some like in this case 200, yet in real life it turns out differently. For example I’m currently printing mostly on a Prima Creator P120, which is i think a here in Germany re-branded (obviously more expensive 😛 ) Mp select mini, and here too they say something like 55mm/s. After experimenting around i actually print with it only around 35-45mm, and it’s cases like this where i hope you’ll develop a system to differentiate between the pie-in-the-sky promises of the manufacturers and the max speed at which a user who wants consistent max speed but at quality will do in his actual use.

I saw for example you did an introduction for beginners series on another mp select mini type model, i’d be super curious if you were to give that a “realistic max speed” where you’d put that one, just like with the CR 10 and future printers. I hope in the future speeds will keep rising, but especially alongside with print sizes, since, like you mentioned in this review, maybe the wife might not like it if i printed big at the cost of always printing. I have a hope here with the growing trend of printers which save for power-off, which i hope to one day use to pause the printing in the evening and to resume next morning not to disturb the sleep of anybody.

capitaine1med says:

nice review , i dont understand what happen with ABS filament , doesn not supported by this printer or what ? because i already order one a week ago from aliexpress .

4FunRC says:

Too bad all the links are with GearBest coz they just shafted me with an email saying I need to pay more $ for shipping six (6) days after my order (Shipping to US) was accepted, and of course paid. WTH? Disappointing. Them sonsabitches! Saved me money, LOL!
PS: You’ll not see any (I haven’t) links to Banggood. Wonder why? Haha!
And GB doesn’t have any in stock and the shipping dates keep getting farther out. ‘:○ Last week the dates where October 25th-ish now November-ish.

NPG3D says:

This made me think of a way to empirically evaluate Benchies. It requires a perfectly machined Benchy, an excellent 3D scanner, and a program which compares their dimensions categorically.

Brian Webster says:

I like this style of review. A standard set of settings and models testing various features are a great comparison tool.

Yannick Morand says:

I don’t understand why you don’t have more suscribers …I put you in the same group as Joel, Thomas and Angus. Keep up the good work!
Btw I’ve just googled Malta …how long does it take you to receive your stuff? I’m pretty sure you don’t have a 3D Print Store nearby 😉

Roy Snidow says:

Great review and review format Joe. May I suggest you also do the same tests on either the Sigma and / or the Prusa MK2S as a base from which to compare. Then we would know how a particular printer does as compared to known good printers.

Bruno Magnavita says:

This review was awesome! Definitily you are becoming the best reviewer channel on 3D Printing, always very tecnical and assertive! You could use his method to review the anicubic i3 mega upgraded version!

Rich Dominelli says:

I like this style of review, but would it be possible for you to cover how you would dial the calibration in? I have a CR10 and would love to a video on that

André Marques says:

Did you already tried Tevo Tornado? I would like to see your review

Jasphere Rindou says:

Dimension error is good metric for the print quality! I had hard time to sand down parts that need to be glued together because the dimension is off.

Print quality at the maximum height is also a good test. Usually I don’t go for the full height but tend to leave a 10 ~ 20 mm margin for maximum height if I have to print large object.

As for the benchy with different print speed, I would love to see the actual printing time comparison. For example, 30mm/s finish printing in 45 minutes, 50mm/s finish printing in 38 minutes, etc. etc.

Lastly I would like some metrics on how the support printing is performing. Can the support be peeled off easily. Does the support leave significant marks on the print.

Rafael Sepulveda says:

Great job Joe, no more code for the CR-10 for 319 kept trying no luck .Damn

KryptonicLoser says:

Hey man I have kinda a random question but until I started watching ur vids I knew absolutely nothing about Malta and I love history and hearing it taught by someone then just reading about it but would it be possible to do a historical tour or even just a tour in general I would love to see what it’s like there n I’ll probably never get the opportunity to see it in person thanks in advance have an awesome day man

Renato Alvares says:

The tests at the end are very good, I would like to see how the CR-10s scores. Thanks

Jean Seb Astienback says:

I just discover your channel and I’m really pleased. It’s instructive and helpful. You’re right with the methodology: printing a same and significant set of models makes more sense than dedicating a video for each model which could end up pretty boring.
Thank you for your videos.
If you happened to print with ABS filament again on this printer, I would appreciate you share your experiment.

carvalheiro manuel says:

Hello, I really liked it and I think you should continue. So we can better understand the real potential of the machines. Thank you

Ariel Correa says:

Best Review so far! Really enjoy the new format. Offers a much better picture of where the printer sits amongst cost to quality.

Stephen Eddy says:

Thanks for the video. Nice review. What turntable do you use to video the models?

Louis Koerner says:

I like this type of review.the fact i can see what the printers can handle with different filaments an see what the tolerants are. But the castle gave me an idea, how about printing a chess set with the pieces the size of the castle? Or to the max the printer can handle. An thank you for all the help an useful info. If like to see where your at with the anet a8 prusa i3. Thanks

Tc Berry says:

I like this new format Joe. It really helps. Maybe pasting screenshots of all your simplify and cura settings. There is a lot of them. I know that would help me.

Colin Hickey says:

I thought they were limited in the firmware to a lot lower than 200mms?

Ahmad Ilyas says:

I like the benchmarking method,
just add maker muse lattice cube, twisted lattice, snowflake lattice, newer version of lattice and the tolerance test

John says:

I had gotten tired of review videos once I had gotten my Prusa, but I really enjoyed this format. Looking forward to more like this.

philip dias says:

Regular cr-10 looks like a better deal. The cr-10s is much more expensive.

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