$5,000 3D Printer with MAGIC dissolving plastic!

3D printing still isn’t exactly mainstream, but if you can afford it, the Ultimaker 3 Extended is one badass piece of 3D printing machinery.

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bequiet! Pure Base 600: https://goo.gl/d7Ab01
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Intro Screen Music Credit:
Title: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana

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RomanMines 64 says:

Why is the intro 3d

William Cronin says:

boo 3d intro

cwbh10 says:

auto leveling bae

Anime Freak says:

I have the 2 +

Grapey says:

where can i download the intro?

Jayanth Chari says:

the 3d intro should be for all your vids

turtle hit by car says:

clearly you dont know what your talking about. anyone who has a 3d printer would know half the garbage you said is false.

s3_jarvis ! says:

Guys use this intro for your videos! It looks amazing.

Flufflebut says:

Still hasn’t fixed the inevitable tangling spool issue. Nice though, assuming calibration of the dual extruder isn’t too fiddly.

Default ¿ says:

Loved the intro…

xCCflierx says:

0:45 This seems extremely biased. You are saying a $2500 dollar machine you like to use is the reason 3d printing isn’t main stream. Are these automatically issues that will be faced with smaller cheaper printers? You can get a finished print with cheaper printers, but is it worth it? Is there the same rate of failed prints? Can we get more reviews on the lower end of 3d printers that are meant to be streamlined and main stream?

Lane Arias says:

prusa i3 mk3 is better, for those looking for a more affordable easy to use printer

Musthegreat 94 says:

Why don’t you use this intro all the time?

Trent Anderson says:

*really nice things*

Johnprogamez360 says:

wo that intro

Cookie Wookie says:

I like the intro

Jonno! And edgy says:

d-bridge at the t-top ov d-the thing

Creeper1202 says:

The intro tho

Hans Meier says:

So it didn’t turn out to be a gamechanger afterall but just went into another price class? Awesome!
3d printing is such a counter revolution!

Alien says:

I’ve bought a few 3D Printers, but WTF,.. Can’t you ever advertise 3D printers your actual subscribers can actually afford without having to save up for a Freaking Year?,… I’d love this Printer, but the expence!

FrozenSoul Gaming says:

I love the intro could you put it in your other vids

Kingkiller171 says:

So I got clickbaited huh? There it goes the abo 🙂

NyanimeGamer says:

Why dont you guys use this intro? Like, in the other / more recent vids?

DylbertGames says:

Just get a Creality CR-10. Then you’ll be happy


Someone did this by melting 4 filaments together to get CYMK 3D printing https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ

Lachlantopcat says:

I love the 3d intro keep it

Nitro Maniac says:

3d logo? 😀

Sentient2x says:

Ultimate is like the iPhone of 3d printers. The only difference is that they’re not complete rips offs.

DeadGenesis518 says:


Jonno! And edgy says:

Beard: mmm, mr luke? I don’t feel so good… (fades away) dr strange: hmmm lemme just rewind time

turtle hit by car says:

the gears are not melting the plastic. the plastic is revetting the pla filament. to avoid this you can clean the nozzle and if needed adjust the gears.

96 Kilobytes says:

that intro…

Tequila59 says:

I want that so much

Indonesian Gaming says:

The 3D Intro Is So Cool!!!

Zapz_Tv says:

Can this comment please get a like

scott ri says:

Listen m*********** as far as general public I can get a 3D printer right now for Less than a Xbox One and I don’t know how more General I am aßß hole …

Medelis 3D says:

way too expensive

noTmiZ says:

lol who watches crunchyroll?

Fyre says:

Mr. Linus, I don’t feel too good..

Connor mcwallace says:

Give away? I’m a broke 15 year old.

Johnprogamez360 says:

please keep that intro

J C says:

Beautiful hair, Sir.

Pugmorgan Plays says:

Do more 3D intro

Christian Piper says:

Wow. What a waste. You could give Ultimaker $5,000, or you could buy parts separately and get the same thing for less than a tenth of the price.

Code-Grammar says:

2:36 I hope his watch is waterproof!

Jack Whitman says:

Um or you can buy the Creatality CR 10

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