3DGence ONE #3DPrinter Review

In this episode I review the 3DGence ONE 3d printer, provided by Preet at DesignBox3D. This 3d printer is an amazing machine and built incredibly well. The quick change nozzle system and the ceramic build plate are unique features, but are they enough to make me tell you to buy it? Stay tuned.

3DGence ONE at DesignBox3D:

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Luke Tansell says:

I love that it has magnetic sides. So good for keeping drafts out…

Paulo Ricardo Blank says:

It won’t sell a dozen … very bad implementation…

fossil25 says:

Need bolts , screws, nuts? Check out boltdepot.com no I don’t know them and I am not affiliated with them. They don’t pay me. I do however buy their products. I can buy the exact sizes for my 3D print projects. Your welcome.

Salem Abualrous says:

I’m bored I might just go but another 3D printer

Rizwan Khan says:

Dude can’t wait for the raise3d review that looks like a beast !

David Smith says:

The z axis seems rather short on this printer, but is probably more than adequate for a set of dentures.  It may be interesting to create a chart of your printers (and any others you know the details of) where you work out the price divided by the build volume – so you end up with a cost/cubic mm for each printer.  Just a silly idea from a spreadsheet fan.   #HighFive

Andy C says:

Even if you had the money why should they get one of these instead of an Ultimaker or luzbot? If they really needed something with high detail they could get a FormsLab 2. You didn’t go into any of its electronics and user interface stuff. Sounds a lot like they gave you a printer to keep and therefore you gave it a good review… BAD!

Joe Archuleta says:

If your looking for the best 3d printers in the business you should see Preet @ designbox3d.com
He has mass portals, and many more, see this website

3D Printing Professor says:

Hey, Joel. Hate to be that guy (not really) but you really should attribute the creators of those models and link to where people can get them themselves.

Siker Boo says:

cool cool

R.A. Monigold says:

Not your fault, Big J, but toooo pricey for me. That said, it will make a FINE light industrial unit for the professionals among us.
signed Random McRanderson
Thanks for sharing…

Maker's Muse says:

I understand the price because of the huge manufacturing costs of Ball screws, Waterjet aluminium, and complicated (and custom!) hot end… but the conversion into AUD for me places it at $4600 bucks aud! That’s basically a cubicon single with the Hepa, mechanical levelling bed and actively heated, enclosed chamber. It feels to me that it’s a case of ‘shove high end parts’ into a ‘i3 style 3D printer’. Not convinced it was a great move, but just an objective view as I haven’t tried it out first hand.

J. Kerfoot says:

The printer is fancy cool but…that price is a punch in the shorts. My wife would murder me and sell the printer haha!

rickyay26 says:

Good lord it’s over 3k. That’s nearly half my tuition for college this semester. Would you be able to recommend a printer that has a decent build volume at a more affordable price?

Builder's Mark says:

Have to agree, it does look like good quality machine & prints, but price is a bit much for build size & adhesion issues. Great video Joel. Honest & fair….

Alvin Gozali says:

The price tag makes this a horribly bad deal.
If your argument is that this printer is targeted for professionals, then there are a LOT of other better professional printers out there.

alejandrinos says:

You should buy the cheapest chinese 3d printer kit you can find online and review it against one of you high end printers.

Scienteer says:

A lot of professionals strongly believe that price=performance. For 3D printers this correlation is especially weak amd many companies seem geared to exploit/capitalise this beleif. At least this is a good machine unlike some. ahem 3D systems. This one reminds me of the Leapfrog Xeed that costs about $8K.

Donald Dagen says:

I would imagine this printers MTBF is one of the highest of any printer below $5k…

Snakezase 29 says:

Joel I want a 3D printer badly but I don’t have the money to get one

Victor Chavez says:


Weston Will says:

I’ve been using a granite floor tile from the local hardware depot, it has a polished finish and it works very well for the material I use, PLA, PETG, ABS/Carbon. The down side, it’s heavy and takes a long time to heat up. If you remember to heat the bed as soon as you turn the printer on it doesn’t add too much to the print time. The super nice property of the granite is that once the print cools, no matter the material it just lifts off, no scraping or prying, just pick the print up off the bed. I use a modified SparkLabs SparkCube XL, it’s a CoreXY design with 3 stepper motors to lift the bed so the weight isn’t an issue.

rvdextron says:


jeevesme says:

Yeah, they can target whomever they like, but bottom line, it’s overpriced.

1afchannel says:

I think what you mean to say, that this printer is a little better then less expensive machines for a whole lot of money.

RJ Wilson says:

How do i combat overhangs without using supports?

gestalt3 says:

But it has orange acrylic sides and it’s pretty. I guess the hobby to pro-sumer jumping point is, yes it prints nicer, but does it do it faster, with less maintenance, more ease of use, and 1000s of hours with out a breakdown?

Loader Bot says:

I need help! when I try to load my filament into my Monoprice Prusa Mendel i3 nothing happens, I have checked for clogs but the hot end doesn’t seem to be the problem. when I hold down the clip that allows the filament to enter the machine nothing happens. I haven’t been able to print since I removed the filament to untangle my filament but not since then.

Boris Puhl says:

Hy! I have a Wanhao i3 and i´m actually looking for something… “better”. Don´t get me wrong, i like that i3 and i got really good prints with it but i just want “more”. What can you recommend? May an Ultimaker be the “ultimate” choice or is there better Hardware for less money?

Frank Blackcrow says:

It looks nice from a distance, it could be hospital grade ?

Manuel MedelS says:

I was thinking of buying the printer, until you said the price.

Corey Byas says:

To me then it’s reviewed by the wrong person, it should of been reviewed by a person which market its intended for, what fine detailed items it would intended for……I would think

Joshua Chasteen says:

can you say ultimaker for the same price

Spike says:

What! No #Hightfive to end with.

Ola Hansen says:

It’s easy to say that a product is great when you get it for free!

Marcus Quintilian says:

It shouldn’t have a moving bed for that price. It may be overbuilt but a moving bed is an engineering failure unless it’s used to cut costs.

Lord_Vader says:

looks like an RF1000 RF2000 Renkforce clone thefuque

Zachary Reed says:

Definitely not for the real consumer market, but good printer none the less. I find it a hard price point because it competes with Gmax and in my opinion the Gmax is far more value for the money. Interesting review item.

Kevin McCrudden says:


Nicoya says:

Ouch, that price. I could just about get a Taz 6 AND a Mini for that much.

GoatZilla says:

“Propriatory dedicated electronics and specialized algorithm guarantee quick, trouble-free 3D printing of all of your designs and ideas.”

Let’s face it, this is a mediocre printer put together by what appears to be a bunch of gamers. It’s not a “professional” printer just because they call it a “professional” printer.

And if you’re not the target audience, WHY DID THEY SEND IT TO YOU TO REVIEW?

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