3D Printing: Zortrax m200 3D Printer Review

I found some room to film, and I was finally able to put together a review video for the Zortrax m200 3d printer. The machine performed extremely well, but, there is a caveat!

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0x deadbeef says:

Z-Suite 1.10.x supports “external” filaments now. I.e. you can change temperatures, speed, retraction, extrusion.
And, well, there’s that:

Larry Cluster says:

Can you see if you can do a review on the Afinia H800. I’ve had mine for about 8 weeks and had to swap out like 3 printers but still have some problems. I’m making small round and tall parts that taper and getting rough edges. Be nice if you can do a video on the H800 and see what you find! Thanks, Larry

William Robbins says:

Hear in my garage with my new 3D printer, but you know what I’m more happy with?, I’m way more happy with being the legend 27

Joe Bruno says:

So what other printer print as good as this and why did it print that good? This is the only thing that’s driving me nuts about selecting a printer. I just want a printer that prints like that but open source.

0x deadbeef says:

Note that Zortrax is a bit dishonest about the resolution of the m200. “90µm” is actually 100µm, “140µm” is actually 150µm and so on.
You can easily check that in Z-Suite with the “Pause” feature and stepping through the layers.

philip dias says:

Monoprice maker ultimate /wanhao Duplicator 6 is a clone that works well. Reflash the firmware and the drm is gone.

MrJpegi says:

Yaaaay polish 3d printer 😀

I Dont Care says:


mike mun says:

Hi nerd all these printer you review which one is the best one for details

William Shreckengost says:

Man, I gotta say, your video quality has massively improved since this video. It makes me appreciate the effort you’ve put into your more recent content. (Yes, I’m totally getting the itch to build or buy another printer and sifting through who knows how many reviews to decide.)

Quindarious Gooch says:

Do you buy your printers, or are they sent to you?

CriticoolHit says:

Great review. Solid explanations of pros and cons. Exactly what i was looking for. Thanks.

Hesham Ismail says:

can you do a video zortrax vs ultimaker 2+? and what do you recommend between both of them ?

Eddie Yan says:

US buyer beware!!! Zortrax doesn’t honor it owner distributor 3D Pro Share warranty. Great printer, bad business practices.

WJB418 says:

his shirt omg

gonzostwin1 says:

turbo compressor wheel

Teddy Mudge says:

You’ve covered everything in this review, thanks!

Constructive criticism for your vlogging: you could have edited this and said everything in about 5 minutes. Then you’d have a comprehensive review in like 9 minutes and I wouldn’t have had to skip through the boring parts. This would get you way way more views. Watch a few @CaseyNeistat clips, especially ones where he reviews likes drones or whatever like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPG1Xa5Uqwo for example.

Good luck!

Mountain says:

Skip to 29:00 for the actual review.

rezator says:

Hello. I hope you reply to my post. I am a teacher in primary school. I am working with kids from 10 to 14 years. And last year I wanted to buy this printer for school, but than it delayed to this year. So now we will buy 3D printer. I am not new to 3D printing. I own at home CR 10 (super printer). So wich one wold you recommend? This one is from 2014 and now we are in 2018. Is it still worth it? I am looking this one mainly because of easy usage. If you have any suggestion please tell me. Maby any two extruder 3d printer? I want something with good quality and easy of use (and optional 2 extruders if it possible).

And keep good work to in future, like you did till now 🙂

I Dont Care says:

Here in my garage

SpaceMadness says:

Hey Joel, would you recommend this for a school setting?

Brian Muramatsu says:

Ripping off support is so fun! The perforated bed is quite intriguing… Do you need to clean it up after each print? Is it worth the hassle?

ESK8 Support says:

hey mate i have the m200 and want to maybe get some thing with duel extruders as i like to do some big supported parts and i want some sorta resolvable supports, how does the raise3d N1.

KidPrinter3D says:

I love watching your vids and it inspired me to make a printable tripod for the iPod five. Reply and I will tell you how to get the model. Also, I have one request that would probably get you a lot of views, Making a 3D printing time lapse montage. Thanks if you did read this comment and #HighFive!

48nfg8nm says:

Excellent Review!
I’m an avid Afinia user and have been looking at the Zortrax for while now.
I would really love to see a review of the Afinia H800 vs the Zortrax M200 if you could pull that off.
Afinia also has a more expensive filament specifically made for the H800.
It would be cool to compare the print quality of each using the top quality filament for each printer.

Ahmad Hamad says:

the problem with this printer is its limited by its software. another is that you will be faced by lots of warping depending on size . a solution to this maybe using PETG filament since it is said to have limited warping compared to abs. did u try PETG with this printer.


vfxforge says:

formlabs form 2 review please!

The Wood Butcher says:

When using either the Dremel 3D or Zortrax m20, are you limited to only the print models they provide or, can you load you own files from your PC?  My interest is transforming some photos of buildings and such to print and mount to woodworking projects.

Mark Minczanowski says:

Where to get the transformer model? Super cool.


high five dude…

K Danagger says:

Does Zortrax recommend using a chisel to remove parts from the print-bed? Seems like that would have a high probability of damaging it…

gacekky1 says:

Yes. That is EXACTLY what I want in a 3d printer!


another ahghgrhh FDM !!

Alain Rivard says:

Joel…..if you had to choose between the Prusa i3 Mk3 or the Zortax M200….price not been an issue, which one would you get?….i own 2 prusa right now since october and both have needed new extruders so far and many parts needed to be reprinted has they have either broken after a print or also burned and melted near the extruder’s hot end….and let,s not kid ourselves…Prusa’s tech support is at best, like calling india for your support….thanks for your reply..:)

Stéphane BAILLON says:

Thank you for your video. I’ve reserved a M200 to the shop, and will have asap. Maybe you could do a new video explaining that Zortrax opened the way to use other filament from other makers. I wanted to see what you have printed with pink filament, but you didn’t show us. 😉

Michał Milc says:

3D Printing Nerd, the dino model that sits on M200 in the concluding part of the video — would you mind sharing a link to the project? Looks cute and I’d like to try it out! Thanks in advance 🙂

tuzobarca says:

awesome review.

Robert Pirlot says:

If I smell like bbq chicken, do I taste like it? And what kind of spices should I use?

Ashfaqur Rahman says:

Can Zortrax Print PLA ??

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