3D Printing: Wombot Exilis 3D Printer Review

FINALLY, my thoughts on the Wombot Exilis 3d printer from Aurarum in Australia. I attempt a typical machine reviews – where leave the technicaly details to your Google-Fu, and instead tell you what I personally like and don’t like about the printer. Watch the video to see what I think!

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mikelieber1 says:

Awesome Honest review – looking forward to reviews on the Lulzbot and GMax! – also ending parts make the video even better 🙂 – #HighFive

Drivingtacks says:

How do you get such incredible finishes on your prints? Whats your process for refining the print settings?

divadonroda5 says:

funny the little printing block was coming loose in the print but col l review thanks for shearing.

Shane Smith says:

Thomas Sanladerer has a great video on his channel about the LCD and explains how to open the firmware to change the LCD knob rotating direction. I also believe that there is an option in the LCD menu under i think “control” that lets you turn off the printer without pulling the plug. Tom’s LCD video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3wj9l1hvVw

mike mun says:

Hey have you did a delta review in your videos I check and I don’t think you have a delta 3D printer

eddygale says:

Can this sensor be adapted to a makerfarm i3v Pegasus 3d printer?

Ricardo C. says:

*drops coffee on printer

ZakkBlog says:

Excellent review, Joel! Thumbs up as always!

Mark Bridgewater says:

When you get your new Wombot , would you sell the dev one to me please

Immortal Fuzzy Kittens says:

When is the contest vid coming ?

Jay Long says:

Joel, the lack of Power switch on the device is most likely due to the UK-ish wall outlets that have a switch. http://internationalconfig.com/icc6.asp?item=72220

CJ Printing says:

It is my dream to one day give Joel a high five IRL. #highfive #onedayIwillgotoseatleandgiveyouahighfiveoryoucouldcometocincinnatiandthengivemeahighfive

Max Shankland says:

I really want a printer what do you recomend

drojf says:

You’re…you’re not using a voltage divider to power anything drawing a lot of current right?


3dprinting _future says:

Why dose the print quality on the videos picture

appculture says:

great review buddy was looking at buying

Engineered Adrenaline says:

I think the XL will be the printer that I buy. thanks for the great review!

ms3bani says:

yay wombot review!

my go-to caffeine is rockstar sparkling cherry citrus. sugar free so it’s better for you.

RJ_Make says:

Great video, love the closeups of the prints!

Jeffrey Cummings says:

When will you be announcing the 3D printer giveaway?

GothicMixx says:

This was one of your funniest videos yet for me as an Aussie 3d printing fan. And no Joel, we are not upside down, you guys just do things Backwards and on the wrong side….like road driving #highfive

boomerangfreak says:

just print a table with your Gmax, sounds like a perfect plan right 😛

RamjetX says:

In Australia we don’t use power switches… things get turned off by kicking them… in the face. And as for the rotation of the dial… your lucky he sent you a dial. In Australia… we use our teeth to select what to print… and then hit the punch button…. with our face.

It’s an Aussie thing…

Philippe Canavarro says:

Hey Joel,

i think would be great if you tried to print more precise moving prints, like this one


I am trying to print this one by myself, i would like to see if you can do a better job at this.

A Limoges says:

does he have a video where he print with some carbon fiber I really want to see that

ToB Photography says:

I go to Aurimas shop to get my filament, and one day while in there he handed me a wearable stormtrooper helmet that he had printed in ONE piece on the the larger version of the Wombot to check out. It was incredibly well printed.

DrewsPantry says:

I’ve found hard proof that you’re mug is haunted. It moved between 1:05 and 1:07. ITS EVEIL!!!!

clayton crawford says:

Great video a lot of great info thank you. High Five 🙂

QWERTY says:

I love kits, and it’s a 3d printer, I also love teleporting, but you know what I love most?

Teleporting HIGHFIVES….yeah that what it is.

eddygale says:

By the way, I love your review.

_NRF_ says:

Can you do more 3d paints tactics to get a cool desighn

David Head says:

The reason the knob turns the wrong way is that the wrong motherboard number was picked in the Martin firmware. The motherboard number should be 31 I think.

Brandon Fesser says:

Does anyone know what model the boat print is from?

Juan Pinto says:

Great video joel!!! I was wondering if you would at some point maybe make a quick video on filaments. Like go in depth about which filament types are best, which do and do not require harden nozzles, and how to get some good prints?? Great job! Keep going!! High Five!

Jeremiah Oddo says:

I thinking getting the 3d printer or flash ford creator which on is better for someone new 3d world. thanks

pat ayala says:

who won the 3d printer 😮 and matterhackers tablet

Darren Anton says:

If you need a table? Craigslist Free Section is your best friend

JJiG says:

The link to Amazon sells it for 920 american. Why is that? If it’s 950 AU shouldn’t that be converted to US and be 684? I mean I know you don’t control the prices on Amazon but that’s a bit sketchy =(

Falco Vile says:

nice channel man. Check out mine some time and sub me back i’ll be posting lots of videos

Philly Gaming says:

Wow, the XL is only $680? That’s a pretty darn good price.

Nick Moretto says:

I own a lulzbot taz and just got a kit to build a delta styled printer. You should get a delta printer and review one of them

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