3D Printing: Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D Printer Review

The embargo is lifted and I can finally give you my thoughts on the Lulzbot TAZ 6 3d printer! THIS serves as my official review of the Lulzbot TAZ 6!

Screaming Pyramid:

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C C says:

I had the same Z Axis issues out of the box. I ended up adjusting to -1.7 on the Z axis Seems they set it to about -1.5 or so possible to acount for the leveling disks which are 1.5 mm to the build plate. That’s one issue ive had with the production one. I have it dialed in pretty decently know.

arserkal says:

Love your honesty! looking forward to your next ‘final recomendation’ 🙂

G Hawk says:

Any idea when the updated review is going to come out? I’m looking to pull the trigger on my first printer purchase and the Taz 6 is one of the possibilities. Love to hear your final verdict.

Honorio Soto says:

You are super modest

Merijn Schaart says:


Printers Unite says:

What filament diameter does the Taz 6 take? 1.75mm or 3.00mm?

Matvey Tihonov says:

2.500 $ For this shit? No way !!!

Justin Scott says:

for a beginner who wants to buy a very reliable printer and isn’t worried right now about modding and just works, what would you recommend?

Eat & Tours Global Tours says:

Whats the best entry level 3D printer with a 8 inch or more print height?


Nice review, I like that you’re honest and do not sound like a sales man. other wise Lulzbot is doing great job. They should use a sensor instead of the nozzle as an electrical contact for the leveling, that is dangerous.

rootbeer666 says:

Joel! Bought me a Mini based on your (and a few other) wonderful review! Really satisfied with the hassle-free experience of it, was definitely the right choice for my first printer (I got a good deal on it).

As my experience grew so did my appetite for larger build volume. TAZ 6 is way out of my price range but I want to capitalize on the fact that it’s open hardware and have most of the skill required to assemble one.

Like everyone else I anxiously await your updated review so I might pull the trigger on the build at that time with your final thoughts on the model in mind. I would definitely like to see you review it with dual extrusion!

cocacolby says:

Ha, I’m surprised lulzbot hasn’t gotten a production unit in your hands yet as it seems like a lot of people like me are waiting for your final verdict. Curious, raise3d N2 vs taz 6, which would you buy?

The177Hunter says:

search “how its made 3d printer” and it shows how they make the taz at the factory.

Michael Dere says:

Called in just now after watching and purchasing one for black friday. They told me to rest assure it has all been resolved at this point in time. (Whew)

jashbaug says:

I noticed when you pulled the bed back before the cables were attached the Lcd display lit up and the power was off. Was the stepper motor pushing electricity back into the system? @3:23

Kenneth Scharf says:

I would think that the timing of the auto level functions could be changed in software, either in the intro Gcode, or in the Marlin firmware. Either way, easily fixable.

Ben King says:

I was at the Bay Area Maker Faire yesterday and stopped by the Lulzbot booth in the main hall. I talked with one of the guys about the print head shifting and turns out it is not supposed to in the design. The documentation is poorly written for attaching the head. What you are supposed to do it seems is apply downward pressure while tightening the screw. This then pushes the bottom of the head assembly into its seat, so the 2 V shapes actually have full contact. Though I still think the design isn’t that stable for the head attachment.

Mike De Haan says:

I have a Taz 6. Is there a simple test to verify the z axis issue? what would I be looking for?

Rodney Johnson says:

awesome review,, like this style the best for printer reviews 😀

LabFabrica co says:

Hello, does this printer works ONLY via SD card? or does it work via USB cable too? BTW Great work, thank you for sharing you knowledge.

Which PLA filament do you recommend? I have the TAZ 4.

Xaviera Yayaell says:

Print something that’s not a pointless toy!

GoodNLucky1 says:

+Joel Nerd Dude. Please read through. I think your candidness is what separates yourself as an awesome reviewer. I totally agree with your approach. You’re putting your name and reputation “endorsing” it! Totally deserves two high 5s! With that said I’m a little concerned dude because my TAZ 6 arrives tomorrow. I sure hope they have squared away the issues you have mentioned. BTW: This comment is from your 3D acquaintance the one and only CrickStar3D! Hope you enjoyed the cake at the awesome Printed Solid© Open House! LOL! ;-} Until next time, be safe and stay nerdy!


Hey Joel , great review as always !! Still waiting for mine to arrive I think they might have forgotten to send mine, just a feeling though 😉

arserkal says:


Darkiwins says:

youre looking pregnant on the thumbnail Kappa

Vladimil Santana says:

Does this printer work with Machinable wax filament ??

ViiV Creations says:

Do you have a review on the makergear m2?

mike baldwin says:

I got a job working tech support at Aleph Objects ( Lulzbot parent company) and I ran across this video lol I love my personal Taz 5!

Matt G says:

Have you received your production model yet for final testing? I’m looking forward to your follow up review!

Bobcatt22 says:

Would it be better to first qualify the product by telling us the price point?

Michael Jagosz says:

Have you received a new Lulzbot Taz 6 yet?

Jerold Von Hemel says:

When are you going to review a production Taz 6 and complete this review!

kyle hall says:

would you say it’s worth it if I can get it for 900 bucks? got someone I know selling one and barley used it

gghouck says:

How is the single bold extruder “New”? It’s been like that for a few generations.

Also, I wish reviewers would stop showing gun parts and prop guns. The majority of the requests I get are for some type of gun part, people think these are gun factories already. We have staff at the local school that won’t take a donated printer because of that misconception. I’m not anti-gun, I own several but I feel it is foolish to make gun related stuff with how litigious people are these days. All it takes is one idiot to do something dumb with something you made, relate it to guns, and your chance of being dragged to court skyrocket. Just my 2c

Dominik Sprawka says:

Did you get the Taz 6 production unit yet #HighFive

The Schire FPV says:

I know company relations are…interesting, but you should review a Printrbot. I’ve seen so many online and at maker faire, but I’ve never seen a proper review of one. It’s supposed to be a really good machine, but did I mention they start at $350? I think that would make a good video, keep it up *high fives*

meesternadim says:

Why did the lcd turn on when you moved the bed at 2:45?

Cookie the Gamer says:

what is better the Lulzbot TAZ6 or the gCreate gMax 1.5XT+ 2016 series

GymBoyB says:

Man it sucks that you have soo much success and I have had my 3D printer for 2 months now and couldn’t get a single print off

woofmaker2004 says:

3D Scared Pyramid guy STL?

thanks in advance

3DPrintingservice says:

hey i just got my website up dont have to many listings omn it yet could you tell me what you think?redneck3dprinting.patternbyetsy.com

Kristopher Powers says:

Very impressed by this review high quality review

Jack Hydrazine says:

an excellent, honest, and fair evaluation of the taz 6.

Jon Thornburg says:

I just watched the video published on May 17, 2016 using a pre production taz6.
Has there been any updates on the issues addressed in that video?

ICE MAN says:

Thank You for another Awesome review!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet

Timothy Osullivan says:

cool review Joel, looking fwd to the update. This was a printer that the wax filament company recommended . I like the large build as I would like to larger models.

Kevan TV says:

Did it come in yet for the new Taz 6. High Five.

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