3d printer review – Original Prusa i3 MK2 // Crash Test

Looking for a 3d printer? Let’s review the Prusa i3 MK2
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Tom’s i3 MK2 live build

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Leon Frecher says:

the kit was tested too and it took me 5 hours and its my first 3d printer GOOD VIDEO

scoredmantis825 says:

Wow they bribed you with gummy bears those fuckers

Wildman Tech says:

Thanks for the review Bob!

Bl4ckl10n43 says:

Well, without the gummibears, i wouldn’t buy it, but now am I thinking about it…

John Kubik says:

You said it takes about 14 hours to build the thing for an inexperienced Joe Shmo to assembled its first printer, for someone who had assembled a few, the building time should drop way below 8 hours, $200/8=$25/hour. Where are building those printers, I don’t know any country with a minimum wages at $25/hour, maybe they should build it the US and make America great again 🙂

angelorf says:

“The overall print quality between the Ultimaker 2 and the i3 Mark 2 is basically identical.” Look at that Z wobble on the i3 print, though. Or what’s the defect around the height of the throat?

Różne mecyje says:

And… what kind of filament they use to print Heribos? 😉

Cid156 says:

Hi, when you print Yoda. What is the layer thickness that you used ?Normal 0.2 detail 0.1 or ultra 0.05?

Bob Evans says:

Hey Bob, I just got the new version of this printer. It’s been excellent so far. Nice review!

Man In Disguise says:

whats the material..???

MatthiasChristiaens says:

What if you melt the gummy bears and put it on the build plate for better adhesion?

Gizmo_Ryda says:

They had me at gummie bears

Robert Maxson says:

just ordered mine!

JCatRC says:

Did you see any damage to the box with the pre-assemble version? I would like to spend the extra $200 for it, but I’m worried that UPS might bang up the larger box sending it from Prague to the USA. Possibly knocking the alignment out of wack.

Jason Le says:

I like that people now make 3D printer parts 3D printed.

yaniv maor says:

thnaks for the info

Art Destination says:

just subscribed

VenomTheCat says:

Am I the only one that feels this guy kinda down plays the quality of this printer. He himself said that it prints just as good as the ultimaker2 a $2,499 dollar machine that is almost 3 times more expensive and it prints in more materials, bigger build volume, PEI surface, cold corner compensation and OPENSOURCE.

Yet in the video he is like… Meh! good first printer…

Maybe that’s not how he feels but that how I perceived it.

DUDE says:

I am thinking about getting one

Joshua Szeto says:

does Josef not like you or something? Who gives anyone Haribo gummy bears as a present?

Aj Wright says:

Is this good for making complex parts

Will Gietzen says:

A 3D printed 3D Printer that can print 3D printers

Jay Jay says:

Just got this for XMas. What Slicer software do you use?


Where can I buy this?

Fire Thread96 says:

I have been wanting to by a 3D Printer but I can’t find one that fits my budget.Bob can you think of one that can fit my budget?

Jeffrey_40K says:

Prusa’s I3 mk2 and Mk2S now have a 4 color print head upgrade !

padlockbeats says:

when he put the fingerprint on the screen i cringed!
i want one

Alexander Schmitt says:

wich 3d printer is better
the flux delta or the robo r1

MultiBegbeg says:

dommage qu il est pas de sous titrage ? translate ?

Invention Therapy says:

I love watching 3D printers do their magic.

Arnaud Erbs says:


I plan to buy a mk2s and mount it like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1692666 with other bearing and with side panels

Ok this machine is a killer with PLA but with ABS and ABS with kevlar and thinks like that?
Can i have the same qualitat than a zortrax m200? Because i will print more ABS than PLA?
Thanks a lot

Harmen says:

What about print quality rigidity. Do models from one printer have the same strength than models from a different printer? Or is strength always about equal?

And why is there no case around the printer? I thought the early top model printers all had a case around (for temperature if I remeber correctly).

Sean Signer says:

Does it come with creation software? Can I use Fusion360 or Solidworks on Windows10?

Dinakar K says:

hey which printer is best Prusa i3 mk2 or lulzbot mini

CO OCD says:

Great review, thank you! About to buy one and these videos help make the decision a lot easier.

dz1sfb says:

The Prusa i3 is a no nonsense ready to go machine at a great bargain. Worth the extra cost. I am an Anet A8 owner presently and while the machine was cheap and prints fairly good, it does require a lot of tweaking and modding to get the quality up. So you are going to spend money on all those activities as well as wasted printing matter. Knowing what I know now, if I had to do it over again, I think I would save a little longer and get a better machine such as the original Prusa i3 Mk2.

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