3D Printer Review // Enervision EV160

In my first 3D Printer Review, I’m checking out the Enervision EV160 printer. You can find it on Amazon here : http://amzn.to/2kPkf2Q

*this printer was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review*


River Gulan says:

What is your main printer?

Merc Mcgundal says:

hey I have always wanted to know, what music do you use in the intro?

KING L. M says:

He doesnt even need a girlfriend (JK)
I love your channel.

Gulumpagaluses The fake animal says:

I’m kinda new to the channel and know almost nothing about 3D printers. Can you make a video about everything a newbie needs to know about buying one?

Halle Titus says:

are you going to keep your old printer

Katlin Primrose says:

You should make that 3d printed lion with the awesome mane that you melt after the build, they look amazing 🙂

shane beasley says:

About time someone took you serious enough to send you review pieces……. Keep up the good work buddy

N0N0 Gaming says:

You should review the 3-d printer that is in the giveaway

Wai Hoong Liew says:

yumaoqiu = feather ball = shuttlecock

Matt White says:

that Z-axis lead screw is super robust! you dont see that on printers often at that cost.

Kylie Jenner Kardashian says:

Hi Devin, I subscribed to you since you had one video on the trending page and i love your videos.

Precipitation __ says:

I was the 1,000th like!

Vertiqo says:

Z+ increases the Distance between nozzle and Bed as its supposed to do (its standard with CNC machines and 3d printers), the arrows they used as icons are a little confusing though 🙂

Bailey Sahara says:

dude i have a idea you make anthor channel and you do all your reviewz there

Solo7 solo7 says:

You should 3D print a fidget cube!

Hobbit0419 says:

You must make more 3d printer review

DX D says:

you got another sub!!

Suicide Boys says:

I’ve seriously never wanted a 3D printer till I saw this channel hahah

TioKilo says:

I really do hope that I win because even though I am a beginner 3D Artist, I would love to 3D print what I make.

Kappy Engi Kappington says:

Hey man, what do you think about polar-style 3D printers?

Umeko Yoji says:

Mmm, looks like Mankati E180

Heartly Fernando says:

Hi.. Can I print my own character using this printer…?

Adrian Vasquez says:

Yes please make more printer reviews and hopefully even the Tiko when it comes out

Ewout De Meerleer says:

Ik ben

Cow_bell_end Lol says:


Edwin_ Bal says:

i was here around 7 Thousand subscibers

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