3D Printer for $199!! Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer Review – the good and the bad

Review of the Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer which can be purchased for $199 here: http://amzn.to/2anX1iz

Filament I am using (matterhackers Pro PLA): http://amzn.to/2b4ELHs

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1717306548519045/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MPSelectMiniOwners/

One of my biggest complaints is the gap on the hot end between the brass fitting at the end of the Bowden cable and the entrance at the top of the nozzle. Fillament will get caught on the edge of the nozzle entrance pretty regularly so you have to take the filament out and cut it at a different angle or if it is really stubborn take the fan off and guide it through. I may try to find a small tube that can fit in there to reduce the gap.

Additionally the limit switch on the Z axis is inaccurate. Three out of five times I home the axis it will be slightly different from the previous home. This leads to a lot of bed leveling. Hopefully Monoprice has fixed this in more recent batches.

Aside from those two big complaints we really do like the printer. It has a build quality that surpasses what I would expect at the price point, it is easy to use, it is really accurate (other than the z axis limit switches) and produces great prints.


PCFanatic says:

It’s a shame it’s got so many issues. It has such a nice design.

Duck says:

not even the 2000+ ultimakers have a touch screen

Night man says:

Lol the touchscreen part

Max Schramm says:

is this the v2 or is it the first one?

Levi King says:

Nice Series 1! (I may have built it)

Winston Smith says:

I want to use one of these as a dedicated small item *ABS* printer, but every reviewer I’ve found is using PLA. I’d like to know how well this printer works with the more difficult ABS.

Darkmastergrey says:

the variance in the z axis is due to the endstop being loose. You gotta take the housing off and tighten the screws that hold the z endstop in place.

gonzalo garcia labat says:

1-is it very heavy?

2-do you know if its possible to print in two colors?

Mickxal says:

If you want to make really strong stuff (unbreakable) use nylon bridge filament

i am willima says:

can we print things from thingiverse with this printer? im a huge noob

Treestump & Thunderarch says:

Any chance it could handle a flexible filament? I’m thinking about getting one of these, and I would like to try out making flexible snakes if at all possible on it.

kals nez says:

do you upgrade some parts on the printer to resolve some other issues, does it have to be the same parts for the model or can it be any other parts to make the printer function better. this is awesome that you seen some issues, but I want to know if you add some changes on your printer along the way.

Jezza Lenko says:

Looks smooth….

Juan Carlos Montanes Borrero says:

Hi, I wan to buy this printer but i don´t know if it is compatible with SolidWorks software. Will I have troubles if I print a piece designed on this software?

Paul Cumber says:

how long did you wait for the 3d printer to come

smithheart360 says:

that is ridiculously cheap for 200$

Mari Sol says:

does pc software come with it?

Robert Waugh says:

Thanks for the review. I just recently purchased mine and it had a small white tube in the gap above the hot end.

Crazy Alex says:

If u get this printer u should wait so then the update are all ready on it

Phillip Ramirez says:

that filament issue is because the teflon tube isnt pushed down to the tube of the heat break

Mickxal says:

How big is that platform ?

Billy Brown says:

Enjoyed your video, been in a decision on if I was going to get this printer to go together with my Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS. This adds a little more to the yes side of things.

Axis says:

I’m having nothing but problems with this printer ever since I “tried” to set up WiFi. Now, nothing works right and it’s all over the place. All the settings had to be re-done. It abruptly stops printing because it STILL is trying to connect to wifi which i can’t figure out how to stop. Printing by USB was a shit show as well. I should of just left it alone. So frustrating.

Luke Mroz says:

Did it come with filament?

doug mayer says:

I got a good one I reckon,didn’t have the problems everybody else seems to have getting theirs set up.

LuigiTime9 says:

next time you do bed leveling head nozzle and bed up that’s more precise

Michael Pederson says:

do you think this is a good printer for beginners and do you use thingiverse

kamakiri700 says:

just ordered one. checked all the reviews first. seems solid with a bit of DIY

Victor Vazquez says:

Have mine! Got it as a late birthday present to myself. Like the detail it give you. But doed ten to over heat if your making prints with a lot of supports. I have a USB dual fan that I plug in and leave next to it to keep it cool and so far it’s working. Have to get a small fan and place it on the inside to cool the control broad and one bigger one for the vent out of air from the compartment. But I love whats coming out of this printer. Better then larger printers that cost 5 times more. And for me! I’m a first time 3D printer owner. I have a lot to learn but with each print I get better.

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