10 Weird 3D Printers

These are 10 of the weirdest 3D Printers I’ve ever seen. What do you think is the best, or most strange? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try and track one down for a review!

Timestamps and reviews when available:
1:05 Raiscube A8R – Assembly Stream – 3DMN https://youtu.be/C2OinymgcIg
5:32 Rock Space Ant Mini / Xinkebot Capsule
7:42 Rencolor RC-201S
10:22 Zootopia CR-10 Clone Thing ??? IDK
11:48 Magicube
13:20 Aladdinbox SkyCube – Review by Remain Indoors https://youtu.be/5S97_hP9bXQ
15:58 HOONY H8 – Review by Revamped Outdoors https://youtu.be/NBhFHzxur-o
18:46 HOONY H6
23:47 Aladdinbox miniOne portable foldable complete 3D Printer

Thanks to Lady Muse @Fatceliac for indulging me in this fun video.

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Obi Serge Kenobi says:

THanks, was lots of fun 🙂

Patrick Marr says:

totally unrelated questions:
1) what software did you use to create your theme song?
2) where do you keep your music online? (I’d like to hear more of it)

Robert Phelps says:

HOONY H6. I had a similar design in mind a few years ago, but never had the funds to build it.

Cole Logan says:

I really like the idea of the folding one.

MrChrisKnowlton says:

Not your typical well thought out reviews just quick random comments…..thumb down

Atomic Mechanic5 says:

Hoony H6. Have to see how that extruder works with the motor placement.

James Lewis says:

6:20 Take my thumbs up.

Martin Cooper says:

Nice as it is to hear how in love you guys are, finishing each other’s sentences etc., It was my least favourite video from your shop. Dissing the bad english translations is kind cheap and it could have been edited to be half as long. Thanks anyways.

Cyrill Oppikofer says:

buy the hoony h6

Obi Serge Kenobi says:

Rock Space looks nice sitting next to a MacPro. lol

David Green says:

your lady has a great sense of humor. thanks for the laughs

Derek S says:


TheCumulusClimber says:

All of them seem like C(r)apitalistic reworks of Josef Prusa’s excellent I3. Angus you should check out the fringes of Reprap for the truly weird and wonderful 3d printers.

Vladimir K. says:

It is *ALUMINIUM.* Speak your Queen’s language, not american rip-off.
Aluminium [ˌæljə’mɪnɪəm] – Oxford Dictionary.

loqkLoqkson says:

bumblebee! (Aladdinbox miniOne portable foldable complete 3D Printer in yellow)

lady muse seems awesome 🙂

Max Bainrot says:

Came for the content stayed for lady muse’s puns

Mojave Dessert says:


Omnipotent ! says:

So no functionality review, just a style review….waste of time watching this video…..

Deadeye0815 says:

i “like” the shitty HOOOOOONY

Jean-Louis Arnal says:

You know you’re in the only contry on earth where’s it’s called “Aluminum” instead of “Aluminium”, right ? :v

Acrimonious Mirth says:

I liked the circular Cartesian one, but let’s go with the Hoony 6 so you can totally rip into it.

Native Exception says:

Bumblebee is definitely the best! I want to see it transform!

Evo Labs says:

If they called it the Hoony V6 I might consider buying it…

Dylan Howe says:

Do the Aladdinbox Minione

Odd Fellow says:


pay attention to the piss poor colour coding on the wires.
the kettle lead supplied with mine were reversed and the colours on the power-supply were reversed as well but wired correctly

See if yours crashes when you insert an sd card and print from it

spool holder on raiscube don’t fit standard spools

Chris Theobald says:

Hoony H6! Just for that extruder!

Ray Edgley says:

I liked the look of the Hoony H6, even if it cant really print anything with that low hanging X-Axis stepper motor
I wonder if it can be, should have been, mounted up the other way?

scott Hagerman says:

I like the hoony H6, curious how it works with the linear rails

Sonic Alchemy: A maker space says:

Zootopia because it is a opia

Pine van Wageningen says:

Please order and review the Hoony H6! Loving the rails – keen to see whether it can actually print!

Jimmy Crawford says:


Joel Amezcua says:

Hey maker’s muse, the ant mini is a great printer and I think you should review it! I have one and I got it a long time ago and everything comes out incredible and it’s great to work with!

Nick McGrath says:

The hoony H6 gets my vote.

Usteve94 says:

id love to see you get a real Hoony H6 and see the x-axis step motor is really in such a bad location

John O'Shaughnessy says:

Hoony H6. Perhaps videos of this style would work best in your Livestream channel. It felt like I was watching a pre-recorded livestream.

Snowflake and Banana Gamming says:

alladin box mini 1!!

S Riojas says:

The Magicube looks more like it dropped in from Minecraft rather than a Rubick’s Cube

James Jaworski says:

Zoottopia??? I recognized the Red And Black Printer that was also shown in the same segment. It is manufactured by ET-Tech. I own one and it is called the ET-K1. They also make the black printer that is next to it. I bought it directly from the factory not from AliExpress. It cost $462 US with $162 shipping and had to pay a $32 Paypal Surcharge. It came FEDEX. They will put any name you want on it if you buy enough of them. Please check it out. I am very happy with the build quality. I am very impressed with how quite it is. Here is a link …[https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/High-Precision-Large-Build-Size-200-200-200mm-Professional-3-D-Printers-Impresora-3D-Fully-Metal/1908633_32801321029.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.Lf0WHw] The guy I dealt with was
Chow Jo Here is there contact info …

Shenzhen Yite Technology Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-0755-33554249
Phone/whatsapp: +86-15817250858
Skype: et_3d_printer@hotmail.com

I am not connected with them in any way. I am just a regular guy who is happy with what he bought. Gald I did not buy it off Amazon which is where I saw it first. They wanted almost $1000. Love your videos. Just getting into Fusion 360. You Tutorial on Loft was very helful. Keep up the good work.

kenkmfdm says:

Thanks, Angus & Lady Muse…  If you could actually get one of the  Rock Space Ant Mini printers for review.. That would be great. This one of all in video does look the coolest & most promising….

Epic Pantys says:

injection molding is not cheap? it is if you need alot of parts xD

ATLAS says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yovQTSvjf3Q spinning turntable printer… That one is the weirdest yet.

Pokon_Nurdspace says:

yeah more Lady Muse crashing and for review the Myriwell one so you wont torture yourself to hard

North Beach says:

I’d like to see more of the folding Alladinbox.

D Myers says:

None, their horrific. Lady Muse, definitely!

Robby Nowell says:

Enjoyed the vid, as it was a good change of pace. I’m so curious about the Hoony! But also that printer that looks like a milk crate is intriguing.

DragunMonk says:

I seriously laughed when Lady Muze took the high road with the DragonBall Z comment

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